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Client reviews (90)

« Thank you for my reading, really appreciate it. Aurelia gives fab readings, you don’t need to tell her anything although I do waffle on a bit haha. Aurelia has a lovely energy and is really fun :) she’s non judgmental and will answer your questions thoroughly. Great reader that has helped me immensely.  »
  • AimE
    On 22 March 2023

    Thank you for my reading, really appreciate it. Aurelia gives fab readings, you don’t need to tell her anything although I do waffle on a bit haha. Aurelia has a lovely energy and is really fun :) she’s non judgmental and will answer your questions thoroughly. Great reader that has helped me immensely.

    Response from Aurelia on 22 March 2023
    Thank you so much .so kind .x I really really appreciate your time to write this and your lovely energy you bring to the reading as well .x
  • Circle11782858
    On 13 March 2023

    Amazing as always. Aurelia’s insights blow my mind every time. Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

    Response from Aurelia on 13 March 2023
    Thank you so much for the kindness of your feedback.Always a pleasure to be of any assistance.x
  • With love from
    On 07 March 2023

    I phoned Aurelia alst night (6th March 2023) and the tears, unexpectedly flowed. Aurelia has read for me in the past; she was excellent then and brilliant last night. Her insight was absolutely accurate re: the situation. Unfortunately, we were cut off before we had finished (but late in the evening so will call again). Aurelia is a beautiful soul; very talented and links in so well to the situation without prompting. Highly recommend her, without doubt.

    Response from Aurelia on 07 March 2023
    Thank you very much for the lovely Testimonial .Many thanks for taking the time and effort to share your thoughts .Always a pleasure to read for you as always, I and look forward to any further assistance i can bring in the future . PS So glad you felt it was a safe place to honour your inner feelings Have a wonderful week x
  • Circle_11584268
    On 27 January 2023

    I had a call with Aurelia tonight and she was just so kind. I needed her and she she certainly did not let me down. She is so clever and insightful.I feel so enlightened now. Do speak to her. You will not regret it.

  • Circle_11782858
    On 17 January 2023

    Aurelia has been helping me with a complex situation over the last few months with a particularly complex person. Her interpretation is laser sharp and accurate and she has helped me to understand and digest things as they progress. Aurelia is not only a lovely & genuine person but a cut above the rest reader. Highly recommended! Thank you so much Aurelia.

  • Circle_11584268
    On 13 January 2023

    I had a long call with Aurelia today. She is so supportive and is helping me get through a very traumatic situation. I know I would have great difficulty doing that without her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

  • Circle_11584268
    On 04 January 2023

    Aurelia is so honest which I need. She is so well trained in many different things and we talk about everything. I am given answers to everything I ask, whatever the answer is. Direct but very empathic. Kind but strong. I recommend her to anyone.

  • stream_1259
    On 04 January 2023

    Aurelia is a gifted psychic and was able to tune into relationships and the POI. She's the Queen of tarot and is very knowledgeable about the different cards that came up in my reading. I would have given her 4* but her predictions and timeliness didn't match what other psychics were saying. I also didn't feel empowered and positive about the future. So won't be having a reading with her anytime soon!

  • carolinepark
    On 21 December 2022

    The information just flowed from her with no questions asked. She was so precise about the poi and where they currently were. Everything was completely on point. Stand out reading that took my breath away

  • Circle_11257448
    On 11 December 2022

    Aurelia works with cards and interprets them as a story in line with the cards that are drawn. Lots of confusing information and I couldn't really make much sense of my situation from the pros and cons that were given throughout the reading. It may well be that my situation isn't as clear as most which is why there was so much conflicting information.

  • Circle_11584268
    On 02 December 2022

    Thank you. You covered so many things I had not thought about. You are so astute in your field. To the Circle clients - do have a reading with Aurelia. You will not regret it

  • Circle_11249978
    On 24 November 2022

    Amazing, just knows all. :)

  • susanbarry
    On 17 September 2022

    Aurelia is one of the best here and is highly professional. She accurately weaves the entire picture together with such eloquence. Once you have a reading with Aurelia you will keep returning.

  • Circle_11782858
    On 06 September 2022

    I have spoken with Aurelia a few times now and she is always so accurate and detailed with her information and interpretation of both people and situations. She has a special way of reading and downloading information whilst reading her cards and it’s refreshing to speak to someone who is honest and insightful. Timelines given and additional details which I most appreciated. Thank you Aurelia!

  • Circle_11373548
    On 03 September 2022

    Aurelia is my go to Psychic now. I have spoken to her a few times over the last few weeks regarding an issue with my childish boyfriend. She told me that he would get back in contact with me after we had an argument and split up. I didn't believe it. The next day he contacted me saying he missed me so much and wanted us to get back together. I was in shock! Aurelia has been predicted 2 things so far that has come true. Give her a call, you will not regret it. Will keep you posted Aurelia. X

  • SandyB
    On 22 August 2022

    Nice woman but totally confused me.I didn't know what she was talking about for alot of the reading.She drifted big-time.

  • Circle_11584268
    On 13 August 2022

    I spoke to Aurelia for the first time tonight. For hours! WE hit it off immediately. She is a natural and very talented. She just knows! Full of empathy but tells it as kit is which is exactly what I want. I will definitely contact her again and I can highly recommend her. Also great fun which I enjoyed.

  • Circle_12139738
    On 10 August 2022

    Aurelia just blew me away with her accurate description of the POI and the existing circumstances around the present situation. She got right down to it without asking me any ?'s, and no waffle or counceling, which is exactly what I wanted. Everything correlated with other readings, except her timeframe was rather longer than the others, so I do hope she's out with that; time will tell who is right. A FANTASTIC psychic, fast and confident, and I thoroughly recommend. A million thanks Aurelia xx ...

  • jill1251
    On 01 August 2022

    Thank you! Really informative with guidance on how best to proceed. Thanks :)

  • Circle_11313598
    On 01 August 2022

    I have had readings on this site for 9yrs+ with some fantastic readers. However, Aurelia has totally blown me away with the most pin-point, accurate descriptions of both mine and another person's emotions,actions,my job etc. She told me I was being watched by someone...this is the reason I called as I had that exact feeling!! Poss the most amazing I have had. Her style is fast, enthusiastic, confident, attuned. I am already looking fwd to my next reading with Aurelia, Thank you so much X

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