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⭐Availability: Daily from 10.30am - 12.30 in the afternoon GMT Plus Extra Hours Where Available

⭐ Psychic Clairvoyance Seer Medium Spiritual Healer Tarot Angles Crystals Scrying

⭐Style: I am a natural psychic and with the help of my spirit guide Immanuel I will tune in and connect to you and the the significant others around you. I will provide you with illuminating revelations to help you understand the motivations of others, and with the help of my guide and the angels I will provide you with the most empowering options available to you, for you to understand the meanings behind your life circumstances on a profoundly deep level, and for you to begin to manifest the positive changes you desire

⭐Specialties: Love & Relationships, Career, Personal Empowerment, Life Path Lessons, Manifesting Abundance, The Law of Attraction, Spiritual Healing and Awakening.

⭐Experience: My psychic and clairvoyant medium abilities were nurtured and developed in me by my Romany grandmother Rosa from a very young age, and I have been providing psychic readings and spiritual healing and guidance for over 30 years now

⭐Soul Mate / Twin Flame Connections
⭐Remote Viewer (IRVA Member)
⭐Angelic Communications
⭐Spiritual Advisor
⭐Healing Ancestral Family Karma/Trauma
⭐Spirit Guide Connections
⭐Mysitc Dream Interpretor

⭐Tools: Tarot Cards, Crystals, Runes, Metals, Pendulums, Angels
⭐Mantra: All is Love ❤️
⭐Hobbies: Collecting Crystals, Journalling, Making Jewellery


My grandmother Rosa taught me how to connect to spirit guides & angels, and how to develop my psychic and clairvoyant skills using transcendent objects with high spiritual vibrations, including precious stones, metals, sounds & fragrances from nature ❤️


Daily from 10.30am - 12.30 in the afternoon GMT - Plus Extra Hours When Available or if requested x

Client reviews : 318   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Brilliant as always ❤️ Everyone needs the magic of Eve sprinkled in their life. Truly the most amazing reader, the depth she can go too is incredible. How my life has & is changing with her guidance, knowledge, patience’s & love that shines through in every reading. Simply the best ❤️ xx »
    • SpainDM1
      On 15 June 2024

      Brilliant as always ❤️ Everyone needs the magic of Eve sprinkled in their life. Truly the most amazing reader, the depth she can go too is incredible. How my life has & is changing with her guidance, knowledge, patience’s & love that shines through in every reading. Simply the best ❤️ xx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 15 June 2024
      You're an incredible inspiraton to me. Your life path journey is an unfolding of myriad brilliant revallations that you are, astoundingly, taking in your strike. You never fail to take my breath away with your willingness to take on board complex, and at times traumatic realities with such compassion, acceptance, and enthusiasm even, to learn, love and laugh. You are a ray of sunshine to me, and a blessing to the world, love you! xxx
    • Katie
      On 14 June 2024

      Midnight Eve you are truly a shining star. Thank you a billion times For your consistent support for the Guidance And kindness you always give Thank you xxxxx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 14 June 2024
      Dearest Katie it is a pleasure and an absolute joy to be here for you, giving you love, spiritual guidance, and a true feeling of heartfelt sisterhood between us, supporting you in all you do. You are an angel without doubt, and I bow to the brilliant light in you, always, Midnight Eve xxx
    • H
      On 12 June 2024

      Gobsmacked, absolutely blown away. Midnight Eve has never read for me before, but the detail and accurate information which was freely given without any information from me was amazing. Just incredible, highly recommend . X

      Response from Midnight Eve on 12 June 2024
      Hello! What a pleasure it was to read for you today ❤️ A beautiful soul! With you I found I effortlessly saw your significant connections and events through the clear sight of clairvoyance and beyond, to the psychic and spiritual realms, because you were relaxed, willing to be open to spirit, and able to trust enough to allow my guide to have access to your world. Sending you love, light & bright blessings! From, Midnight Eve xx
    • S1974
      On 11 June 2024

      Brilliant Reading as always - Thank you Eve, was so nice speaking today. Heartfelt thanks as always ❤️

      Response from Midnight Eve on 11 June 2024
      And thank you too for brightening my day, and in return may you have many bright blessings coming your way ❤️ and lots of love! xxx
    • Vikki
      On 08 June 2024

      Thank you Eve! What you said made total sense. Your ability to get to the ‘heart’ of the situation and explain why things are happening as they are is truly amazing as always. V xx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 08 June 2024
      It's a real pleasure to be of help Vicky! Your journey is unfolding exactly as it should. If sometimes we have to stop a while, and linger longer than we expected to, then it's ALWAYS for a good reason. Sometimes, before we leave, we really have to stop and take a good honest look at what we are leaving, and say to it all, 'I am done here' and really mean it. You are almost at that point, you needed to stop, to stay a while longer, to process everything you are leaving behind and to say your piece to the place, and then before long you will go where you can flourish, connect, create, and live a blissful life on your terms. Sening love, light & blessings on your journey, Midnight Eve xx
    • D
      On 04 June 2024

