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Client reviews (164)

« Elona Accurately sees the situation. And gives Excellent advice. Her predictions are consistent. Brilliant Reader. I will definitely be back. »
  • Circle11416838
    On 03 March 2023

    Elona Accurately sees the situation. And gives Excellent advice. Her predictions are consistent. Brilliant Reader. I will definitely be back.

  • nav1984
    On 08 December 2022

    Got a reading after many years. Previous predictions came true . Thank you for the reassurance today

  • Circle_11162458
    On 06 December 2022

    Slow but ok

  • Circle_12512358
    On 14 October 2022


  • Circle_11735968
    On 06 October 2022

    Very insightful

  • Circle_12303378
    On 08 September 2022

    Really helped me think of things from a different angle. Very thoughtful and good listener xx

  • email_pippaengl
    On 31 August 2022


  • Circle_12218058
    On 05 August 2022

    Very honest amazing reading, picks up quickly anc respond quickly. Had few reading with her and all been brilliant

  • kaveri56
    On 02 August 2022

    She genuinely tuned in. Described someone's character down to a t. Thank u.

  • Circle_12218058
    On 02 August 2022

    Amazing detailed reading, quick responses and what the POI really well. Will definitely return for more

  • Circle_11356698
    On 06 January 2021

    I like the way Elona reads, straight to the point and very accurate, thank you L x

  • Circle_12167018
    On 07 December 2020


  • stream_20682
    On 07 December 2020

    Like my reading with Elona, she gets straight to the point and have honest answers. I strongly recommend

  • Circle_11752898
    On 06 December 2020

    Thank you xx

  • Circle_12158798
    On 30 November 2020

    Amazing read

  • Circle_12163078
    On 28 November 2020


  • CarolineY
    On 16 November 2020

    Quick and to the point, with great insight and accuracy. Superb!

  • Tabitha50
    On 29 September 2020

    Sorry to have to say this but although listed as a Medium, Elona said she does not give names of people in spirit. As a Spiritualist all my life I believe that is what Mediums do - to give evidence of our loved ones on the other side! Also, she picked up I had worries about work - but I retired 11 years ago! She did maybe pick up characteristics of people around me in this world but she would not give advice or predictions about which way to go, so overall I came away rather underwhelmed. So ...

  • CarolineY
    On 21 September 2020

    Awesome reading and very much in tune. Picked up on information I didn't even give her. Spot on reading.

  • nav1984
    On 20 September 2020

    Thanks again! Very focussed

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