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« Thanks Annette, you were spot on with all of the questions I asked you, thanks for the guidance and looking forward to those lovely predictions »
  • SharonH1
    On 24 February 2023

    Thanks Annette, you were spot on with all of the questions I asked you, thanks for the guidance and looking forward to those lovely predictions

  • Circle_11899188
    On 22 February 2023

    Quickly tuned into my energies and was helpfully challenging my assumptions in my initial question. Moved around different spheres of my life and focused in on what I needed to be reminded of. Many thanks

  • Circle_12558338
    On 20 February 2023

    Thanks Annette for the clarity

  • Circle_11589408
    On 09 February 2023

    Asked too many questions and just fed it all back to me with out any predictions.

  • stream_21785
    On 10 December 2022

    Good clear answers to my queries. Helped clear my confusion over what to do.

  • Circle_11157338
    On 13 November 2022

    Lovely Lady, have spoken to her before & have not been disappointed ????

  • Circle_11597148
    On 05 October 2022

    On Point ... Annette was strsight on it and picked up the issue really quickly. Highly recommend!

  • Circle_12496628
    On 25 August 2022

    V confusing and psychic was getting angry

  • Circle_12512898
    On 16 August 2022

    She gave me a direct response to all my questions. She worked extremely well with the allotted time that I scheduled for . Easy to speak to and connect .

  • Circle_12049118
    On 31 July 2022

    Told me that what I was trying to explain was pointless. Very negative. Told me that I wouldn’t hear from someone again as they were angry with me, I did hear from them and I hadn’t done anything to upset them. Good at picking up your own fears and worries through the tarot but can’t interpret beyond that. Not good at picking up other people in readings.

  • Circle_11414778
    On 17 July 2022

    she was ok but i cant say she connected with me .Said this guy is not much in touch .He is there all the time

  • Circle_12422758
    On 16 July 2022

    sorry too many questions without really giving me any answers. I don't know any more after the reading than i did before..

  • rlw151
    On 04 June 2022

    Excellent reading - strong connection.

  • Circle_11249868
    On 26 May 2022

    Thank you Annette, you made my day, xx

  • Circle_12487218
    On 02 May 2022


  • Circle_12219428
    On 23 April 2022


  • Circle_12237158
    On 16 April 2022

    Had to run the phone went. Thanks for a great chat

  • Circle_12479178
    On 05 April 2022

    She was really helpful and guided me to where I needed to be in my head

  • Circle_12130348
    On 31 March 2022

    always honest, clear and fast. She provides also advices with clear predictions, i appreciate very much also her wisdom

  • Circle_12478388
    On 28 March 2022

    Very insightful and helpful

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