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« Only had a shortish reading but found it helpfuk »
  • Circle_12510268
    On 03 September 2022

    Only had a shortish reading but found it helpfuk

  • Circle_11248428
    On 03 June 2022

    Chantelle is always so warm, so kind and on point! She always gets it right and she has never failed to disappoint me! Her career advice has always been 100% spot on! She is my Angel x

  • Circle_12049118
    On 01 June 2022

    Chantelle is usually an excellent, positive reader however, this reading was a little odd to say the least. Chantelle decided the energy around someone, and their closeness to other males, means that he’s gay! Errr, a soldier in fact so, yes, very close to other males and not gay. Quite a dangerous topic really for customers who may not be so strong. Statements like this could cause a lot of upset. I’d say a massive mis-interpretation of the messages being received. Sorry, not to usual standard ...

  • stream_16096
    On 01 June 2022

    Chantelle as always was such a comfort, her insight is invaluable and I am always amazed how she gets straight to the heart of any problem . Well worth contacting for a reading , you won’t be disappointed . R x

  • annebilyard
    On 31 May 2022

    everything she predicted between December and may happened and Ive just had a second reading now and well see what happens going forward :)

  • Circle_11277988
    On 23 May 2022

    Correct in what she was saying and I had a very good reading.

  • Circle_11911398
    On 21 May 2022

    reading was very intuitive and insightful and i was able to connect with her straight away and will be definitely be back for more readings.

  • stream_16096
    On 20 May 2022

    Thank you Chantelle for another amazing reading . You have been reading for me for more years than I care to remember and you seem to know me better than I know myself . You are so accurate and so empathetic and kind , I always feel so much more positive after I’ve spoken to you . I shall of course be calling you again quite soon . With love R x

  • Circle_12486608
    On 18 May 2022

    Waste of time

  • Circle_11149548
    On 11 February 2022

    Got some areas spot on. Some not so much. But overall a good reading with some good points for me. Would recommend.

  • Circle_12415408
    On 07 December 2021

    Thanks for some truly helpful advice Chantelle!

  • Circle_11273038
    On 03 December 2021

    will be happy to connect with Chantelle any time clariftication n some things I was unsure about. Thank you and I will come back to let you know what happens Chantelle.

  • Circle_12414158
    On 17 November 2021

    Nothing said was related to me Didn't get 22 minutes either ,line went dead ofter 17 minutes

  • Circle_11169508
    On 01 November 2021

    Tuned in immediately to me. Thank you so much!

  • Circle_11354668
    On 16 October 2021


  • Circle_11343808
    On 08 August 2021

    100% accurate with the issues i am facing, showed compassion and kindness - thank you

  • Circle_11612018
    On 10 June 2021

    Thanks Chantelle, you do share good insights. Hope the reading comes true. will be in touch!

  • Circle_11273038
    On 30 April 2021


  • Circle_11612018
    On 07 April 2021

    thanks Chantelle. I was short of time, will call you again to go in more details.

  • lizhoughton
    On 23 March 2021

    Nice lady, very thoughtful and clear. Some interesting things came up so will be interesting to see how it develops. Thanks Chantelle. I wished to extend the call but the system wouldn't allow it so we got cut off.

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