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As seen on TV - love readings, career and family are the main features of my Psychic abilities. I encourage people to utilise the Chakra's to help bring balance and harmony into the difficulties that life can present us with and use my abilities to give detailed and helpful information to assist people move forward from their personal dilemmas and situations.


I specialise in Love & Relationships, Family & Home, Career.


I’ve been consulting on TheCircle since October 2002 and I have worked in this field all of my life.


Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychic.


Tarot Cards, Voice Vibrations.


All is well.


Writing and travelling.



Client reviews : 173   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Patrice told me what was bothering me as soon as I got on the phone.Great reading and I hope prediction comes true.Thanks Patrice »
    • SandyB
      On 22 August 2022

      Patrice told me what was bothering me as soon as I got on the phone.Great reading and I hope prediction comes true.Thanks Patrice

    • stream_1259
      On 20 August 2022

      Patrice is an old school psychic. She uses her mediumship to relay messages from loved ones in spirit and her knowledge and wisdom are amazing. She has a calming and soothing nature always helping to lift the spirits and feel empowered about the future. Get in touch with her if you want a clear and honest reading with a touch of wisdom thrown in. Keep up the good work. Jas xx

    • Circle_12002718
      On 19 August 2022

      Good reading x

    • stream_1259
      On 05 May 2022

      Patrice is very old school and an ancient psychic. She tuned into my situation without any prompts from me. A real natural psychic. She tuned into POI and gave some valuable advice and guidance. Also passed on messages from spirit Keep up the good work. Best wishes and regards. Jas xx

    • Circle_12139738
      On 25 September 2021

      I had two readings with Patrice in two days, and the way she got into all the cracks and crevices, crooks and crannies of the situation just absolutely blew me away! This lady is a true psychic, and I'm really a bit lost for words. So all I can say is if you are considering having a reading with her then don't hesitate as she's worth every penny/cent, and it's the best investment for moving forward in any situation. Thank you Patrice, and I'll be back to let you know how things pan out. xxxxx ...

    • stream_1259
      On 07 April 2021

      I haven't spoken to patrice in a while but she recognised my voice straight away. Thank you for your insights regarding relationships and career! Jay cx

    • vanderlay
      On 06 April 2021

      My call cut off unfortunately as was such a wonderful reading. Please do not hesitate to call Patrice.

    • Circle_11208668
      On 11 December 2020

      Most marvellous person on this line. just love her and her guidance. Patrice has kept me in line with her wisdom. xx

    • Circle_11335388
      On 08 August 2020

      Very insightful and detailed information

    • Circle_12095448
      On 25 July 2020

      Patrice is a GEM ! She picked up on my situation before I even explain what was going on ! Made it very easy for me to talk to her, open up about everything and she picked up on everything without me giving details ! Fast, accurate, so on point ! I was in awe the whole time we were on the phone ! First time calling and she got herself a lifetime client ! Thanks so much Patrice !

    • lissjjd
      On 10 July 2020

      Standard with Patrice, she has been better before but she's still around with the top readers for me. Majority of her predictions have been on point so I do trust her.

    • Circle_11285418
      On 03 May 2020

      Patrice is a fabulous lady. Patient and kind and accurate. I’ve had readings every once in awhile with her, and each time she is consistent to the last reading. I enjoy my chats with her and look forward to the next one when needed. I appreciate her insight very much

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