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Style: compassionate/ open/straight to the point

I have consulted for thousands of clients and given them honest answers/ peace of mind, guidance and the knowledge they seek to help them on life's journey.
I specialize in Love & Relationships, Career, and Twin Flames/soulmates/ LGBTQ


I have been consulting on The Circle since June 2018 and I am a fourth generation Psychic with over 47 years of experience, blessed with both my Mother and Grandmother to guide me.


Psychic, Spirit Guides and Auras..Charkra balancing /Runes /Crystal thera.

Astrology, Tarot Cards and Colorstrology /Crystal thera..


We must all learn from our lessons and move on /


Continuing exploring my others find there path


It has been my experience when a person is off balance or confused they tend to make bad decisions /hence as a psychic I can tune into the situation at hand ..give them the advice /tools/ to make the right decisions..47 years of PSYCHIC ability..I


I am on E.S.T. >11am >11pm....UK >10pm>2am most days
psychic>runes>chakra>candles>astrology>horoscope>crystal healing>aroma ther/ aura / tarot >...many more my gifts are endless....

Client reviews : 287   -   Average rating : 4.7
« Amazing advice and predictions »
    • Circle12554928
      On 28 March 2023

      Amazing advice and predictions

    • Circle11887398
      On 27 March 2023

      Thanks you ?❤️

    • Circle11609008
      On 23 March 2023

      Very good and happy with my chat reading. Xx

    • Circle11187608
      On 23 March 2023

      Good reading. Susan is thoughtful and understanding.

    • Lynn07
      On 11 March 2023

      Great reading - reassuring and accurate. Just had difficulty ending the chat - buttons froze. Susan kindly did it for me - thank you!

      Response from Psychic Susan on 15 March 2023
      than you so much for the feed back
    • Stellastellas
      On 11 March 2023

      Wonderful reading No sugar coating described the situation and POI with great detail and accuracy. Just have to be patient thank you:)

      Response from Psychic Susan on 11 March 2023
      thank you for your patients
    • Circle12494158
      On 06 March 2023

      My go-to reader. always accurate. Thank you

      Response from Psychic Susan on 15 March 2023
      always a pleasure assisting you ...
    • Circle11230248
      On 06 March 2023

      Got right to the question very good

      Response from Psychic Susan on 15 March 2023
      when you allow your self to be open minded /it is easier to read
    • Circle11325818
      On 03 March 2023

      Seems to tap in to career pretty good , Nice to talk to and time will tell with what is said .

      Response from Psychic Susan on 15 March 2023
      your so kind /you made it easy because you was open to the Universe
    • Circle12049118
      On 02 March 2023

      Susan had poi spot on. She was very helpful and calming. The reading was useful and not fanciful.

      Response from Psychic Susan on 15 March 2023
      very kind of you..ty God bless your a wonderful person and see so much instore 4 u
    • Circle_11175018
      On 27 February 2023

      Remarkable reading from Susan. Really comforting and honest. Brilliant. Thank you so much.

      Response from Psychic Susan on 15 March 2023
      God bless /thank you for your kind words /trying to get used to new system so I can send out the few free min....
    • Circle_12390728
      On 11 February 2023

      Thank u for ur time

      Response from Psychic Susan on 15 March 2023
      no worries here 4 u /ty for for the feed back

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