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weekdays 7pm too 9pm weekends 11am too 1pm and 7pm too 9pm


I will inspire you with confidence to move away from emotional prisons towards positive choices, thoughts and actions. When you can accept that only good will come out of a dire situation, you can regain control of your future.


I specialise in Love & Relationships, Family & Home and Career.


I have been consulting on TheCircle since October 2002 and I have been reading professionally for over 20 years.


Psychic, Spirit Guides and Vibration.


Tarot Cards and Pendulum.


Do as you would be done by and never judge.




11'0 am too 1.00 pm and 7 pm too 9,pm Saturday and Sunday and 7 pm too 9 pm weekdays

Client reviews : 203   -   Average rating : 4.6
« It was lovely talking to you… thank you for going beyond and explaining me what I should be doing…looking forward to have a chat with you again in the future ❤️❤️ »
    • Alisha
      On 15 March 2023

      It was lovely talking to you… thank you for going beyond and explaining me what I should be doing…looking forward to have a chat with you again in the future ❤️❤️

      Response from Maria on 15 March 2023
      Hi Alisha it was lovely reading for you and look forward too moving forward and helping you get the help from spirit that will enable you too get your chosen path . Maria.
    • Circle11118038
      On 07 March 2023

      What an interesting reading! Maria works very differently, using colours and letters to link to the vibration to get clear answers. I found this fascinating - because the answers were totally accurate to my understanding. I mean so specifically accurate to the minutest detail! Mind-blowing! Maria is so lovely to speak with. She's funny and compassionate and not afraid to tell you exactly how it is! I will be back for sure xx

    • User19192960
      On 06 March 2023

      Wonderful. Very insightful, strong guide.

    • Stream16551
      On 03 March 2023

      Maria is second to none. Great .

    • Noggin
      On 19 January 2023

      Enjoyable reading. Tells it as it is. Gave good advice. Thank you.

    • Circle_11152168
      On 18 September 2022

      Maria gave me an amazing general reading without me having to say a word. She covered many areas of my life with lots of validations and predictions.

    • Circle_11189888
      On 01 June 2022

      So kind and caring and always gives you valid and true predictions Thank you so much Maria I am always grateful for your wonderful Special Gift xx❤️Jayxx????

    • Circle_11152168
      On 15 January 2022

      Maria gave me lots of information and hope too!

    • kaldeep
      On 28 November 2021

      Thanks for your Readings over the years Maria. They have been accurate and I would recommend

    • Circle_12049118
      On 08 October 2021

      The ONLY reader to actually tell me the truth I already knew in my heart. I only told Maria the full situation at the end and I bet even Maria was caught off by what we ended up chatting about :) but her guide was correct!! Also the only reader to pick up on the subject too. It has been the thing that has baffled me the most throughout the situation. Fabulous lady, I really enjoyed chatting. Thank you so much x

    • Circle_11277648
      On 17 September 2021

      A pleasure to chat to/with as she is direct and straight to the point and gives good, encouraging advice. Thank you so much.

    • Circle_11162458
      On 13 September 2021

      Good connection. It was ok.

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