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My hours are set and regular, making it easy to know when to catch me.
Tuesday afternoons 1:00pm - 3.30pm
Thursday afternoons 1:00pm - 3:30pm
Saturday afternoons 1:00pm - 3.30pm

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How Would It Feel to Have a Trusted Psychic on Your Team?

Are you worried, frustrated or struggling?

Maybe you’re looking for guidance around taking next steps?

Or maybe you simply want to understand hidden details going on behind the scenes?

I can help.

What You Can Expect from A Call With Me

I use tarot cards but only as a tool to further expand on my strong psychic abilities. I was extremely lucky to have been born into a family of intuitive psychics which has supported my lifelong skills of clairvoyance. I am supported by my spirit guides and angels and am accomplished in reading mystical signs and symbols to make the invisible, visible.

In addition to the Tarot Cards I work with Crystals, Pendulums and Oracle Cards.

They help me to tune in and to connect even better with your energy and with spirit. While these tools are certainly connected to the work I do with spirit, they are not the same and I will disclose which insights come from where within your reading.

An authentically attentive and intuitively strategic reader, I have the skills to help you navigate life's challenges to help you identify and capitalise on the best solutions and opportunities available to you at any time.

Working together, we can explore a variety of tangible and realistic solutions, weighing the benefits of each approach and possible outcome.

My style is direct and empowering, yet friendly and approachable. I aim to give you detailed insights to enable you to map your future. Equipped with more clarity about the hidden things affecting your circumstances, you can take more informed steps forward.

My customers tell me they leave our calls feeling empowered and in control. They appreciate the practical advice they are given, and that they feel valued and heard.

My specialist areas are:
Love and relationships, family and home, career direction and development, spirituality journeys and identifying and releasing emotional patterning.

Benefits for You:
A skilled reader with over thirty years professional psychic experience. I know how to get to the crux of the question fast, and to be able to scope out many different outcomes.

You talk, I’ll listen and with honesty and integrity. Together we can formulate workable plans.

With a variety of tools at our disposal, you and I can be very specific about the information that we glean.

Answers are detailed and insighted. You choose how deep you want to go. Get surface level answers quickly, but then drill down for specifics in longer calls. It’s completely at your control. I’m here to help.
How much help is in your hands.

Feel more confident about the future, armed with clarity and vision.

A little about me:

Wife, mother, grandmother with varied life experience and professionalisms, following my dreams.

Naturally connected to Spirit for 49 years, I have been empowering people with these gifts for over 30.

When I’m not on the phone, I also have a deep love of colour and crafting, and I am at my happiest when I’m creating.

I like to spend my days in nature, harnessing it’s wonderful gifts. I love gardening, especially growing medicinal plants for healing essences as well as preserving food.

I enjoy the beauty and healing magic of crystals and gemstones and need little excuse to add to my collection.

With the company of my four kooky cats, you can guarantee life's never dull in this busy house.

Using my skills to help people is something that gives me great joy.

Please would you do me the honour of letting me help you?

Click now for your personal reading. I look forward to us working together.


Naturally connected to Spirit nearly 50 years and I have been empowering people with these gifts for over 30 of those years. I first started working on The Circle over 20 years ago and have dealt with so many wonderful clients and their calls.


My hours are set and regular, making it easy to know when to catch me.
Tuesday afternoons 1:00pm - 3.30pm
Thursday afternoons 1:00pm - 3:30pm
Saturday afternoons 1:00pm - 3.30pm

If you want a reading outside of these times, please send me a message

Client reviews : 197   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Always quick snd straightforward. »
    • Circle11560958
      On 31 August 2023

      Always quick snd straightforward.

      Response from Natasha on 05 September 2023
      Bless you A. You are always a DELIGHT to read for and your openness of energy and heart allows me to connect much deeper and pull those names out of a hat like you needed me to. When you're ready for a deep dive, we can do that but in the meantime I wish you all the best, sounds like you are on the right track anyway! Bright blessings, gratitude and many thanks to you xxx Tash xxx
    • Circle11123588
      On 15 August 2023

      I’ve have several readings with Natasha. She keeps it real. Accurate and grounded reading and predictions. I fully trust her readings. Natasha delivers kindly too!

