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Midnight Eve

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⭐Availability: Daily from 10.30am - 12.30 in the afternoon GMT

⭐Style: I am a natural psychic and with the help of my spirit guide Immanuel I will tune in and connect to you and the the significant others around you. I will provide you with illuminating revelations to help you understand the motivations of others, and with the help of my guide and the angels I will provide you with the most empowering options available to you, for you to understand the meanings behind your life circumstances on a profoundly deep level, and for you to begin to manifest the positive changes you desire

⭐Specialties: Love & Relationships, Life Path Lessons

⭐Experience: My psychic and clairvoyant abilities were nurtured and developed in me by my Romany grandmother Rosa from a very young age, and I have been providing psychic readings and spiritual guidance now for over 30 years

⭐Gifts: Psychic, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Advisor, Spirit Guides, Dream Interpretations
⭐Tools: Tarot Cards, Crystals, Runes, Metals, Pendulums, Angels
⭐Mantra: All is Love ❤️
⭐Hobbies: Collecting Crystals, Journalling, Making Jewellery


My Romany grandmother Rosa taught me how to connect to spirit guides and angels; and how to develop my psychic and clairvoyant skills using transcendent objects with high spiritual vibrations, including precious stones, precious metals, and flowers


Daily from 10.30am - 12.30 in the afternoon GMT

Client reviews : 197   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Thank you midnight Eve so much for your support Honesty with clarity & kindness Sometimes hard to accept the changes I need to make for myself , I have my homework to do Looking forward to speaking with you hopefully tomorrow xx xx  »
    • Richenda
      On 23 September 2023

      Thank you midnight Eve so much for your support Honesty with clarity & kindness Sometimes hard to accept the changes I need to make for myself , I have my homework to do Looking forward to speaking with you hopefully tomorrow xx xx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 23 September 2023
      Yes, tomorrow, I will be here for you! Sending love, light & blessings xxx
    • Donna
      On 17 September 2023

      Dearest Eve. I am so grateful for your guidance, support & uplifting energy. You always blow my mind & leave me in awe of your gift. I’m so grateful that I was guided to you here. Wish I could put you in my pocket & take you everywhere. You really are a gift. Lots of love ❤️

      Response from Midnight Eve on 18 September 2023
      Your wish is granted, you can take me anywhere... you will never lose what you have gained from readings with me, as they will resurace again and again, whenever the need arises. Keep the memory of me in your pocket or in your heart, either will do and both will be your eternal support, even in times you forget I'm there. Sending love, light & blessings ❤️ xx
    • Circle12414978
      On 16 September 2023

      Thank you beautiful soul and Immanuel for your guidance and helping me to become my true self x kaz xx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 17 September 2023
      Angels surround, support, and protect you ❤️Sending you love, light and many blessings x
    • Richenda
      On 16 September 2023

      Thank you for patiently guiding me.teaching me so much. Thank you. ❤️

      Response from Midnight Eve on 17 September 2023
      :) sending you love, light & blessings ❤️ x
    • D
      On 15 September 2023

      Thank you. Yesterday I found overwhelming & confused but today I’ve got it! I’m understanding my journey, why it’s happening & what I need to do. I couldn’t do this without you. ❤️

      Response from Midnight Eve on 16 September 2023
      Fantastic, I knew you would! I'm so proud to be part of your journey of discovery and enlightenment. You will go from strength to strength, and if ever you doubt it, you know where I am. Sending love, light and many blessings coming your way, my sweetheart :)❤️xx
    • K1965
      On 11 September 2023

      Thank you. I think the business will have to stop as I can’t afford to keep paying the rental. I cannot see the success you see I’ve done everything possible but all costs money to change or promote. That I no longer have. Everything I had went into this very little went on me..the advice you give is amazing and I thank you with all my heart for today. It’s not easy to believe in yourself and as you know I never have . Love you lots xxx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 11 September 2023
      All you are doing right now is the important task of re-evaluating your commitments and priorities based on current reality, a very Virgo Mercury Retrograde thing to do, and you're realigning yourself (slimming down and cutting back where you have to). This process results in you awakening to the prospects of Lean Business Principles and adopting them. Because, believe it or not, you can't stop doing what you're doing, you can only adapt in response to lessons learned. These lessons have been hard, but you're harder! And wiser, and you have a creative drive that won't stop even if you think it already has. You'll see. Take care, rest with the decision you have made for now. You'll soon wake up with an idea that will be the making of you. Sening love, light and blessings xx
    • Circle12414978
      On 10 September 2023

