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How Would It Feel to Have a Trusted Psychic on Your Team?

Are you worried, frustrated or struggling?

Maybe you’re looking for guidance around taking next steps?

Or maybe you simply want to understand hidden details going on behind the scenes?

I can help.

What You Can Expect from A Call With Me

I use tarot cards but only as a tool to further expand on my strong psychic abilities. I was extremely lucky to have been born into a family of intuitive psychics which has supported my lifelong skills of clairvoyance. I am supported by my spirit guides and angels and am accomplished in reading mystical signs and symbols to make the invisible, visible.

In addition to the Tarot Cards I work with Crystals, Pendulums and Oracle Cards.

They help me to tune in and to connect even better with your energy and with spirit. While these tools are certainly connected to the work I do with spirit, they are not the same and I will disclose which insights come from where within your reading.

An authentically attentive and intuitively strategic reader, I have the skills to help you navigate life's challenges to help you identify and capitalise on the best solutions and opportunities available to you at any time.

Working together, we can explore a variety of tangible and realistic solutions, weighing the benefits of each approach and possible outcome.

My style is direct and empowering, yet friendly and approachable. I aim to give you detailed insights to enable you to map your future. Equipped with more clarity about the hidden things affecting your circumstances, you can take more informed steps forward.

My customers tell me they leave our calls feeling empowered and in control. They appreciate the practical advice they are given, and that they feel valued and heard.

My specialist areas are:
Love and relationships, family and home, career direction and development, spirituality journeys and identifying and releasing emotional patterning.

Benefits for You:
A skilled reader with over thirty years professional psychic experience. I know how to get to the crux of the question fast, and to be able to scope out many different outcomes.

You talk, I’ll listen and with honesty and integrity. Together we can formulate workable plans.

With a variety of tools at our disposal, you and I can be very specific about the information that we glean.

Answers are detailed and insighted. You choose how deep you want to go. Get surface level answers quickly, but then drill down for specifics in longer calls. It’s completely at your control. I’m here to help.
How much help is in your hands.

Feel more confident about the future, armed with clarity and vision.

A little about me:

Wife, mother, grandmother with varied life experience and professionalisms, following my dreams.

Naturally connected to Spirit for 49 years, I have been empowering people with these gifts for over 30.

When I’m not on the phone, I also have a deep love of colour and crafting, and I am at my happiest when I’m creating.

I like to spend my days in nature, harnessing it’s wonderful gifts. I love gardening, especially growing medicinal plants for healing essences as well as preserving food.

I enjoy the beauty and healing magic of crystals and gemstones and need little excuse to add to my collection.

With the company of my four kooky cats, you can guarantee life's never dull in this busy house.

Using my skills to help people is something that gives me great joy.

Please would you do me the honour of letting me help you?

Click now for your personal reading. I look forward to us working together.


Naturally connected to Spirit nearly 50 years and I have been empowering people with these gifts for over 30 of those years. I first started working on The Circle over 20 years ago and have dealt with so many wonderful clients and their calls.


My hours are set and regular, making it easy to know when to catch me.
Tuesday afternoons 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Thursday afternoons 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Saturday afternoons 1:00pm - 5:00pm

If you want a reading outside of these times, please send me a message

Client reviews : 177   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Thank you so much for your time- A little confusing for me as so much information to try and follow and keep up with. I understand why I need to be careful and will be. Hoping it all turns some sort of corner soon »
    • User111147982
      On 28 March 2023

      Thank you so much for your time- A little confusing for me as so much information to try and follow and keep up with. I understand why I need to be careful and will be. Hoping it all turns some sort of corner soon

      Response from Natasha on 28 March 2023
      M! Thank you for YOUR time and for always being open-hearted and open-minded in our readings. Gosh, yes! The information came thick and fast today and Spirit had plenty to say on the why's and wherefores'. I have sent you an email following up on our reading to just clarify some of the information imparted. Hopefully that will help to unravel any confusion and reinforce the information with some clarity. If not, don't think twice about dropping me mail - though I am have the odd issue responding to emails so I am definitely NOT ignoring you lol. You are always a delight to read for and I look forward to reading for you again soon. Thank you so much for leaving GREAT feedback for me, it is much appreciated. Hope the PS on the email helps too, sending you some healing too. Bright Blessings, Tash x
    • Circle11356698
      On 25 March 2023

      Thank you ❤ Hoping things get back on track

      Response from Natasha on 25 March 2023
      Lovely sweet L, thank you so much for your reading today and for your LOVELY feedback. Thank you for taking the time to leave that for me today, it is much appreciated. I am quite sure it will get back on track, remember what I said about WHAT they need to hear to be the catalyst. Strike the right note and it can open the door for you. But for now, just be patient and sit in the faith that it IS coming, maybe not as fast as you might like.... but it IS coming :) You are always a pure delight to read for with your gorgeous heart energy and I look forward to catching up with you again soon. Please drop me a message and keep me updated as I always love to hear from you. Putting it all out to the Universe for you, let's make it manifest lovely lady. Gratitude and Bright Blessings to you, Tash xxx
    • Circle11921278
      On 20 March 2023

      Great reading with Natasha. Gave good advice, She connected very well to my situation and I look forward to her prediction.

