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I am a spiritual Psychic, Clairvoyant intuitive empath medium. You will find me caring compassionate a pure helper of mankind who possesses extra sensory abilities. My own spiritual journey has been very rewarding but difficult at times. My Angel guides saved my life many times making me aware my life purpose is to help others. I like to help you see your options alternatives rejuvenate your outlook to cope with the situation with wisdom in pursuit of happiness.. All dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.

Love & Relationships, Family & Home, Career

I have been reading professionally for over 10 years. I have a vast amount of life experiences having worked in many different professional capacities.

Medium, Psychic, Clairvoyant, remote viewing

I connect with my Guides without the use of tools

Love thyself, Know thyself, Know that you deserve better

Writing, Swimming, Travelling


I have had my gift my entire life. I have a vast amount of life experiences. I am a fully developed psychic clairvoyant medium with remote viewing skills with extra sensory perception.


7pm - 8pm 9/3/23 -31/3/23

Client reviews : 37   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Speaking to Kathleen was just AMAZING,she was able to pickup on so many things besides what I called about. I definitely recommend you call her. »
    • stream_1259
      On 21 September 2022

      Kathleen is a very talented psychic with a natural gift. She tunes into situations and people very quickly and has good insights and visions to pass on. Despite this, I didn't enjoy my reading this evening. It felt it was full of doom and gloom regarding the POI. It didn't leave me feeling empowered or positive about the future. It made feel quite sad when I hung up the phone. Not a great reading. Sorry

    • Circle_12406858
      On 21 September 2022

      Speaking to Kathleen was just AMAZING,she was able to pickup on so many things besides what I called about. I definitely recommend you call her.

    • Circle_11782858
      On 05 September 2022

      Felt like Kathleen got some information correct however I didn’t appreciate her continued comparison between my situation and her personal past history. I called for psychic insight rather than a biased counselling / judgement on the situation. Wouldn’t call again sadly.

    • stream_1259
      On 31 August 2022

      Kathleen is an jncredible reader, very intuitive, straight to the point and doesn't sugar coat things. She's extremely talented and gifted and was able to tune into the POI and how he was feeling and the lack of communication. She told me to be patient and things will take time. Sadly we got cut off and the reading was cut shot! Give this lady a call, she won't let you down.

    • stream_1259
      On 30 July 2022

      Kathleen is an amazing psychic. She tuned into my situation and was able to give a clear description of the POI and how he was feeling about me. Although there's no communication between the POI and I, she told me to be patient. Her insights were very clear and precise. I can wait for her predictions to pan out. Give this lady a call. She'll blow you away with her insights. Keep up the good work. Jas xx

    • stream_1259
      On 01 July 2022

      Kathleen is a remarkable reader, she tuned into relationships without any prompts from me and described the POI with fine details. I was so impressed with her knowledge, insights and the clarity she had given me! Mo time wasted, money well spent. The reading flowed nicely! She helped me feel positive about the future even though this guy is out of reach at the moment! Get in touch with Kathleen, you be astonished with her insights and how accurate they are! Keep up the good work, love fr ...

    • Circle_11344188
      On 30 June 2022

      Picked up on people round me and issues ive had and having. Predictions sound so beautiful, loved the reading. Lifted me up and made me smile. Will be back

    • Josephine11
      On 02 March 2022

      My fist call with Kathleen. She tuned in quickly and accurately with my situation and people.Gave detailed information which was useful, beneficial and brought clarity and hope in the midst of a lot of change and challenges. Thank you xx

    • Circle_11565828
      On 28 February 2022

      Perfect reading spot on

    • Circle_11681838
      On 15 September 2021

      Just wished for more detail

    • Circle_11118038
      On 29 July 2021

      There are some people on this earth that are here to help heal mankind and I feel Kathleen is one of them. What an amazing lady. She tuned in immediately and was able to give such clarity to my situation without any question. She is direct but delivers with sincerity and compassion. Thank you, Kathleen xx

    • logans
      On 11 June 2021


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