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⭐Availability: Daily from 10.30am - 12.30 in the afternoon GMT Plus Extra Hours Where Available

⭐ Psychic Clairvoyance Seer Medium Spiritual Healer Tarot Angles Crystals Scrying

⭐Style: I am a natural psychic and with the help of my spirit guide Immanuel I will tune in and connect to you and the the significant others around you. I will provide you with illuminating revelations to help you understand the motivations of others, and with the help of my guide and the angels I will provide you with the most empowering options available to you, for you to understand the meanings behind your life circumstances on a profoundly deep level, and for you to begin to manifest the positive changes you desire

⭐Specialties: Love & Relationships, Career, Personal Empowerment, Life Path Lessons, Manifesting Abundance, The Law of Attraction, Spiritual Healing and Awakening.

⭐Experience: My psychic and clairvoyant medium abilities were nurtured and developed in me by my Romany grandmother Rosa from a very young age, and I have been providing psychic readings and spiritual guidance now for over 30 years

⭐Gifts: Psychic, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Advisor, Spirit Guides, Dream Interpretations
⭐Tools: Tarot Cards, Crystals, Runes, Metals, Pendulums, Angels
⭐Mantra: All is Love ❤️
⭐Hobbies: Collecting Crystals, Journalling, Making Jewellery


My Romany grandmother Rosa taught me how to connect to spirit guides and angels; and how to develop my psychic and clairvoyant skills using transcendent objects with high spiritual vibrations, including precious stones, precious metals, and flowers


Daily from 10.30am - 12.30 in the afternoon GMT Plus Extra Hours When Available.

Client reviews : 265   -   Average rating : 4.9
« I think this is the best reading I have had. Eve started reading the minute I picked up the call and didn’t stop until the end of the call. Everything she said was spot on and gave me clarity to move forward. Amazing reader.  »
    • 2302
      On 28 February 2024

      I think this is the best reading I have had. Eve started reading the minute I picked up the call and didn’t stop until the end of the call. Everything she said was spot on and gave me clarity to move forward. Amazing reader.

      Response from Midnight Eve on 28 February 2024
      It was such a joy to read for you today, as I was struck by the intense love, gentleness, and kindess that you radiate. I have made a note to add you to my 7pm evening meditations to ask your spirit guides to be present to your wishes, and to show you in signs the steps you can take to heal, flourish, and receive true love. Until we speak again, sending love & blessings from Midnight Eve xx
    • 2209997
      On 27 February 2024

      Thankyou for being there when everything gets a bit too much. Your readings, encouragement & compassion make it that little bit better to deal with. ❤️

      Response from Midnight Eve on 27 February 2024
      Always know you are in my daily meditative prayers at 7pm each evening where I ask you guides to pay attention to what you need, and to help you find your answers. Love & blessings to you two (three, woof x) ❤️ xx
    • C1979
      On 16 February 2024

      This amazing lady was so clear about my job interview and what would happen…described it perfectly…and I got it!!! Always so encouraging and says the exact things I’m feeling. Thank you so much! Xx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 16 February 2024
      Yes!! Let's keep these feelings of Celebration for your success spinning high! I'm absoutely delighted for you because this is the validation you have as proof that you are much More than 'Good Enough' You are 'First Choice' from high quality selection of people to choose from. They have seen what an amazing woman you are, and they feel they've landed 'a great catch' with you, and of course, they're absolutely right! I'm smiling from ear-to-ear for you, I hope you are too! Sending love, light and blessings your way. Your most amazing goals are now beginning to become reality right now! xx
    • Circle11189888
      On 14 February 2024

      Amazing! Thank you so much Eve My Special Angel for putting my mind at ease. Incredible validations and predictions Highly recommended xxxx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 15 February 2024
      What I see is that You have what it takes to make magic happen. Let's put our forces together on this one today, if it's what you truly want, it's yours for the taking! Sending you the love and light to magnify what is already in you, to raise your spirits and to be a magnet for good fortune! xx
    • Circle12066908
      On 14 February 2024

