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I am a compassionate Clairsentient Psychic with a deep connection with the Tarot Cards and your energies. I can help you through your difficult times in love, family and career.


Love & Relationships, Family & Home, Career.


I have had a deep connection with my Spirit Guides for as long as I can remember and I have been reading Tarot Cards professionally for over 25 years and I have been consulting on TheCircle since July 2020. 


Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Psychic, Spirit Guides, Dreams.


Tarot Cards, Runes, Pendulum, Numerology, Pranic Energy, Crystals, Colour, Wicca. 


Love, live and be kind. 


I love to dance and travel and meet people of different cultures.


i have been reading tarot cards the runes and doing readings with pendulum for roughly 30 years.I can read voice and energies,Im adept at channelling messages from spirit guides .I am a Healer and heal my clients through distant healing methods as well


till end of march 31st i will be mostly available 7 am to 8am
i will also be available till 31st march at to 1.30pm on most days
i am not available today at 7am to 8am but available at 1pm to 2 pm today

Client reviews : 225   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Thank you Rashme, I really liked the voice notes as part of your reading. It made perfect sense thank you ? »
    • Circle11639708
      On 20 March 2023

      Thank you Rashme, I really liked the voice notes as part of your reading. It made perfect sense thank you ?

    • N1974
      On 20 March 2023

      Another brilliant reading. Rashme's prediction manifested last time, so looking forward to the other things she mentioned today manifesting. Will keep in touch Rashme. x

    • Stream823
      On 17 March 2023

      Very good

    • Circle11193298
      On 15 March 2023

      Thank you. Amazing reading ????????

    • Circle12556748
      On 04 March 2023

      Lovely reading today. Felt reassured with my POI and how I felt about what was to come. I look forward to seeing what unfolds. Thank you so much for your insight x

    • Circle_11218748
      On 17 February 2023

      Rashme has always guided me and her readings have come to pass . I feel happy that today's guidance and predictions will fall in place soon . Love and light ????

    • Circle_11990728
      On 19 January 2023

      Easy to chat to, direct and to the point. I enjoyed the reading very much

    • Circle_11298778
      On 13 January 2023

      Predictions have come true

    • Circle_12151788
      On 12 January 2023

      Big Hugs

    • Circle_11175018
      On 27 December 2022

      Very good reading by Rashme very informativ.

    • djamal
      On 17 December 2022

      one of the very top reader, undervalued, should be all the time busy.

    • Circle_11712408
      On 19 November 2022

      Just the best! Always a pleasure and feel so calm after speaking to rashme

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