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Client reviews (483)

« Very acccurate »
  • Circle12015538
    On 07 December 2023

    Very acccurate

  • Circle11333538
    On 07 December 2023

    Hope her prediction comes true! My jewelry is missing with the suspicion that a mover man stollen it from my drawer ! Wanna cry

  • Circle11822828
    On 23 November 2023

    Lovely reading spot on with my issue

  • Jo
    On 13 November 2023

    Angela has been doing readings for me for years and always accurate

  • I1952
    On 01 November 2023

    Very good - need a warming when time is up. This is not a good feature to cut people off without warning.

  • Circle11328668
    On 01 November 2023

    Thank you answered my dilemma

  • Circle12072778
    On 29 October 2023

    She always spot on. She is my favorite

  • Kaz
    On 19 October 2023

    Thank you Angela for a great reading, good insights and clarity, definitely recommend

  • Circle12430878
    On 18 October 2023

    Thank you, Angela truly appreciate talking to you. We will speak again will soon.???

  • Circle12430878
    On 16 October 2023

    Thank you and Julia truly appreciate all your support???

  • Circle12430878
    On 28 September 2023

    Lovely thank you for all the support?????

  • Anelar
    On 26 September 2023

    Thank you for inspiring reading. Very accurat reading without prompting.

  • Gia
    On 21 September 2023

    Thank you so much for such detailed accurate inside. I can’t wait to speak to you again.

  • Circle12430878
    On 20 September 2023

    Thank you very much Angela truly appreciate all your support ????

  • Circle11772858
    On 18 September 2023

    Fabulous, as always. Thank you. Angela is amazing! ❤️??

  • Circle11545258
    On 16 September 2023

    Great advice and hopefully comes true.

  • Circle11186918
    On 13 September 2023

    Thanks Angela, appreciate you taking a look for me and loved that you felt it was promising. Much appreciated.

  • Circle11164798
    On 07 September 2023

    Angela was wonderful, unfortunately we got cut off but she was able to get straight into the matter and provided precise clarity . Thank you ?

  • Circle12430878
    On 18 August 2023

    Thank you Angela for taking the time out to speak to me this evening to appreciate all your support. Thank you???

  • Hotpants
    On 02 August 2023


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