      Response from Natasha on 17 August 2023
      A, thank you for such WONDERFUL feedback. How lovely of you to take the time and effort to do that, thank you so much. We have had a few lovely readings together that I have enjoyed very much indeed. You are a delight to read for. Often, we do need just that GROUNDED advice and predictions. I am pleased that you TRUST me and my readings and that they serve you as they should. Trust is a very important and valuable asset between us and one I am grateful for, thank you. I very much appreciate your kind demeanour and beautiful energy too. You are a delight and I have my fingers crossed for SA. Let me know as soon as you do , unless we chat beforehand. Bright blessings, much luck and lots of love to you. Tash x
    • Kate
      On 05 August 2023

      Great - really deep and insightful reading that not only helped me to deal with the question at hand, but also how to stop repeating patterns!

      Response from Natasha on 10 August 2023
      Thanks for the WONDERFUL feedback K, you are a star, and I appreciate it very much. I'm really pleased that you found it insightful and that some of the information can be acted upon tangibly. Your willingness to ask the hard questions is what makes me dive deeper and unearth more information for you, so thank YOU for that. We all have emotional patterning, thanks to our parents, siblings, teachers, peers, friends and lovers. It is when we keep repeating the patterns that are no longer healthy for us, that we need to face them. When we can understand the root of them, how it informs our behaviour and how it manifests, we are more than halfway to breaking it and overcoming it. When we can relinquish those patterns it opens up a whole new world of opportunity for you. A world where you make better and healthier decisions for yourself and your path forward. You DO the hard work and your self awareness, emotional intelligence and resilience are all a credit to you and the work that you have done to date. Keep at it my lovely, it is working beautifully for you. Thank you again for your GREAT feedback, always a pleasure to read for you my lovely. Bright Blessings Tash xxx
    • A1968
      On 16 July 2023

      Wow! Natasha is outstanding! I was only on with a quick question but because of the amount of truth and validation she gave I came away blown away! So much of what Natasha spoke of I kind of knew already, but that in itself is amazing because she just already knew all of this stuff - but with a lot more clarity than even I knew. That is what I needed from her and she delivered it. Sometimes we don't always hear what we want, but that is why we seek these answers in the first place. We grow from all of these messages, no matter what they are. Amazing reader, and so wonderfully caring and compassionate to boot! xxx

      Response from Natasha on 29 July 2023
      A! Thank you, deeply and sincerely for your heartfelt feedback. My apologies for taking the time to respond. I want to reflect upon it. The reading we shared was exceptional and I wanted to reflect on why that was, what worked well? What made this reading so acute and insightful was your courage, confidence and willingness to ask the hard questions. I thank you deeply for that. Your desire to understand the situation fully, prompted keen and sometimes challenging questions. For me, that's great because it pushes me to go deeper, connect at new levels and unearth the hidden for you. It was your willingness to engage that opened the reading out like a blossoming flower. As each petal unfurled, out came tumbling more acute information and the clarity and understanding that you needed to go alongside it. Even when there were things hard to hear, you still wanted to understand why and what could be done. It gave us a chance to explore strategies to gain new perspective and understanding. Information that can be used to move you forward in a meaningful and tangible way. Even though you did not get the answer you THOUGHT you came to me for, you got so much more because you asked the questions you needed the answers to. I would recommend anyone to do the same to get the best from their readings with me. You pushed me to strive for more, to be better, to deliver better and I rose to your challenge and I thank you for making me deliver more for you. I very much look forward to connecting to your truly beautiful energy again soon. Grateful and heartfelt thanks, Love and blessings, Tash x
    • User111147982
      On 20 June 2023

      Thank so much x

      Response from Natasha on 08 July 2023
      M, you are more than welcome, as always it is an absolute pleasure to read for you and to guide and support you through this challenging time. My grateful thanks and brightest of blessings to you for being a valued, appreciated and loyal customer, love Tash x
    • Stream4009
      On 17 June 2023

      Relationship. What can I say Natasha made me feel at ease. She has predicted quite a few things and I’m looking forward to the future now. I will definitely be calling next month to update on my progress. Lovely lady give her a call 10 stars for me xx

      Response from Natasha on 17 June 2023
      T what AMAZING feedback from you. I very much appreciate you taking the time and effort to leave that for me today. Thank you so much! Yes, it is rare to see something so SOLID and I am always very cautious to say things are 'fated' or 'meant to be', simply because it is like taking our choice and control away. The information was so full, grounded and anchored within your reading, it was hard to see anything else being ABLE to happen!!! Luckily it looks really amazing for you and I am thrilled. I very much look forward to that check in with me because I am pretty sure next time I speak to you will have a broad smile on your face and a flutter in your heart! Manifest my lovely, manifest it :) Thank you again for such LOVELY and thoughtful feedback, sending love and bright blessings, with gratitude, Tash xx
    • Circle12431298
      On 20 May 2023

