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Thursday 29 Feb @ 8.00pm - 10.30pm
Friday 01 Mar @ 8:00pm - 10:30pm

I am a highly intuitive Clairvoyant and Tarot Reader, working with my Spirit Guides.  I use my psychic abilities in a practical way, combined with much warmth, empathy, understanding and a totally non-judgemental attitude.  I can help you to resolve any difficult problems, or general issues in your life and I particularly specialise in relationships through giving love readings.  Through my psychic readings you get choices and different ways of approaching things, which will then give you the courage and strength necessary, to deal with your issues in a constructive and positive manner. This will ultimately help you to make your life's journey a more fulfilling, constructive and an empowered one.

I specialise in Love & Relationships, Work & Career, Family & Home, Dream Interpretation & Analysis, Spirituality & Life Coach

I am a natural born Psychic & Clairvoyant, trained by my Grandmother, from early Childhood. I have been giving Psychic Readings, for well over 30 years

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Psychic, Spirit Guides, Dream Interpretation, Spirituality & Wicca

I work directly with Spirit, with and through my Spirit Guides. Also, on Clients Request, I can use the following, as Divination Tools; the Tarot, the Pendulum, Dream Analysis, Crystals, Colours, Auras, Chakras & as a Life Coach

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained - Let Love Inspire You!

Reiki Master, Yoga, Reading, Drawing, Painting & My Beautiful Persian Cats


I have been working with Spirit & giving Psychic Readings, for over 30 years


Thursday 29 Feb @ 8.00pm - 10.30pm
Friday 01 Mar @ 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Client reviews : 509   -   Average rating : 4.7
« Excellent reading. »
    • Leah
      On 24 February 2024

      Excellent reading.

    • C1973
      On 09 January 2024

      The absolute best. Will say it as it is and only has your best interest at heart. Very genuine

    • C1973
      On 04 January 2024

      My strength. Marie has consistently given accurate readings. With validation and predictions that have come to pass

    • Joanne
      On 24 November 2023

      Thank you Marie for the clear reading and your excellent guidance. I will take it on board and let you know how I get on. Best wishes to you

    • C1973
      On 17 November 2023

      Marie leaves no stone unturned. You may not like everything that she says but you can be sure that it's accurate. Marie will always give you the truth but delivers it with compassion and love. So many predictions have come to pass which is why I always return to Marie. She is has it all - accuracy, compassion, non judgemental, understanding, warmth, strength and most importantly she is never wrong. Occasionally a prediction may take longer to come to pass but if Marie gives it then it will come true.

    • C1973
      On 30 October 2023

      My goodness, Marie is amazing. She sees everything even your darker side but she never judges, just guides you on the right path. I absolutely adore Marie because she is so good and the one person that I listen to.

    • Ladyh1304
      On 12 September 2023

      Always amazing with Marie a voice of reason and comfort in her guidance x

    • C1973
      On 02 August 2023

      I can only say that Marie is like no other. One of a kind, unique. Quite simply, the absolute best

    • Ladyh1304
      On 15 July 2023

      Always amazing thank you !

    • LadyH
      On 15 July 2023

      Marie is an absolutely amazing lady. Super talented, warm and friendly straight to the point. She’s articulate approachable and incredibly accurate! I’ve had readings with Marie for 10-15 years + now she’s the only reader I’ll go to.

    • Circle11332308
      On 06 July 2023

      Very genuine lady, friendly and honest Gave me hope for the future Thankyou so much Marie x

    • J24
      On 27 June 2023

      Lovely and honestly amazing! Picked up on my situation really quickly and gave great advice. Looking forward to her predictions coming into play and updating her xxxx thanks so much Marie xxxx

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