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« D. Has been reading for me such a long time and always told me the truth. I know she cares for people and always sends out positive energy. Her predictions are always consistent and true. Thank you always - Emi  »
  • Circle_11122978
    On 07 January 2023

    D. Has been reading for me such a long time and always told me the truth. I know she cares for people and always sends out positive energy. Her predictions are always consistent and true. Thank you always - Emi

    Response from Denise L on 18 March 2023
    It’s always been a pleasure to read for you Emi, I’m always honest with you and tell you what I see. Sending positive energy to you and good vibes.
  • Circle_11122978
    On 04 November 2022

    For years she has been with me and heard about the good times and got me thorough the hard ones. Her words are always a guidance and happen in my life - Emi

  • Circle_11122978
    On 27 August 2022

    She has been reading for me for over 10 years maybe 15 now. She has been a friend to me and always supported me in hard moments. Her words and readings always do come through and I never doubt her words

  • Circle_12321248
    On 26 February 2022

    Excellent, professional psychic reader with psychic ability.

  • Circle_11133758
    On 05 January 2022

    Reading not accurate, predictions didn’t materialise, very bad negative attitude, wouldn’t recommend this reader, don’t waste your time and money.

  • Circle_11400338
    On 24 October 2021

    I have always found Denise to be supportive, patient, accurate, straightforward and willing to answer all my questions! Many thanks ????

  • Circle_11681838
    On 01 March 2021

    Gave absolutely clear answers. No waffle or general rubbish or advice. What a gem. Thank you.

  • Circle_11935998
    On 23 December 2020

    Denise is so lovely I had a great reading and she covered everything! Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  • Circle_12087178
    On 09 November 2020

    Good reading

  • Circle_12149458
    On 31 October 2020

    very ipressed..would use her again and she happily answered all of y concerns

  • stream_4393
    On 07 October 2020

    Denise has been reading for me for around 9 years and is one of my favourite readers on the Circle. She wastes no time, answers all of my questions quickly, and is accurate with her analysis of problems/situations. Her predictions of the intentions of other people are extremely accurate, which is why I have been returning to her over the years. She is also a really nice person and very funny! Give her a try, she won't waste your money.

  • Circle_12011258
    On 09 August 2020

    very good

  • Circle_11122978
    On 22 May 2020

    She has been reading for me years and would never change her with anyone else x

  • Circle_11856928
    On 06 June 2019


  • stream_12167
    On 27 March 2019

    Good straight forward advice

  • Circle_11738998
    On 22 December 2018

    She’s so to the point. No faffing and no fluffing. Worth every penny.

  • Circle_11400338
    On 26 August 2018

    Refreshingly straightforward and clear with her answers. Has been accurate up to now. Thank you Denise

  • Zeynep
    On 15 August 2018

    Denise , you are the best . Thank you for the süper reading . Will come back soon xxxxxx

  • joj0jo
    On 19 July 2018

    I have had Denise a lot in the past and she has been right but this time ... I called over my r.ship she said we had not spilt up that she didn’t see a spilt ....I have not seen the person in question for 2 mothis now ... was disappointed in the reading this time ...but do love Denise as she does not like you wasting your mins and tells you to get off the phone if she has answered your question. She is good norm but on this occasion did not pick up the spilt ...

  • Circle_11118038
    On 19 July 2018

    Denise was so spot on with my situation, she totally blew me away! This is my 4th reading with her, over about 3 years, and I love the way she reads. The directness of her answers and clarity is just amazing. She will tell you how it is, and not how you want it to be, so if you want the utter truth be prepared! Thank you Denise <3

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