      Wow real amazing reading covered everything. What a lovely lady xxx

      Response from Natasha on 30 May 2023
      E! Thanks for your AMAZING feedback, I really appreciate you saying that. I am really pleased to know that I covered everything that you needed from me, it is certainly what I aim to do. To give you a fully rounded reading with plenty of detail and realistic strategy to address the points you are trying to move forward with. Sometimes we just need reassurance that what we are already doing is on track and resonating with our path forward. Keep at it lovely lady, as things unfold you are well prepared with plenty of experience and resilience to make the best decisions for you all. Sending love and bright blessings and looking forward to connecting with you again. Many thanks, Tash x
    • Circle11142578
      On 18 May 2023

      Excellent reading. Really positive and helped me see things clearly. Thank you.

      Response from Natasha on 18 May 2023
      D, Thanks so much for your EXCELLENT feedback, I am humbled and very much appreciative. Sometimes we just need someone to reassure us of where we are and WHY we are there and that is all you needed. Alongside a little extra information about what is happening for you and why. I am really pleased that you feel that you can see things more clearly and you feel that I helped you within the reading itself. It is exactly what I aim to do :) I'm still sure you are secretly married to my husband too lol! Too funny. My thanks and gratitude for taking the time to leave such lovely and positive feedback. I very much look forward to connecting with your beautiful energy again soon. Bright Blessings, Tash
    • User111147982
      On 16 May 2023

      A detailed reading, with clear guidance, thank you x

      Response from Natasha on 16 May 2023
      M, you are always a delight to read for and so open hearted and minded. Thank you for taking the time and effort to leave positive feedback for me today. Now it is time to act on advice from Spirit and capitalise on creating healthy patterns for you all going forward. I appreciate where the hesitance to do that comes from and we talked in depth about the whys and wherefores. Hopefully, that will foster some of the courage you need to make these next steps in your journey. You are such a strong person and you have come so far. I'm pleased you felt the guidance was clear, that was because you gave me plant of time to explain why I was saying what I was saying and the signifiers that went along with it. You're always moving forward and that is what is important! Lots of love, gratitude and bright blessings, Tash. PS...hope your shopping deliver did not defrost!!!!! x
    • Dreya
      On 12 May 2023

      Really interesting reading with Natasha... I called as was feeling a bit flat and speaking to her helped me see things differently about a new person in my life... sometimes I get tempted to cut my losses and run, but Natasha helped me to accept that communication can ebb and flow. It was funny when she used the analogy of waves, as I had just done a work presentation where I used the same analogy! Thanks Tash x

      Response from Natasha on 13 May 2023
      D! Thanks for the BRILLIANT feedback, beautifully constructive, thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do that for me. I very much appreciate it. Yes, often when things ebb, it can send our minds into overdrive and we can often overthink things. There are so many reasons in people lives why the might 'ebb' a little. Think of when you ebb, perhaps when your energy is not tip top? Sometimes it is little more than that. I love that the wave analogy resonated with you and that you used it too, maybe it is Spirits way of reinforcing it to you and helping you see the new perspective laid before you. You are an absolute dream to read for and I look forward to connecting with your beautiful spirit and energy again soon. Thank you for your reading and your positive feedback, it is always much appreciated. Bright Blessings, Tash x
    • Amik
      On 09 May 2023

      Thank you so very much for the reading! So detailed and you’ve gone above and beyond and provided me with insight I didn’t know I was searching for. Also what you picked up on towards the end was amazing! Thank you again :)

      Response from Natasha on 11 May 2023
      A, thank you for the WONDERFUL feedback, I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to leave that for me today. We did delve pretty deep, so thank you for your grace in being open hearted and minded when it came to the tough stuff. Spirit offered you this insight because it is time to start doing things differently. I think it was pretty clear in the reading how and where to start in order to move you forward. I am so very excited for you, the sky truly is your limit this year, you have the Midas touch so make the most of it while you have it. Thanks again, Sending love and bright blessings, Tash
    • V
      On 04 May 2023

      Very warm and understanding- great reading! Thank you ☺️

      Response from Natasha on 11 May 2023
      V, always a PLEASURE to read for you. It is your open mind and heart that enable me to offer new insight from which you can change your perspective. Sometimes we need to drill a bit deeper to get the answers that you want and you always allow me the time to do that for you. Allowing me to connect with your energy fully enables that energetic flow between us that leads to more acute readings where information floods through rather than trickles. so, thank YOU, because without it you would not have such a rounded reading. Look forward to connecting with your beautiful energy again soon. Sending love and bright blessings, Tash x

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