      Always amazing … said the one thing on my mind at the start of the reading without any prompting or indication of what I was ringing about. Always my go to reader …. Don’t ring often but when I do she ALWAYS gets it spot on. Sorry I ran out of credit - will def ring again over the summer … take care xx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 14 February 2024
      Very exciting to see all pure potential of good things manifesting for you this year! Keep the faith and know that this is the most auspicious time for you personally to be progressing with the specific goals that we covered today. Make a vow to read, research, and educate yourself with articles and videos made by people who can inspire you to make the most of these current energies flowing within you. So that by this time next year you'll be able to feel astonishingly happy with the results of all the increasing abundance you've managed to attract. Sending love, light and blessings your way! xx
    • D
      On 12 February 2024

      Thank you Eve another inspiring & helpful reading. You always deliver my readings with care, encouragement, and compassion, especially when I need it the most. Speak soon, much ❤️ xx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 12 February 2024
      Really good to connect with you again today, I love being a part of this stage of your brilliant journey. Believe in your own power, and always look for the light. Sending love ❤️ and blessings your way! xx
    • Katie
      On 04 February 2024

      You are Brilliant. Thank you Thankyou. I am know thinking of your suggestion. Had not looked at it hat possibility. I am looking forward to speaking to you again soon thank you ❤️ xxxxxx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 04 February 2024
      Dearest Katie, you are in a stronger, safer, and more secure position than you may feared. The clairty of this will continue to heal you. And also, perhaps more importantly, it will increase your enjoyment of what you have, and what you have to do, on a day by day basis. Gaining the space needed to really love doing what you do ❤️ Sending lots of love, light, and blessings your way! xx
    • N1977
      On 30 January 2024

      i felt quite down after Eve's reading yesterday - however, today i realised that i needed to hear what she said yesterday. Thank you for the guidance, as difficult it is sometimes to hear.

      Response from Midnight Eve on 30 January 2024
      This is an important time of healing for you, which I know is surprisingly painful. Thank you for putting your trust in me and my guide, and for bearing to be present to hear the difficult validations of your own current reality, which is not a place where you will stay stuck, it is just a temporary transition. This is the liminal space between your past and future. This is the place where magical healing happens. Every evening at around 7pm I sit a while in healing and loving kindness meditation, where I bring everyone I have read for, and of course this includes you, into this field of love. If ever you feel alone then gently remind yourself that the feeling is an illusion. You come into the hearts and minds of others all the time, I know, I am one of those others who think of you. Sending love, light and blessings, xx
    • Circle11375488
      On 27 January 2024

      Excellent reading, so insightful and spot on with what’s happening with me on a deep spiritual level, thank you ????

      Response from Midnight Eve on 27 January 2024
      Thank you! It was a real pleasure reading for you again today. And it was good to be able to affirm that positive changes following pevious guidance will continue bringing you very welcome rewards, throughout the rest of this year and beyond. Well done! It's been a real joy seeing this for you. Sending love, light & blessings your way! xx
    • 2209997
      On 26 January 2024

      Thank you for another fantastic reading. I am so grateful & honored to have you in my life. Thank you for your patience’s with my 101 questions. I think the world of you, take care. Speak soon ❤️

      Response from Midnight Eve on 26 January 2024
      The feeling is mutual, I feel blessed by your presence each and every time. Speak soon! Sending love, light and blessings every step of the way! ❤️ xx
    • Katie
      On 16 January 2024

      Thank you so much Not Always easy to hear But I know it’s right and I am working on it. Thank you ❤️ xx

      Response from Midnight Eve on 17 January 2024
      Always on your side Katie, here to give you love and support whenever you need it most xx
    • K1965
      On 15 January 2024

      Thank you Eve, you and your words are priceless . I will never forgot all your advice and I know I’ve grown as a person and becoming that adult I so need to be ( but with a hint on a playful child within) . The sabotage I did on the job made me realise that my burning desire to create and run a business is far greater. I can and I will . You’ll see. I would like to call again in 6 months to give you an update. Fly high my lovely Eve ????????????????????(5 of them now )

      Response from Midnight Eve on 15 January 2024
      Follow the guidance, enjoy the process, then reap the rewards and call me in 6 months and we can laugh like little girls at how easy and how much fun it has been for you to finally break free of all that was holding you back. Sending love, light and blessing to you, you divinely Ramtastic creature! Life is yours again now, for you to be living it freely, do it magnificently! xx

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