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Availability Tues 18th, Weds 19th Fri 21st June 10,15 -11.30 am.Hope to speak soon.x


I am a straight forward, direct, honest and kind Medium Clairvoyant. I will give you Psychic evidence that life goes on, linking you with friends and family in Spirit, also your Spirit Guides. My aim is to bring you comfort and to help in any way,bringing you personal messages in my Psychic consultations, helping you when you are lost, downhearted and don't know which way to turn. Helping you to understand how the past affects the here and now.Uplifting your soul/spirit to believe anything is possible. I do not generally ask for feedback but it would be great if you left some for me,thank you.


All your current issues.


I have been working with TheCircle since 2002 and I am willing to help however I can with guidance from above.




I like to link to Spirit directly and I will use a pendulum for some questions 


Life is about caring and sharing. 


Gardening, reading and creative pursuits.


Tues 18th , Weds 19th , Fri 21st June 10,15 - 11,30am.

Client reviews : 133   -   Average rating : 4.8
« I do enjoy talking with you it is like getting advice from my aunty who understand me thanks »
    • P1958
      On 10 June 2024

      I do enjoy talking with you it is like getting advice from my aunty who understand me thanks

      Response from Laura jane on 11 June 2024
      It is a pleasure to connect to your loved ones in Spirit, I am so pleased the reading helped you,and many thanks for the lovely review. Love and light to you Laura Jane x
    • Noggin
      On 30 April 2024

      Always a pleasure to speak to Laura. She tunes in so well and does not waste any time. Thank you!

      Response from Laura jane on 30 April 2024
      Lovely to read for you and thank you for the lovely review
    • Lor70
      On 04 April 2024

      Thank you for this morning. Once again you have put my mind at rest re family. I hope the late September/early October family event goes well for us. Speak soon Laura Jane x

      Response from Laura jane on 04 April 2024
      A real pleasure to read for you again and thank you for the review, I glad the reading helped. As your mum advised get yourself up and able, you will need to be fighting fit come the new arrival.You are doing fine but please try to relax more and stop the worrying, all is as it should be. Love to you and yours Laura Jane xxx
    • Circle140873
      On 19 February 2024

      Lovely, provided evidence and information that resonates. A very kind and caring soul indeed. Thank you so very much,.

      Response from Laura jane on 20 February 2024
      All I can say is thank you for your lovely review and that I am glad the reading helped you,you are much loved by those in Spirit,even though they were difficult when they were on the physical earth.Love and light to you Laura Jane x
    • Susiesu
      On 02 February 2024

      Laura is excellent. Fab medium and really clear guidance via her crystal ball. Exactly the right guidance succinctly out and so well channelled. Such a lovely human being too. Much love and thanks to you Laura xxx

      Response from Laura jane on 02 February 2024
      What a lovely review, thank you. I'm so glad the reading helped, you know you are on the right path, which will help others eventually.Meanwhile be kind to yourself. Love and masses of light to you Laura xx
    • Lorrainedickens
      On 28 January 2024

      Many thanks once again Laura Jane for our recent conversation. As always you connected with me and my family in spirit. You give me hope I am doing ok with everything speak soon and lots of love xx

      Response from Laura jane on 28 January 2024
      Thank you so much, it means a lot to me to be able to pass on love and well wishes from your family in Spirit,you know they love you, and yes you are doing ok by just being you.Save some energy for yourself and try not to worry so much about others , they will find their way. love to you Laura x
    • Whit
      On 26 January 2024

      I know some mediums probably are not completely aware of the hope and strength they give to people. Laura, I have been so unsure. Confused and not aware of what I should do I’m aware I’m at a crossroads however, you channeled the most important person in my life for me today and gave me the advice he would of given me if he was still here. You said it EXACTLY as he would have. Thank you so much. So so much! I will keep you updated. Xxxxxxxx

      Response from Laura jane on 26 January 2024
      I am just so pleased that the reading helped you, take it all slowly and push forwards. Your Grandad has a lovely energy to work with and as you know loves you dearly. Thank you so much for such a lovely review, I l Love Laura xook forward to hearing from you again.
    • User11288041
      On 28 November 2023

      Thk u so much Laura. I pray we can come to terms with what is presently happening.

      Response from Laura jane on 28 November 2023
      Do not worry about the future all will be well and you have already accepted the situation it just needs time to settle. It is still new and raw to you but nothing has actually changed,with your mind and heart open you and your family will move forward and embrace the situation in the same way you have all supported each other in the past. Love has no boundaries and you have a lot of love for your family.Be kind to yourself,no one is at to you all Laura xxx
    • S1979
      On 23 November 2023

      Thank you for the clarity. Laura tuned in and picked up on my situation straight away with not much information provided by me. I would definitely recommend Laura 100%

      Response from Laura jane on 26 November 2023
      Thank you so much for your review,I only hope the reading has helped you move Laura x
    • L1950
      On 14 November 2023

      Spot on. A natural Psychic who doesn't use any tools, would highly recommend.

      Response from Laura jane on 14 November 2023
      Thank you so much for the positive review,it was a pleasure to read for you and to connect with your mother in Spirit.Love and light to you Laura Jane x.
    • L8
      On 12 October 2023

      Immense thanks - your guidance and messages - bringing insight, help, comfort and light. As ever, extraordinary!

      Response from Laura jane on 18 October 2023
      Thank you so much, it is lovely to connect with your loved ones in Spirit I just hope the reading helped Laura x
    • Amik
      On 06 October 2023

      One of my best readings! Thank you so so much. You picked up on my grandma immediately and gave me such great advice. Thank you again :)

      Response from Laura jane on 06 October 2023
      I am really pleased the reading and connection to your grandma has helped you. It is an exciting time for you being encouraged to develop your spiritual skills. I look forward to speaking again Love to you Laura xx

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