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Client reviews (260)

« Brilliant! So helpful and in tune. Wish it could have lasted longer! »
  • Aurora
    On 08 December 2023

    Brilliant! So helpful and in tune. Wish it could have lasted longer!

  • Susie
    On 08 December 2023

    Thank you. It feels like an eternity. Thank you for being there xxx

  • Circle11150728
    On 02 December 2023

    Thank you so much for the reading. I’m going forward no matter what. Xxx

  • Circle12556558
    On 30 November 2023

    OMG thank you Coralie for being my girl and my rock today, please everyone if you want someone who understands you and gets straight to the point and can literally see your situation Coralie is the one for you, Love Ivaxx

  • James
    On 24 November 2023

    Lovely reading. Thank you!

  • Demirose
    On 23 November 2023

    Very good read happy

  • Demirose
    On 23 November 2023

    Amazing ! I wish I could of knew more

  • Susie
    On 17 November 2023

    Our call ended at 13.33. I see 333 every where. Thank you for confirming. Everything. Fabulous reading as always ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ xxxx

  • Circle11693858
    On 16 November 2023

    Brilliant as always

  • Stream13123
    On 14 November 2023

    You are amazing , a brilliant reader . Very insightful. Hope the squirrels go away x

  • C1979
    On 08 November 2023

    Wow I love talking to Coralie! So funny, so kind, so accurate about people! Thank you!

  • Circle11693858
    On 06 November 2023

    Simply the best

  • Circle11215078
    On 29 October 2023

    Coralie is my new favourite reader, straight to the point, no wishy washy time wasting, but also very friendly if I had infinite credit I would just chat to her all day long ?.

  • Circle11312428
    On 19 October 2023

    Alwaus love her. Funny, accurate, you’ll come back.

  • Circle12150438
    On 17 October 2023

    Great reading, honest and reassuring given the current situation. Thank you so much xx

  • Glasga
    On 16 October 2023

    Dearest Coralie, SO lovely to catch up. Consistent, accurate and straight to the point as ever. A marvellous readng. I am not perfect, he doesnt need to be perfect. It is good that he wishes to be stable; it was a concern. There have been many ups and downs ( as you know). With regards to the lady we discussed, a new colleague, I comepletely agree with your assessment (given without me saying a word). I feel that they will rue the day re: their decision. Take care and catch up before end of the year. x

  • Circle11150728
    On 11 October 2023

    Thank you for a most informative chat. Do love to connect and get some validation. You’re always on the ball with what you get. Lots of love xxx

  • Lynn07
    On 06 October 2023

    Fab reading as always - so sorry we got cut off!

  • Circle11194678
    On 25 September 2023


  • Susie
    On 25 September 2023


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