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« Great reading. Angela was spot on and quick to tune in as usual. »
  • Circle11142018
    On 18 March 2023

    Great reading. Angela was spot on and quick to tune in as usual.

  • Stream3822
    On 15 March 2023

    Anglea is amazing lady picks up things straight away so easly to talk

  • Stream1016
    On 09 March 2023

    Angela is a lovely lady and tunes in quickly. Thankyou for bringing my mum through. I look forward to the predictions happening

  • Circle_11175018
    On 02 February 2023

    Really excellent reading. Thank you so much.

  • Circle_11362068
    On 31 January 2023

    Excellent, let’s see what transpires!

  • Circle_12049118
    On 20 January 2023

    Angela has a lovely tone in her chat readings which I think is hard to achieve. She answered my question, didn’t give opinions or waste time. The information that Angela gave me, I could back up. Thank you for your help x

  • Circle_11312428
    On 16 January 2023

    Amazed by the depth of context and accuracy of her pick up

  • Circle_12544828
    On 03 January 2023


  • logans
    On 25 December 2022


  • Circle_11541098
    On 02 December 2022

    Reader got ways of talking of her messengers - I could recognise them

  • Circle_11175018
    On 30 November 2022

    Really inspiring reading from Angela. A true Angel. Thank you

  • Circle_12536918
    On 18 November 2022

    I found her, to be wise in how, she responded with me and help me to feel so much better, she picks things up so well.

  • Circle_11161068
    On 14 October 2022

    A great sign of hope, a lovely reading and a big thank you. Accurate and down to the point. Big thank you's.

  • Circle_12527368
    On 11 October 2022

    Very vague

  • Circle_11128278
    On 28 September 2022

    Always amazing thankyou Angela sandra

  • Circle_12517858
    On 22 September 2022


  • rlw151
    On 12 September 2022

    very helpful, kind reading

  • Circle_11175018
    On 25 August 2022

    Angela cetainly provides clarity. Highly recommend

  • Circle_12511318
    On 07 August 2022


  • Circle_11301298
    On 24 July 2022


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