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Client reviews (587)

« Excellent reading. Always great. »
  • Stream26524
    On 13 March 2023

    Excellent reading. Always great.

    Response from Estella on 13 March 2023
    Thank you for your kind review, hope that we can catch up again soon :)
  • M1968
    On 10 March 2023

    continually brilliant and consistent as ever , such a true spiritual reader,

    Response from Estella on 11 March 2023
    Thank you for leaving your kind review, it's always my pleasure to hear from you, and hope to speak again soon :)
  • Circle12164028
    On 05 March 2023

    Excellent! Lots of information answers your question directly - empathetic too. Thank you :)

    Response from Estella on 05 March 2023
    It was great to speak with you today and thank you for your review, look forwards to speaking again soon :)
  • Circle_12164028
    On 25 February 2023

    Excellent - answers the questions. Lots of info, picked up on information which i'm aware of to affirm she had tuned in. Very good indeed

    Response from Estella on 05 March 2023
    Thank you for your kind review. I look forwards to speaking with you again soon, do let me know how you are getting on.
  • Circle_11143908
    On 21 February 2023

    Estella is just amazing and so accurate and clear with everything !!

    Response from Estella on 05 March 2023
    Glad that you found our conversation helpful, thank you for leaving your review. It's always my pleasure, hope that you are seeing some progress with what we discussed. Keep me posted!
  • Circle_11312428
    On 30 January 2023

    Estella - amazingly on point and concise in readings but the best part is the time and again her predictions are so accurate! This is why I keep coming back for readings since 2014.

    Response from Estella on 05 March 2023
    Thank you for leaving your lovely review, especially when there has been so much going on for you to think about and organise in your life. Looking forwards to speaking with you soon.
  • Circle_11621158
    On 18 January 2023

    Estella goes into such depth, & is a brilliant reader who I've been consulting for a number of years now. Thanks so much Estella xx

    Response from Estella on 05 March 2023
    Thank you for leaving your review, hope your plans are progressing well at the moment, look forward to catching up with you soon.
  • Circle_11621158
    On 02 January 2023

    I have been having readings with Estella for sometime now. She goes into great depth & is as measured & objective as she is in tune. Highly recommended

    Response from Estella on 05 March 2023
    Thank you for your kind reviews, and for giving your time to leave them. Thanks to the new system I am able to respond, hope to speak soon.
  • logans
    On 01 January 2023


    Response from Estella on 05 March 2023
    Thank you for you review, it has been a little while since we spoke, hope you are keeping well.
  • stream_26524
    On 30 December 2022

    A rock.

    Response from Estella on 05 March 2023
    Thank you for all the kind reviews you have left as we have communicated over the years. Hope all is well, and speak soon.
  • Circle_12164028
    On 16 December 2022

    Amazing. So much detail. Lots and lots and lots of info all accurate- high emotional intelligence. Just an amazing reader. Thank you

  • Circle_12164028
    On 07 December 2022

    Very thorough. Answered all my questions clearly and with detail. Excellent

  • Circle_12530918
    On 24 November 2022

    I just find peace coming to her. She is so insightful.

  • Circle_11621158
    On 23 November 2022

    Thanks so much Estella, xx

  • Circle_11312428
    On 23 November 2022

    As above

  • Circle_12530918
    On 22 November 2022

    Very correct and on spot.

  • Circle_12164028
    On 19 November 2022

    Very good, picked up on a lot of detail and quickly. Made sure i had the answers i needed. Excellent

  • logans
    On 19 November 2022

    Estella has given me the best validations I have had in a very long time . Amazing reading .

  • Circle_12049118
    On 19 November 2022

    Fabulous, realistic and attainable guidance that matches the situation perfectly. Estella has held firm in her prediction that an ex would reconnect and the prediction has happened. Estella is that old school, genuine reader who uses the cards to guide you WITHOUT making outlandish statements and without guessing, what I call a proper tarot reader. Estella doesn’t ask questions, she just goes with whatever you tell her. Definitely recommend.

  • Circle_11155728
    On 06 November 2022

    Tuned in quickly. picked up on something that had happened on Friday without me saying anything. Has predicted on how things will unfold and how things will progress with the house. Thank you for your guidance and insights. will keep you posted! speak soon.

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