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I am a natural born Intuitive and I work with Angel cards and communicate with my Spirit guides to help you find the most positive answers for you. I am a certified lifestyle coach and have worked with empowering individuals to find their true life purpose. I am passionate about helping people know their true self worth and helping them to recognise when  there is an opportunity, as at times we have many roads ahead of us and sometimes we are unsure which road to walk down. I believe by empowering people to listen and trust their intuition they will become confident with their ability to make positive decisions. I use all of my coaching experience when doing a reading for a client and I always look for the positives in every given situation no matter how challenging it may appear at the time.

Client reviews : 68   -   Average rating : 4.7
« Great reader, linked in straight away  »
    • Circle_12049118
      On 01 June 2022

      The reading was more like a lecture about why I should be focusing on me and how to focus on me. I know that and I know what I should be doing, but that’s not what I called for. Well meaning? Absolutely Unsolicited advice? Definitely. If you would like a reading to empower yourself then this is the reader for you, she is ace at that but it’s not what I asked for.

    • dfchang
      On 04 April 2022

      Great reader, linked in straight away

    • Circle55
      On 23 March 2022

      Laelia is the real thing. İmmediate connection, to the point, tells it straight. Very grateful for an excellent reading.

    • stream_8902
      On 01 March 2022

      Lovely Reading with Laelia, the other day. Very good.

    • Circle_11845598
      On 14 November 2021

      I have been speaking to Laelia for a while now she’s my go to reader. She tunes in quick and can read your energy instantly and can shed light on what’s going on at that moment in time pretty quickly. She will Also advise you on solutions to such as nature walk if your energy needs grounding. She has helped me make sense of my spiritual journey over the last 3 years so thank you for that.

    • Circle_11439118
      On 11 October 2021

      Thank you for the advice, it was very helpful.

    • Circle_11612018
      On 23 September 2021

      She's quick and picks up energy levels. Does not waste time and is helpful. I'll be in touch as things progress :)

    • Circle_12191638
      On 02 September 2021

      Great reading, lovely person

    • Circle_12191638
      On 27 July 2021

      Excellent reading, spot on. Even brought things to the surface I didn’t think applied to my situation will definitely call back. Thank you

    • Circle_11681838
      On 20 February 2021

      Thanks and sorry I had to run off to answer the door. You revealed me to the complex web of a dysfunctional family and helped to understand their behaviour. I understand I need to let it go and move forward and thank you for your time and energy looking at the situation.

    • kamy15
      On 02 January 2021

      Very good honest reading. Not telling you what you want to hear but rather the truth. Sometimes it’s what you need to hear. Will definitely visit again. Thank you. Kam

    • Circle_11277648
      On 01 January 2021

      Left feeling a bit deflated/not really being given what I wanted to know for my own peace of mind.

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