      Response from Natasha on 21 March 2023
      J! Thank you for your LOVELY feedback. You are always a delight to read for and we end up talking like old friends over the pro's and cons of certain situations. You know I will always explain the reasons why I say what I say and especially when it is not what you want to hear. That way you can understand my reasoning, where it comes from and make your own informed decisions to empower yourself. Or to bide your time and capitalise when the time is ripe. I have to say, again, I am so pleased for you, I'm thrilled things are moving in the direction that we have been working for so long to attain. I am beside myself with joy for you and very much looking forward to 'watching this space' with you and how life will unfold. As always I wish you the purest and deepest of happiness in your life and send you my heartfelt thanks for being a wonderful and valued customer. You are a precious gem in my working life! Bright Blessings, Tash x Ps.... do I still have to roll my eyes at you???? :)
    • Circle_11175018
      On 27 February 2023

      Absolutely brilliant. Incredible reading.

      Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
      It pleases me no end to see that you found your psychic reading useful and it gave you the answers that you both needed and wanted at the time. I wish you the best of luck moving forward. Keep in touch and let me know how things progress for you. Grateful thanks and bright blessings to you. Tash x
    • mygift
      On 18 February 2023

      Thank you for the lovely reading. It was very insightful and uplifting and has given me much food for thought going forwards. New ideas..brilliant!

      Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
      I am thrilled, I thoroughly enjoyed our reading together and it is wonderful to know that you left feeling better than you arrived. That means I did my job right for you today, thank you for letting me know that. I hope the insights allow you to make the positive step forward and empower you towards your happiness. Keep me updated! Love, light and happiness, Tash x
    • Circle_11843328
      On 21 January 2023

      Wow , the light at the end of the tunnel, we all need that, bless you for the reading, the love , the care and the inspiration, you have lift up my day x Eternally grateful

      Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
      You made me smile so much and still do, the information you gave me is now part of my daily routine and so a small bit of you is with me everyday, bringing ME joy and making smile. I hope that I was as much a blessing to you and you are to me! Happy Day, Happy Life! xxx
    • Circle_11560958
      On 17 January 2023

      Clear and practical.

      Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
      Fantastic! Just how I aim to pitch a reading with clear and practical direction that can be USED and acted upon. Thanks for the feedback, it is always gratefully received. Bright Blessings to you, Tash x
    • Circle_12530918
      On 13 December 2022

      Though my connection has dropped twice. I love her. Absolutely smashed it. The best of the best. So well intuned. Read to my person right away. Told me exactly what path I can choose. And aligned to my personality. So sorry again. Nat...but I am coming back again soon.

      Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
      WOW _ I am really looking forward to you coming back to me. It brings me joy and a smidge of pride to know that you not only enjoyed your reading with me, but it offered you a road map of the paths that lay in front of you. It is now up to you which one you choose. But with all the insights shared between us, it will make that choice a whole lot easier. Thank you so much for such wonderful feedback, I am humbled. Bright Blessings, Tash x
    • Eternity
      On 06 December 2022

      Natasha is absolutely brilliant ! I highly recoomend a reading with her. She is clear, honest, and to the point. She is able to convey complex psychic messages in digestable, straighfroward and understandbale ways. I learned so much in this reading about the why and what of many things I was trying to get psychic answers to. THANK YOU Natasha for the long reading!

      Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
      What fabulous feedback, thank you so much. It is so wonderfully constructive and really helps other clients to define if they want same! We certainly did drill down into some very complex issues and managed to gain some acute insights to move you forward. We were there a long time but sometimes we do need a bit more time together to explore issues that are complicated and deep rooted. Thanks again for such constructive and positive feedback, much gratitude and many thanks. Bright Blessings, Tash x
    • User_111147982
      On 05 December 2022

      Thank you for my reading, hard to hear for sure but rather hear the truth, has given me much to think about

      Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
      Bless you, yes, some things are hard to hear but you heard them with dignity and grace and for that I thank you and for having an open heart and mind. The insights given by spirit are sometimes acute, but they always have the ability to move you forward and empower you towards your best life if you act upon them. I am a reader that will support and guide you through the things that are hard to hear. Always here for you at the touch of your phone. Bright blessings and many thanks for taking on the hard stuff too. You are epically AWESOME!
    • Circle_11720548
      On 17 November 2022

      Natasha is a superb reader, she sees so much, it is mind blowing, thank you for you keeping me on the right track :) xxx

      Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
      What lovely feedback! It's great to be able to blow your mind, what fun! However, what gives me utter delight is to hear the insights gleaned are putting you on the right track and helping you make the best decisions for you. Thank you for leaving me such positive feedback, it was a joy and a privilege to read for you. Bright Blessings and much gratitude, Tash x
    • Circle_12535988
      On 15 November 2022

      She was so lovely and supportive and made me feel heard. The reading was also so accurate and she opened my eyes with a lot of things

      Response from Natasha on 02 March 2023
      This feedback made me have a little weep actually. It is so touching and means so much to me that you felt HEARD. It is such an important balance in a reading to listen to you as a client and impart the information, that often for me, comes from so many directions it can be hard to keep up lol! It please me no end to know that you left feeling heard and as though you had gained new insights. Hopefully, you have been able to take those insights and turn them into steps forward to your best life. It does me good to be humbled, so thank you for that, my grateful appreciation to you. Bright blessings, Tash x

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