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« Thank you for such a lovely, positive reading. You really connected with our energies and gave me the a lot of guidance on how to move forward x »
  • Circle_12480928
    On 11 November 2022

    Thank you for such a lovely, positive reading. You really connected with our energies and gave me the a lot of guidance on how to move forward x

  • Circle_11684028
    On 09 November 2022

    So so enjoyed my reading with Alison she was very accurate with what she said, and l can honestly say that this lady came up with names which I knew . Alison helped with and advised me with issues I have and how to move forward and leave my past behind. Alison was very clearly spoken and l would recommend

  • Circle_11782858
    On 18 October 2022

    Having spoken to Alison a few times over the past few years, she is always so insightful and helpful about tricky and complex characters and events. Thank you Alison for your profound connection to spirit and for honing in on such accurate information.

  • stream_8902
    On 31 July 2022

    Had a lovely Reading with Alison, always empathetic, very good listener and non judgmental style. Very insightful reader who tunes in quickly. Great Reading, thanks Alison.

  • Circle_12049118
    On 23 April 2022

    I really like Alison, she makes so much sense. It’s like having a chat with a loved one but impartial :) she’s warm and caring and gives really helpful guidance that is non judgemental and not opinionated. Alison is great at reading people. She’s doesn’t ask you questions about your situation but is equally attentive if you want to talk about what is going on. Alison has a gift or making you see things from another perspective. Just really helpful. Thank you x

  • stream_1259
    On 11 February 2022

    Wow. I was blown Way with my reading from Alison on relationship issues. She was able to tune in and give some excellent advice. This is long distance relationship. Her visions were so in tune with my current situation. She described the guy right down to him wearing designer labels! Definitely give this lady a ring. You won't be disappointed. She's accurate, empathetic and truly very talented. Keep up the good work and best wishes. Jay

  • Circle_11439118
    On 11 October 2021

    Thank you very much for the reading, Alison. The advise given was very helpful.

  • stream_8902
    On 10 May 2021

    Alison, has been one of my go to readers for several years now. Great reading, very compassionate, empathetic, and non- judgemental with her readings, proving clear focused advice. Thank you Alison.

  • Circle_11161728
    On 19 April 2021

    Sorry battery died, great reading

  • Circle_11277648
    On 07 February 2021

    A pleasure, as always, to chat to/with. Like talking to a friend who is very understanding, supportive, gives good, sensible and positive advice/thought, which is must appreciated. Thank you so much.

  • Circle_11277648
    On 05 February 2021

    Very good reading and has good honest insight. So supportive and encouraging especially in current trying circumstances. Much appreciated.

  • circle_11142578
    On 03 February 2021

    Kind and understanding person. Very good reading. Thank you.

  • Circle_11277648
    On 30 January 2021

    A pleasure to chat to/with as she is gives sensible, well grounded, positive, and supportive advice, which is always much appreciated. Also, like talking to a friend who is very reassuring and so good at building one's confidence. Many grateful thanks.

  • Circle_11277648
    On 03 December 2020

    Always a pleasure to chat to/with as feel like I am talking to a supportive friend, who gives clear, helpful, positive and, at times, much needed advice, which is much appreciated. Thank you so much.

  • Circle_11277648
    On 21 November 2020

    So down to earth, like chatting to a friend. Encouraging, straightfoward and gives good, direct and sensible advice, which is much appreciated. Thank you so much.

  • Circle_11923458
    On 09 August 2020


  • Circle_11277648
    On 08 August 2020

    Always an enormous pleasure to chat to/with, like a friend. She is really great, incredible insight, down to earth, and gives such sensible, well grounded advice, which is much appreciated. Thank you so much.

  • Circle_11335388
    On 06 August 2020

    Very good advice and insight about whole situation...

  • Circle_11383028
    On 24 July 2020

    Alison is a caring and compassionate reader. Naturally talented and able to see into the root of the situation. One of the best readers I have ever had the good fortune to encounter.

  • Circle_11200398
    On 29 June 2020

    I had readings with Alison years ago and today I had another reading with her, she is just as amazing as I remembered. Thank you Alison. Big hugs from Scotland xxxx

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