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In my consultations I look to give you honest, insightful information, bringing you peace of mind. Gentle honesty is very important to me in my consultations. I am given visions, words and future happenings to pass on and I have a natural ability to link with my clients by picking up on their energy and focusing on helping to resolve their problems.


I specialise in Love & Relationships, Career and Family & Home.


I have been consulting on TheCircle since December 2010 I started reading professionally in my 30's but I have given guidance since I was a teenager.


Clairvoyant and Medium. my Mediumship usually comes in messages via my Guides.


Tarot Cards. I can work with or without the cards, please tell me which you prefer.


A non-judgemental mind at all times. I always say if l can't see it or hear it then l won't say it.


Pets and gardening.


My spiritual gift came to me from my mother, l always felt older with more life knowledge than my years, l found that people were drawn to me to share their problems even back in my school days.


Most days lm working 2-4pm

Client reviews : 389   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Really enjoyed my reading! Looking forward to all the positive outcomes :) »
    • A1990
      On 19 March 2023

      Really enjoyed my reading! Looking forward to all the positive outcomes :)

      Response from Maryrose on 19 March 2023
      Thank you for your positive feed back, l really wish you well in your future going forward....Maryrose
    • Optimist
      On 19 March 2023

      As always , everytime reading with her is well worth. She is absolutely amazing and a real Gem. She always give you the true picture of the situation you are going through and helps you with her wisdom and insight to deal with it wisely and successfully. Many thanks again and it is always pleasure talking to her.

      Response from Maryrose on 19 March 2023
      These words are so kind of you, it is my pleasure to connect with you also lm looking forward to the time that your work situation is settled and your in a new job that is worthy of your talents. Take good care going forward...Maryrose
    • Saph
      On 17 March 2023

      Maryroes is my mum I never had always a pleasure to talk to and is always with me whn I cnt hear. Whn will he go to shelter I can walk. There..

      Response from Maryrose on 18 March 2023
      Thank you so much for your lovely review, we have been talking now for a long time lets hope that your situation with Sam will change very soon, you are a pleasure to read for....Maryrose
    • Circle11371258
      On 14 March 2023

      A very positive reading. Let’s see what transpires!

      Response from Maryrose on 15 March 2023
      It was a pleasure to do your reading, all the very best going forward...Maryrose
    • Johnny
      On 06 March 2023

      Mary has been reading for me for some years now. She's always accurate in her reading who always provide me with an excellent insight. Thank you !

      Response from Maryrose on 07 March 2023
      Johnny thank you so much for your lovely words, your readings keep me on my toes as they are so enjoyable to do for you. All the best Maryrose
    • Moi1great
      On 06 March 2023

      She is absolutely a gem

      Response from Maryrose on 06 March 2023
      Hello, What a lovely surprise, thank you so much to you all as a wonderful spiritual family. I always look forward to connecting with you. Maryrose x
    • Kath1245
      On 05 March 2023

      Excellent insightful reading as always thanks Mary Rose ????

      Response from Maryrose on 06 March 2023
      Kath thank you so much for your lovely review, you are a beautiful soul to link with. I truly wish you well going forward Maryrose xx
    • Circle11163338
      On 06 March 2023

      Thank you Mary, you've put my mind at ease xx

      Response from Maryrose on 07 March 2023
      It was my pleasure, take care Maryrose
    • Circle_11640758
      On 20 February 2023

      I have had two readings with Maryrose several years apart. She told me through her guides about my partner, having not given her any information and having known him for so long, it suddenly occurred to me that OMG that it makes complete sense. He has since done assessments online and yes, she was spot on. There were a number of things I learned this time around and Maryrose knew how to attend to my issues with her gift. She is a true blessing! Thank you!!!

      Response from Maryrose on 06 March 2023
      Thank you for taking the time to put together this wonderful review, l really appreciate it. I hope all is going well, take good care Maryrose
    • Circle_11406678
      On 10 February 2023

      Thankyou Maryrose

      Response from Maryrose on 07 March 2023
      Believe me it was a pleasure, look after yourself Maryrose
    • Circle_11239348
      On 09 February 2023

      She blows me away with her predictions she has great connection with spirit she knows her work she's incredible i need her in my life she's very honest and clever and it's always a pleasure talking to her i will be back for more readings, Thankyou as always x

      Response from Maryrose on 06 March 2023
      Rachel you are so kind, we go back a long way. Hope all is going well, look after yourself Maryrose x
    • Circle_11239348
      On 09 February 2023

      it's always a pleasure and a delight having readings with her she reassure's me when i'm not in a good place with myself i need her in my life her honesty and connection with spirit is amazing she blows me away every time she's unbeatable, the predictions she gave me i'm looking forward Thankyou x

      Response from Maryrose on 11 March 2023
      Its always lovely connecting with you, stay strong x

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