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Style:  I have a very direct reading style,
I open my mind to the universe

Specialities:  Love & Relationships
Spiritual guidance
Life path, career
I have a very open mind to all questions relating to questions on life

Experience:  Consulting on The Circle since September 2015 and working as a Psychic
Psychic consultant and helping others with the use of my gift for over 20 years

Gifts:  Clairvoyant
spiritually guiding

Tools:  My Third Eye
My own guides

Mantra:  Happiness starts within

Hobbies:  Self development
Opening my mind to the world and the universe


With over 20 years of experience as a psychic/clairvoyant, I can help you find the answers and guide you with all of your personal goals in life


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Client reviews : 97   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Thank you so much. I felt so much better knowing what I now know xx »
    • Zeeuk
      On 07 December 2023

      Changes her answers not good at all says something then a totally different answer later on

    • San
      On 04 December 2023

      Thank you so much. I felt so much better knowing what I now know xx

    • Fionabbb12
      On 24 November 2023

      Thank you, excellent reading as usual xx

    • Circle11142828
      On 05 November 2023

      Excellent reading . Answered lots of questions

    • Roosters2win
      On 29 October 2023

      Work prediction came true. Merle helped me every step of the way when I thought I was being made redundant from a job but she assured me I would find something within my company and she was right.

    • Bwarren
      On 25 October 2023

      Honest! Thank you

    • Fionabbb12
      On 25 October 2023

      Fantastic and spot on

    • Dani
      On 25 October 2023

      Thank you Merle! Enjoyed the chat

    • Roosters2win
      On 19 October 2023

      Fantastic, calm and grounding

    • Roosters2win
      On 15 October 2023

      Very helpful with an ongoing career matter. Can't wait to update Merle as soon as it is sorted.

    • Fionabbb12
      On 12 October 2023

      Excellent reading thoroughly recommend

    • Roosters2win
      On 10 October 2023

      Merle has helped me through a career issue and has been very accurate with predictions. Thank you

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