      Darling Eve, thank you once again. Another honest, insightful & caring reading. Thank you for explaining everything to me today, straight after our chat I felt an instant difference within myself, such at peace & lighter never felt like it before. All my love ❤️

      Response from Midnight Eve on 05 June 2024
      Really good to hear from you today! It was good to go a little deeper into a thorny issue too, because it's important that you gain deeper insight, clarity, and knowledge of what is going on from different angles before you choose when and how you are going to address anything with them. But remember, time is on your side, and there is absolutely no urgency at all in you taking action, you will know when the right moment arises so no reason to hurry anything. May this peace, lightness and clarity you have experienced today continue to be with you, as this is where all good things we've spoken about will find you xx
    • Lily
      On 02 June 2024

      My Beloved Eve, Thank you once again for your kind insights and your kind guidance. Always wonderful to connect with You. Very grateful for your advice. Surrounding You with Love and Angelsxxx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 02 June 2024
      ❤️ Thank you my sweetheart! This is an auspicious year of gracious endings and joyous beginnings for you. On all of your jouneys you will be in my evening meditations at 7pm GMT wherever you find yourself, Immanuel will be there to help you connect to those in spirit who you will find again to be inspired in love, light, and joy. Many blessings until we speak again, Midnight Eve xxx
    • S1974
      On 04 June 2024

      Thank you Eve & Immanuel. I’m so grateful that I was guided to you both. The difference in my life because of your wisdom, care, insight, advice & love is amazing., you have literally changed my life. I can’t thank you enough. The love I feel for you both makes me so emotional & grateful. Eve doesn’t just skim the surface, she goes deep with her wonderful readings & if you’re willing to listen and trust you will not look back. ❤️

      Response from Midnight Eve on 04 June 2024
      Wow thank you! What a beautiful review, and a joy for me to sense your sincere and heartfelt appreciation for what has come through for you from Immanuel and spirit. Your belief and willingness to follow the guidance that has come though for you takes my breath away. I have the easy task of relaying your messages, but you are the one who, with courage and belief, gives everything a chance, and it is that bravery to take the guided actions, which are sometimes difficult, that has got you so far. You are now destined to have more harmonious and loving connections, more co-operative encounters with people in authority, and life changing success in your personal endeavours. For any little bumps along the way, here you'll find me and Immanuel, to give you the love, guidance, and support, whenever you might need. Thank you once again, sending you big big love ❤️ and blessed grattitude to have connected to one as beautiful as you! xx
    • Katie
      On 01 June 2024

      Always so wise and spot on thank you so very much ❤️xxx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 01 June 2024
      Thank you Katie! ❤️ Sending you all our love and brightest blessings, Eve & Immanuel xxx
    • V
      On 29 May 2024

      What a wonderful person Eve is. She got me immediately and knew things no one else could have ever known

      Response from Midnight Eve on 29 May 2024
      Hi V! Thank you for your review! I'm glad you felt seen and safe during your reading today because it enabled deep healing to enter, and you will now start to notice the positive effects of this healing almost straight away. This will continue to unfold to feel like a gentle and joyous awakening to your true power and creativity, and that you are now more than ready to be seen, heard, validated, loved and celebrated for all that you are. Sending love, light & bright blessings your way, from Midnight Eve xx
    • K
      On 25 May 2024

      Brilliant as always I will take on board everything you have said, I’m already pulling my energy to neutral like you said in regards to no name lol I wanted to ask but we ran out of time do you see we come through this it feels like we already are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel I can feel the energy changing and even tho the person is still around it’s so much less it feels like slowly they are being removed by him?, so I will continue and put into practice what you said also

      Response from Midnight Eve on 25 May 2024
      Yes I see you coming through this! And yet hearing this, I don't want you to become complacent at this stage, you're making good ground, don't let yourself assume you are past the finishing post yet, double down on your commitment to this right now, as it would slow your progress if you had to go over ground you have already gained by not keeping focussed on the hear and now. Follow the advice you received and stay centred throughout., You've got this! Sending love, light & bright blessings to you and your loved ones xx
    • Miche
      On 25 May 2024

      Really good reading tuned in straight away. Uplifting will follow your advice.

      Response from Midnight Eve on 25 May 2024
      Hi Miche! This makes me so happy to hear! And remember, you have me and Immanuel providing you with spiritual support and guidance. This is an importantly pivotal year for you where amazing things can happen for you from this point. Give yourself the best chance, the most loyal support, the most healthy options when faced with decisions and you will propel yourself into the brightest future possible. All other things, and people, will then work hard to have you by their side again. Trust in you and believe in the messages you received from us. Sending love, light & bright blessings your way. And thank you for the review, I really appreciate it! xx

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