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Client reviews (281)

« Really honest and helpful, very quick and accurate, thank you so much Denise. »
  • Circle11249868
    On 01 October 2023

    Really honest and helpful, very quick and accurate, thank you so much Denise.

  • Stardust23
    On 30 September 2023

    Thanks D ran out of funds - enjoyed the reading and your accuracy in picking up on the situation and people a lovely soul please give her call she’s amazing xxx

  • Circle11347818
    On 22 September 2023

    Excellent and straight to the point. I’m very spiritual and can recommend the gifts from Denise. Quick to type and tune in. No waffle and straight from source. A definite ‘go too’ ??⭐️thank you ?

  • Circle11882198
    On 13 September 2023

    fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. Will be my go to for sure. Quick responses, clarity provided so onwards and upwards. Thank you Denise xx

  • Sam
    On 10 September 2023

    Love my readings with Denise, no messing about, straight to the point and SOOOOOO accurate with timings! xxx

  • Circle11346328
    On 08 September 2023

    Really helpful and straightforward. Direct and no mucking around.

  • S1990
    On 06 September 2023

    Wow Denise has been incredible. I have been having reading for many years her predictions are so accurate. I called her a couple of weeks ago in regards to the person in question Denise told me he will contact you on Tuesday and you will meet him for dinner at the evening it was impossible to believe because I’ve not been in contact with this person for awhile so that Tuesday this person randomly contacted me and we met for dinner I was so shocked and then we stop speaking for a little while again so this time I thought it was over. So I contacted Denis again she told me he will contact you between now and Wednesday I found it difficult to believe because of the situation however the following Tuesday the person contacted me. Denise is very quick with the reading she does not waste time and she gives you direct answers to your questions. This woman deserves to be a five star.

    Response from Denise L on 07 September 2023
    Aww that’s lovely what you have written and I’m so happy my predictions have come to fruition, it was a absolute pleasure to read for you. Keep focused always on what you want and remain strong. Let me know how things go moving forward.
  • Circle12002718
    On 04 September 2023


  • Circle12002718
    On 30 August 2023


  • S1990
    On 19 August 2023

    Amazing reader always accurate. Thank you

  • G1970
    On 19 August 2023

    Very precise and a very great reader. To the point! No messing around!

  • James
    On 16 August 2023

    Nice chat reading. Thank you, I was very worried but feel alot better

  • Andy2023
    On 12 August 2023

    Thank you so much for the peace of mind ????

    Response from Denise L on 12 August 2023
    Hi Andy it was a absolute pleasure to read for you. Stay strong because things will definitely work out the way you want them to be moving forward.
  • E1955
    On 07 August 2023


  • Sam
    On 04 August 2023

    I have been speaking with Denise, not daily, not even weekly or monthly at times, for many years. She is always honest and predicts things with a timing that is incredibly accurate!! Thank you for everything Denise, speak soon xxx

  • Circle12002718
    On 31 July 2023

    Predictions came true first reading. She said communication was imminent. I got the call the next day. Very straight to the point. No fluff. Had to call again for more very insightful and real. Definitely one of the best on circle. Thanks so much for your patience xxx

  • Circle11671648
    On 29 July 2023

    Thank you so much! That was very quick, accurate, straight and kind! Best reading for me today. Gave me a lot of stength! I hope everything will happen the way you predicted! ????❤️

  • Circle11921938
    On 27 July 2023

    Highly accurate as usual ❤️

  • Circle11883788
    On 25 July 2023

    Very direct and to the point. My questions answered intuitively and with sincerity. Very uplifting.

  • Kate
    On 09 July 2023

    Clear and concise!

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