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I am a Psychic, Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Clairvoyant who has the ability to tune to you and those around you. I work closely with the Angel Realm to bring truth, comfort and support. I will help you to see the positive paths that you may choose in all different areas of your life. By connecting with your vibration and those around you I can give a unique perspective and a grounded approach. I am compassionate, empathetic and positive and will give you clarity, understanding and assurance.

Love & Relationships, Family & Home, Career

All my life I have had the ability to read peoples auras giving unique insights . I have been consulting professionally for many years.

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Aura reading

I connect with your vibration and use Angel Cards and Astrology as tools.


I have over 20 years experience including 10 years on The Circle


Wednesday - 10am-4pm
Thursday 9.30-2.00pm
Friday 9.30-2.00pm
Saturday 2nd December 10-2
Sunday 3rd December 10pm-4.00pm

Client reviews : 353   -   Average rating : 5
« As delightful as always. A bit of a rollercoaster but always feel like you are a long side encouraging me. Hoping R settles a bit and P keeps going x  »
    • S1966
      On 01 December 2023

      As delightful as always. A bit of a rollercoaster but always feel like you are a long side encouraging me. Hoping R settles a bit and P keeps going x

      Response from Mark on 03 December 2023
      Thank you for lovely comments. Always here. R should already be showing signs of acceptance x
    • Vi
      On 30 November 2023

      Positive news. Will try to call as got some more questions haha

      Response from Mark on 03 December 2023
      Great news! Cautiously optimistic xx
    • Circle12478298
      On 29 November 2023

      Brilliant as usually

      Response from Mark on 03 December 2023
      Love and light lovely speaking to you xx
    • Vi
      On 28 November 2023

      Always great talking to you :) Saturday went great! :) but things have been very very quiet since. I know you mentioned there would be some hesitation afterwards but this is getting worrisome.

      Response from Mark on 29 November 2023
      Hi there should be some contact this week,
    • Stream4992
      On 23 November 2023

      Helpful as always. Thank you x

      Response from Mark on 24 November 2023
      Always good to talk to you x work wise onwards and upwards x
    • Sandi
      On 23 November 2023

      Favourite reader for sure!!!

      Response from Mark on 24 November 2023
      Love and light xxx thank you x
    • Circle11239348
      On 06 December 2023

      Thankyou so much for the advice today i can't wait to be with the guy solid in 2024 being together going places and gong abroad and him spending time with me in my home and me leaving the factory and working in a water bottle place in june i will go in february or sooner redunancy's may never happen they might sell the factory and i will ask about the new job, hopefully not missing out on the redundancy if there will be any and by march i should be established me and the guy being together can't wait. i know you said i am still waiting to hear from the guy maybe he's still abroad i am worried. Hi mark i haven't heard nothing from the guy D not sure when he will text me again i am worried i have lost him or i won't hear from him again i hope he will want to see me or he might think i don't want to see him again i do miss him i am worried.

    • Kash786
      On 18 November 2023

      Again fantastic reader mark is this is my second time with mark, he picks up my situation pretty quick. Mark u said to reach out to her beginning of next month, did u mean first or second week? I wasn’t quite sure…????✌️

      Response from Mark on 18 November 2023
      Hi it showed as 2nd week. Good luck
    • Kash786
      On 17 November 2023

      Fantastic reader picks up on my situation straight way… Highly recommend this to anyone who wants accurate information, just wow ✌️????????

      Response from Mark on 17 November 2023
      Thank you for taking time to post such great feedback
    • Circle12502958
      On 09 November 2023

      Hi Mark it's Sam- The interview went amazingly well and i left on a high however Shockingly i did not get the Mind job- they said i had everything except an in-depth understanding of perinatal mental health- a bit bizarre as they didn't ask too much about that but anyway it is what is! I am not going to take the Dr Sam job as it does not feel right either. I am ok with it as the Mind job is clearly not right for me xx

      Response from Mark on 10 November 2023
      HI Thanks for update, Sorry it didnt come through the right job will come along soon. You were very close to Mind position xx
    • Circle12137898
      On 09 November 2023

      Mark is insightful, patient and superior in his ability to deeply understand and translates energy so clearly. In tune with time frames, consistently his interpretations and predictions have come to pass. I have had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Mark for two years now, a true gem and gift.

      Response from Mark on 10 November 2023
      Thank you so much for lovely comments xx
    • S1966
      On 05 November 2023

      Hi Mark Thank you so much for the overview and clarity. P having a little wobble tonight but on the whole coping I think. R seems more settled today. Always a huge pleasure to chat to you, and thanks for the encouragement using my own intuition. Love and light S

      Response from Mark on 07 November 2023
      Always lovely speaking to you. P will be fine and glad to hear R is settling down x

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