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Are you looking for answers to your love life? With the help of my Oracle cards and Spirit Guides I can pick up psychically what path you should follow
Love & Relationships, Family & Home, Career
My grandmother came to me in my dreams and told me that I had a gift and that I should use it.  I have been reading since I was 16 years old but since my grandmother passed away 5 years ago my gift has got stronger and I do believe that is because she is my Spirit Guide.
Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Spirit Guides
Tarot, Oracle, Pendulum, Crystals
I believe that we can change the path that we are on, nothing is set in stone
I enjoy meditating, running and spending time near the sea.

Client reviews : 28   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Another amazingly accurate reading. Such a lovely reader, so in depth and quick with responses x »
    • Circle11270708
      On 05 December 2023

      Another amazingly accurate reading. Such a lovely reader, so in depth and quick with responses x

    • Circle11270708
      On 07 November 2023

      Amazing reading thank you. If you haven’t already you must have a reading with this lady. Highly recommend

    • Circle11591888
      On 02 October 2023

      Usually very accurate and picks up things really wel

    • Stream1016
      On 16 March 2023

      Nerida is a fantastic reader. She picked up on my situation very well. Thanks for an amazing reading.

    • Circle_12218058
      On 04 December 2022

      Great reading. Sorry I had to cut it short, had people around. Very accurate

    • Circle_12530918
      On 01 December 2022

      The reading was truthful . It was hard to hear. But she guided at every point and made sure you are left with hope.

    • Circle_11175018
      On 08 November 2022

      Really good reading.

    • Circle_12049118
      On 08 July 2022

      Nerida was excellent! Her validations blew me away, she knew things like how I wear my hair, my headaches, that I get anxious and can’t eat… everything down to poi’s clothing and how he does his hair. Nerida even mentioned a book I had been looking at in a shop yesterday. Nerida gives you lots of information and the validations make her readings believable. Thank you x

    • logans
      On 26 April 2022


    • Circle_11316758
      On 24 April 2022

      The reading was not in-depth and I felt that Nerida kept asking questions to validate that she was connected. She gave very vague answers and gave me information I did not ask of her. Not good value for money.

      Response from Nerida on 14 December 2023
      I don’t ask questions . I always ask to confirm if it is the right information so I know we have connected . ☺️
    • Circle_11591888
      On 17 April 2022

      Nerida has picked up on a lot of things and been right

    • Circle_12432968
      On 30 March 2022

      Not very confident in her reading constantly needed validation not trusting. Seems to be a on point even though not sure of her own reading ability.

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