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8pm-12pm. Thursday to Tuesday. Am not available Wednesday


I will bring you great comfort and peace of mind. I can help you forgive yourself and find forgiveness for others. I have an amazing connection to Spirit as a Medium, Tarot Reader and Clairvoyant and can help you with human and animal issues.


Love & Relationships, Career. Animals. Life


I have been working with TheCircle since October 1997. and worked professionally for many years.I am very old school. Preferring to talk as the best way to connect.


Medium, Spirit Guides.empathetic connections


Tarot, Crystals.


You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. 


Travelling, gardening, watching TV and internet games.


Born with the ability to help and guide. It is my way of life


I am available. From 8.00pm until midnight. From Thursday until Tuesday. But not on Wednesday. Every week. Unless. Otherwise. Advised

Client reviews : 380   -   Average rating : 4.7
« Joyce is amazing so kind and considerate and helpful, a real angel she has helped me so much I cannot recommend her enough »
    • Circlein111290
      On 21 September 2023

      Joyce is amazing so kind and considerate and helpful, a real angel she has helped me so much I cannot recommend her enough

    • Circle11285788
      On 12 September 2023

      Excellent reading. No questions, lots of validations. I have been speaking to Joyce for a number of years and her predictions always come true. I highly recommend.

    • Stream2434
      On 12 September 2023

      Thank you so much ❤️ i really appreciate the advice and reading given ????

    • Circlein111290
      On 25 August 2023

      Joyce is an absolute angel - so helpful - wonderful guidance from spirit!

    • James
      On 25 August 2023

      Sorry we got cut off... But thank you very for the reading. Very comforting

    • Circle12137898
      On 23 August 2023

      simply amazing, more than accurate, lovely lovely soul

    • Circlein111290
      On 20 August 2023

      Joyce is wonderful, she has given me such hope and shown me such kindness at a really difficult time in my life, I cannot recommend her highly enough, a truly beautiful lady

    • Meesh
      On 18 August 2023

      Thank you so much. That chat was just what I needed. Sure I’ll be in touch again soon. Thank you for your wise words and advice.

    • Amik
      On 12 August 2023

      As always, a big thank you!! I always feel so good after the reading and everything you’ve said was spot on especially about this friendship of mine. Thank you again :)

      Response from Joyce on 14 August 2023
      Thank you always pleased to be there if you need me. Keep looking forward to better times and some very special times. Love and light xx
    • L8
      On 10 August 2023

      Wonderfully kind, supportive - all with immense clarity and insight.

      Response from Joyce on 14 August 2023
      Many thanks for your kind words. Look forward to reading for you again. Lots of love and blessings xx
    • Pigeon
      On 03 August 2023

      A very good and productive reading, astonishing really, as Joyce had direct experience of the issue I called about (which was fairly unusual and specific). She is a kind lady, very down to earth, and what she said was peppered with many validations and facts she couldn’t have known and which I didn’t tell her!.

      Response from Joyce on 14 August 2023
      Thank you for your kind words.I am always happy to connect with a beautiful soul and will always be here for you if you need me xx
    • S1981
      On 31 July 2023

      Joyce, over the years you have been a great source of compassion and care. You are a very special and beautiful person. Your ability to connect is profound and the clarity and care you share has helped me many times. You are always calm and always present. My wish for you is great happiness, harmony and fulfilment in all the ways you wish for and so deserve. Thank you. Love Serena xoxo

      Response from Joyce on 14 August 2023
      Always feel the love and light that you generate to the world. Thank you for being you. Xxx

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