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Availability: Everyday from 10 am - 12pm.

Important: about timeframes, the time is not exact, it all depends on free will and on the choices and actions of each one, the deadlines can change

I am a psychic reader with more then 15 years of experience. With my gift I have already helped dozens of people, my readings are direct and clear.

I love spirituality and I know that tarot can help you in various problems of your life and make you understand various situations. I can read on all areas of your life. I’m here to tell only the truth and what comes out in the tarot, so get ready for what the tarot has to show you.

I use tarot but I can read without any tools using my Psychic abilities with just your name and date of birth.
I am also a certified Reiki Master.

I am here to help you always with the truth. God bless your day


15 years of experience, doing readings and reiki.


Everyday from 10am until 12pm.

Client reviews : 42   -   Average rating : 5
« Very good reader, but sadly, the line was disconnected.  »
    • Joanne
      On 31 January 2024

      Very good reader, but sadly, the line was disconnected.

      Response from Nashie on 03 February 2024
      Thank you Dear im here if you need me
    • Circle11843328
      On 15 January 2024

      Great reader and super on point, blessings! You are right on all your messages x

      Response from Nashie on 15 January 2024
      Thank you Dear , its always a pleasure to help you
    • Circle12430878
      On 12 January 2024

      Thank you Natasha appreciate your time xxx ??

      Response from Nashie on 13 January 2024
      Thank you my Dear for coming , ill be here always
    • Juliaw
      On 08 January 2024

      Very good! Chat a bit slow! Nice reader. J

      Response from Nashie on 10 January 2024
      Thank you God bless you
    • Circle12430878
      On 09 December 2023

      Thank you Natasha truly appreciate all your support???

      Response from Nashie on 09 December 2023
      thank you for always come back and trust in me, i wish that everythin goes the way you want and deserve bc you are such a good person with a beautiful heart. Keep like that you are so special
    • James
      On 09 December 2023

      Very good

      Response from Nashie on 09 December 2023
      Thank you James . Ill be here if you need me . God bless your life
    • Circle11164798
      On 05 December 2023

      Wonderful reader

      Response from Nashie on 05 December 2023
      Thank you very much Dear, ill be here when you need me. Was a pleasure to help you.
    • Circle12478298
      On 04 December 2023

      Lovely reader with a fast connection and straight to the point! Thanks x

      Response from Nashie on 04 December 2023
      Thank you for always coming back and for accepting me at my job, you are always welcome. ????
    • Stream2434
      On 02 December 2023

      We got cut off!!

      Response from Nashie on 02 December 2023
      We back again ???? thank you Dear for trust on my work . Ill be here always for you ????
    • Circle11934848
      On 29 November 2023

      Great reading

      Response from Nashie on 29 November 2023
      Gothank you very much. God bless your life
    • James
      On 29 November 2023

      Gave me insight, confidence and a push in the right direction

      Response from Nashie on 29 November 2023
      Thank you for coming James, ill here for you take care.
    • Circle12430878
      On 28 November 2023

      Thank you for all your support tonight. Natasha truly appreciate it. ???

      Response from Nashie on 28 November 2023
      Thank you For always trusting me and I will always come back, I will always be here ready to help you with pleasure, you deserve all the best, you are a pure and beautiful person. God bless your life my Dear

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