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« Thank you for your lovely Reading, : )  »
  • Andy2023
    On 24 September 2023

    Thank you for your lovely Reading, : )

  • N1974
    On 24 September 2023

    It was lovely talking to you on Friday Deanne and I appreciate your honesty, positive or negative I always want to hear the truth and I love that about you. I will you soon when things start to unfold. Clearly a decision will need to be made between 2, maybe 3 men ???? Speak soon xxx

  • Scotland
    On 20 September 2023

    Thank you ?? so precious

  • Circle11973838
    On 19 September 2023

    Thank you for your reading Deanne x

  • Circle11155728
    On 18 September 2023

    another amazing reading with in depth insights! tunes in very quickly. no time wasted. past predictions have unfolded. accurate with predictions. given some guidance and will wait for the rest to unfold. Thanks again for your help! you have an mazing gift!

  • S1966
    On 17 September 2023

    So clear and consistent! Really good reading xx

  • Circle11609008
    On 16 September 2023

    Just spot on, very gifted x

  • Circle11844558
    On 18 September 2023

    I can fully understand where you are coming from Deanne. It all makes sense. Looking forward to the next 3 - 6 months ahead, where I’m hoping there will be a lot of change. You are extremely gifted as last predictions have come to light, stuff that no one else knew about, amazing really. K xxx

  • Scotland
    On 13 September 2023

    Love her and so grateful . Had been tight siresdy about several items. Thank you from Another shaman

  • Circle11150728
    On 08 September 2023

    Thank you for your guidance Deane. I totally understand everything you have given me today xxx

  • Stream823
    On 05 September 2023

    Wonderful reader always accurate and very caring.An angel on earth.

  • Circle11368498
    On 05 September 2023

    Amazing as always and predictions always come to past ?

  • Circle11155728
    On 04 September 2023

    another prediction unfolded. That manager is not going to be in the meeting. there will be another manager. found out around 5pm. so she will not be able to contact me until she leaves! speak soon

  • Circle11155728
    On 04 September 2023

    Predicted correctly. yes, It got extended although i planned to go back in 2 weeks. so, HR meeting on Thursday this week and then whatever referrals she had made, including the disability assessment. if she doesnt mess too much, my job will be safe and when i go back she will not be there.

  • Paul
    On 03 September 2023

    Great reading great advice thanks

  • Paul
    On 03 September 2023

    Many thanks

  • Circle11155728
    On 03 September 2023

    Had a great reading. work issues again. manager who is leaving is causing issues every 2 weeks whilst i am on leave. she will go at the end of Sept. Deanne assured me manager's plans calling for meetings with HR will not pan out as how she wanted. this causing too much stress while recovering. Sept just began! hope she goes before end of Sept! Thanks for your insights:)

  • Circle12009608
    On 31 August 2023

    Excellent reading

  • Circle12250218
    On 28 August 2023

    Sorry credits ran out befor we finished... fingers crossed for the future

  • Circle11155728
    On 23 August 2023

    amazing reading. discussing work issues. due to not having enough credit got disconnected but I was reassured that everything will get sorted. will update when this prediction unfolds. the person leaving was correctly predicted but she is causing issues before leaving. speak soon. Hope i don't lose my job. Thanks

    Response from Deanne F on 26 August 2023
    Hi huni, all will be all right of that I'm sure . spirit will stand beside you and keep things right for you, so even if anything went wrong darlin its because divine has decided on a better idea for you and needs to make a change so that you'll be SO much happier for your future .. but all will be fine hun so please don't worry lots of love and light Deanne xx

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