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Generally I work late afternoon, 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm each day, some mornings from 8 am (early risers welcome!) or when suits you, so please don't hesitate to message me and ask my availability


I am compassionate and empowering. Through intuition, the Tarot and Number Divination, I connect to Spirit to help you see the way forward.


I specialise in Love & Relationships, Career counselling and Pets


I have been consulting on TheCircle since 2020 and for many years professionally before that. I have been communicating with Spirit to direct my own life for more than thirty years.


I am a Clairvoyant who uses the tarot and numerology to answer your questions and give information and guidance. I work with Spirit Guides


Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Numerology. I can also tune in distantly to photographs and objects you hold close.


The secret of life is to honour yourself and love others.


I love to walk my dogs in the fields around me. I have a deep affinity to trees, especially the magnificent oaks on the landscape. I do yoga, gardening and love to cook. I am a published Novelist.


I have spoken to many hundreds of clients with a vast variety of questions, and have tuned into more emotional and career situations than I ever believed possible. I have built a reputation as a compassionate and intuitive reader


I am online for a couple of hours most days of the week, 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm. Please message me if you would like a reading at any other time. I will always respond.

Client reviews : 275   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Hi Natalie sorry they cut me off. You were saying….. Natalie is great! Lovely lady and brilliant psychic! Thanks a million. NJ. Julia xx »
    • Juliaw
      On 18 September 2023

      Hi Natalie sorry they cut me off. You were saying….. Natalie is great! Lovely lady and brilliant psychic! Thanks a million. NJ. Julia xx

      Response from Natalie Jane on 18 September 2023
      Thanks Julia. I was saying that there was a solid, warm optimism in the cards for your reading. Take heart from that, draw on patience - I know, the P word! - and keep being the kind, generous soul that you are.
    • A1968
      On 15 September 2023

      I had a reading with Natalie Jane a couple of weeks ago and I had forgotten to write a review as I got sidetracked immediately afterwards. However, perhaps that was a good thing as a few of her predictions have come to pass, so I can give her huge credit here now. So wow! What a great connection and such a lovely empathic lady. She was so accurate with her description and analysis of my situation. She was able to give me some clear lights at the end of the tunnel, and these have now started to pass, so she was 100% right! She was patient with my questions and digging deeper into them, and able to deliver the messages with clarity and certainty. I was blown away by how connected to my questions she could be. Amazing! Thank you Natalie Jane xx

    • Paul
      On 07 September 2023

      Great reading many thanks

      Response from Natalie Jane on 07 September 2023
      Thank you very much. Sorry we got cut off, but I have sent you a message, to finish what I was typing at top speed to say! All the best, love and blessings, Natalie Jane
    • Circle11218018
      On 03 September 2023

      Natalie has been an excellent advisor through a very difficult time and this time also. Would highly recommend you speaking to her.

      Response from Natalie Jane on 06 September 2023
      thank you so much for this review. I was very happy to hear you saying that you have made such progress and can now plan the future. My cards showed a future with strong buisness potential, so there's a lot to feel good about. I know that things still have to play out, but your achievements show how life moves forward, if we stay strong and keep faith. Love and blessings, Natalie Jane
    • Juliaw
      On 03 September 2023

      Sorry Natalie J hate going without saying thank you it sounds so rude - but credit ran out. Natalie Jane is brilliant, empathetic & her predictions pan out, even though there may be a few dips in between. Give this lady a call! Thanks Natalie xx

      Response from Natalie Jane on 03 September 2023
      Thank you my dear, so very kind of you to leave a review and it is always appreciated. I realised the credit had run out! I sometimes get carried away and don't see the moments ticking by. Wishing you love and light, and please believe you will have the love you deserve
    • Genas
      On 29 August 2023

      Lovely lady tuned in quickly and picked up on situation very well, sadly got cut off. Thankyou Natalie

      Response from Natalie Jane on 29 August 2023
      It is lovley of you to leave this review, and thank you. The cards were very clear that you will end up with the person you need to be with, and who will make you happiest in the long term. Love and blessings, Natalie Jane
    • S1990
      On 19 August 2023

      Great to catch up with Natalie , my credit ran out otherwise i would have continued on forever. She is accurate as always and honestly her previous predictions have always come true.

      Response from Natalie Jane on 20 August 2023
      Hi and thank you for leaving this review. Always a pleasure to catch up with you too and kudos to you for making your career move.
    • Jo
      On 18 August 2023

      Very informative and a clear accurate reading thank you

      Response from Natalie Jane on 18 August 2023
      Thank you very much for leaving a reivew, it is much appreiated. I am glad I was able to see a patheway through the cards for your situation. Love and blessings, Natalie Jane
    • Juliaw
      On 17 August 2023

      Sorry Natalie ran out of funds! Great as usual. Thanks a lot. Julia xx

      Response from Natalie Jane on 17 August 2023
      Thanks Julia. You are a kind and generous person and deserve the same in return.
    • G1970
      On 13 August 2023

      I have had a wonderful reading with Natalie Jane this afternoon. Great advice also given frm Natalie

      Response from Natalie Jane on 13 August 2023
      Thank you very much for your words, it's much appreciated. And your human and good grace too. I can see a way forward for you in this situation and believe it is one of those times when love and good intention can overcome difficulties
    • Circle12547648
      On 11 August 2023

      Thank you so much for the reassuring chat earlier. Hopefully next time we speak I will be telling you about this wonderful man! X

      Response from Natalie Jane on 12 August 2023
      Thank you for leaving this review yesterday. I'm always appreciative when somebody takes the time to do it. and yes, I too want to see you with somebody who really values you. You will find your man.
    • Sara
      On 08 August 2023

      Amazing reading x

      Response from Natalie Jane on 08 August 2023
      Thank you very much!! It is kind of you to leave a review, and I'm glad to have been able to reassure you that what you hope for, will happen

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