      Sorry midnight I don’t know what happened, the line went fuzzy. Thankyou for your insight and guidance kaz x

      Response from Midnight Eve on 10 September 2023
      Hi Kaz darling, yes I've never had a phone be disrupted by such noises and interruption, and it kept my phone line broken for quite some time afterwards, which is a sure sign that I should meditate more on your situation. So rest assured, I am calling upon Archangel Michael to be a constant presence with you during any difficult times. So at any time you need to feel better, just keep your eyes shut on One blink, at the same time you take One natural breath in, Nothing Forced, and feel the presence of his wings gencly encircling you, and then immediately open your eyes and release the breath, naturally, in no time at all. This is all you need to do at any time you'd like a little instant relief. So relax, and know I've got this for you. Just like a drop of rain into a bucket, you will be filled with healing, little by little until you are full again. Sending love, light & blessings xxx
    • D
      On 07 September 2023

      Another beautiful reading. So much confirmation & guidance. Not only do you make me feel so much better you give me the knowledge & understanding and make me want to learn so much more. Thank you, forever blessed to have you with me on this journey. Much Love ❤️

      Response from Midnight Eve on 07 September 2023
      Aw I can't tell you how much joy and love I feel whenever I read for you, it's incredible! I feel blessed and honoured to be part of your spiritual journey, and to know how many lives you will bless and bring love, joy and healing to is astounding! Bless your heart my dearest, have a beautiful day. Sending you lots of love until we speak again, Midnight Eve ❤️ xxx
    • Circle11189888
      On 07 September 2023

      Amazing! Thank you so much for a wonderful reading! Always positive with great validations! xxJxx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 07 September 2023
      Thankyou sweetheart! Sending love, light & blessings to you and yours J! You have every reason to back yourself and raise your confidence levels now... You are highly valued by your company and they are pleased to invest extra time and effort to help you succeed on all levels. Notice how you can feel blessed knowing this, and then expand the feelings of warm grattitude in your heart for this extra opportunity they are providing, and then your success will be assured xxx
    • Eli
      On 07 September 2023

      Fantastic! thank you so much for the advice. It has been very helpful.

      Response from Midnight Eve on 07 September 2023
      It has been an absolute pleasure my darling! And I will continue to hold you in my thoughts this evening and over the next couple of days so that you know you're not alone, and I will pray your angels inspire you to get creative with the advice you recieved, to make it even more potent for you at this auspicious time. Sending you love, light & blessings my dearest ❤️x
    • A1968
      On 06 September 2023

      Incredible connection! Wow. From the second we said hello Eve and her guide delivered reams of messages and validations. I didn’t say a word and she hit the nail smack centre on the top! So incredibly accurate around the subject it blew me away. I didn’t get a chance to ask more questions as the stream just flowed and the time flew by. I’ll need to call back. Simply outstanding. Thank you team Midnight Eve! xx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 06 September 2023
      Aw thank you my sweetheart! I absolutely love your energy, you are such an amazing woman and I'm really looking forward to speaking with you again. In the meantime take your time and hone your skills in attuning to the celestial energies of the moment, and work WITH them to discover your true powers. Sending you love, light, & blessings ❤️xx
    • Claire
      On 04 September 2023

      Fabulous! really lovely and warm reading

      Response from Midnight Eve on 04 September 2023
      Hi Claire! It was so lovely to connect with you today at this important juncture in your life. Seeking a new role now will expand your horizons and will also be a source of inspiration to those who matter most. Connecting to your courage and determination right now will pay off better than you can imagine, as the time just ahead is right change! Sending you and those you love lots of love, light & Blessings ✨x

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