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⭐Availability: Daily between 10.30am - 12.30 in the afternoon GMT

⭐Style: I'm a psychically intuitive reader of the Tarot, Runes, Crystals, and Angel Messages to provide you with clarity into any of your questions relating to love, home, career and family matters. With the help of my Spirit Guides I will tune into your psyche and connect through to the significant others around you. I will provide you with illuminating revelations to help you to understand the motivations of others, and with the help of my guides I will provide you with the most empowering options available to you, for you to understand the meanings behind your circumstances on a profoundly deep level, and for you to begin to manifest the positive changes you desire

⭐Specialties: Love & Relationships, Life Path Lessons

⭐Experience: My Psychic abilities were nurtured and developed in me by my Romany grandmother from a very young age, and I have been providing psychic readings and guidance now for over 25 years

⭐Gifts: Psychic, Spirit Guides, Dream Interpretation
⭐Tools: Tarot Cards, Crystals, Runes, Angels
⭐Mantra: All you need is love
⭐Hobbies: Collecting Crystals, Journalling, Making Jewellery


My Romany grandmother taught me how to connect to spirit guides, angels, and how to develop my intuitive skills with the aid of transcendent objects with high spiritual vibrations including precious stones, precious metals, and flower essences


From Daily from 10.30am - 12.30 in the afternoon GMT

Client reviews : 94   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Thank you :) that was really helpful. We’re in a stonewall situation and I was wondering what to do! You answered without me having to say anything. You have helped me understand and I will take the guidance. Invaluable reading, thanks x »
    • Circle12049118
      On 20 March 2023

      Thank you :) that was really helpful. We’re in a stonewall situation and I was wondering what to do! You answered without me having to say anything. You have helped me understand and I will take the guidance. Invaluable reading, thanks x

      Response from Midnight Eve on 21 March 2023
      Thank you, your kind review means so much to me, it was a pleasure reading for you and I continue to send you healing, and supportive energy through this stage of your journey. Love and blessings to you, Midnight Eve xx
    • A1952
      On 13 March 2023

      Have had readings for quite some time from this lady, I have found her polite helpful & informative with the various questions I have put forward. to her. I cannot say she is not accurate, always seems to hit the nail on the head. Even advices me on things prior to me having asked a question. I would highly recommend this charming lady.

      Response from Midnight Eve on 13 March 2023
      Dear A1952 thank you so much for leaving me such a kind and detailed review. It is always a pleasure to read for you and I look forward to the positive events we have discussed manifesting for you. Ciao ciao for now x
    • Josephine11
      On 17 February 2023

      Tunes in so quickly and the information flows so compassionately and relevantly. Would speak 24/7 if possible! Thank you Jo ????????

      Response from Midnight Eve on 11 March 2023
      Dearest Josephine11, I'd like to thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a review, it means so much to me to know how much you enjoy your readings with me. Sending you love and blessings, and looking forward to hearing from you again, Midnight Eve xx
    • pumpkin71
      On 25 January 2023

      It’d be true to say I’ve got quite some experience of this website and what I’ve learned over the years is that although other readers have give an interesting and probably accurate reading, Midnight Eve adds to this by providing a totally accurate reading and more importantly what to do with the information and how to use it in the best way. For the help she’s given me I’ll be forever grateful.

      Response from Midnight Eve on 11 March 2023
      Dear pumpkin71, thank you for letting me know how beneficial you have found the messages from my guide. It has been my pleasure to see the positive transformations you have been able to achieve since we first connected. I look forward to you having even more positive developments unfolding for you in future. Sending you and those you love my warmest love and blessings, Midnight Eve xx
    • Circle_11160528
      On 22 January 2023

      Omg I have never been lost for words. Midnight Eve picked up on everything on me. The best reader I have ever known. It was like she was watching a film of my life. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. Xxxx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 16 March 2023
      Thank you for being kind enough to leave me such a magnificent review! I can confirm you're instincts about my psychic abilities are correct, my guide shows me film-like images of your life for me to describe to you, and he shows me the options you can take to manifest the desired outcomes you are searching for. Sending you love, light, and many blessings, Midnight Eve xx
    • Circle_11171768
      On 16 January 2023

      Didn't address anything I wanted illumination on really

      Response from Midnight Eve on 16 March 2023
      Dear Circle_11171768, please don't ever be afraid to ask direct questions from any of us at The Circle. Because although the messages you received from spirit may not have been at the top of your priorities, spirit wanted you to here them never-the-less, and I would be more than happy to hear from you again, should you wish me to enlighten you further on any of your specific concerns. Sending you love and blessings, Midnight Eve xx
    • Circle_12049118
      On 10 January 2023

      Started the reading straight away without asking a single question. The reading flowed and the guidance was spot on and addressed exactly my reasons for calling… ALL my reasons not just one. Every time I have spoken to ME I get a reading that is tailored to my specific need that day. Wonderfully professional lady that is so upbeat and positive. I love how ME validates you as a person and your importance during the reading. Will return again and again when I need guidance I can use :)

      Response from Midnight Eve on 19 March 2023
      Thank you so much, you were a delight to read for. Sending you love and blessings xx
    • Circle_12151788
      On 04 December 2022

      Super healing and on point messages, Midnight Eve witll put your worries to rest and will help you navigate the hardest moments with love and truthful advice. Thank you so much to you and your guides. Much Love

      Response from Midnight Eve on 19 March 2023
      Thank you my dearest, sending healing energy and love your way! x
    • abbujan
      On 07 November 2022

      Sorry we got cut off but the reading was fantastic - you explained my whole life. Cannot say how much that means to me! L x

      Response from Midnight Eve on 19 March 2023
      I'm so happy to hear this ❤️ it means the world to know! xx
    • richenda
      On 20 September 2022

      5 stars

      Response from Midnight Eve on 19 March 2023
      Bless you, you are a ⭐ x
    • Circle_12139738
      On 21 August 2022

      I cannot thank ME enough for the invaluable guidance and information she has given me. She has seen into the situation, and the POI with such astounding depth and clarity, and I now know how to move forward to bring about the best result, which I never would have known without her wonderful psychic insights and wisdom. ME truly has the most beautiful gentle soul - so kind, patient and caring, and I cannot recommend a reading highly enough. Thank you a million times dear Eve xxxxx

    • Circle_11303538
      On 10 August 2022

      It’s been a while, but was so good to connect today. As always, so grateful to you for your insight, kindness, compassion and guidance. Thank you beautiful Midnight Eve. It was just what I needed. xx

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