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8pm-12pm. Thursday to Tuesday. G B time. Am not available Wednesday


I will bring you great comfort and peace of mind. I can help you to find answers from those who guide you To find peace of mind. And hope for the future my gifts are many. But mainly I use the empathy that occurs between us. When we connect.I have an amazing connection to Spirit as a Medium, Tarot Reader and Clairvoyant and can help you with human and animal issues.


Love & Relationships, Career. Animals. Life


I have been working with TheCircle since October 1997. and worked professionally for many years.I am very old school. Preferring to talk as the best way to connect.


Medium, Spirit Guides.empathetic connections


Tarot, Crystals.


You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. 


Travelling, gardening, watching TV and internet games.


Born with the ability to help and guide. It is my way of life


I am available. From 8.00pm until midnight. From Thursday until Tuesday. G B time But not on Wednesday. Every week. Unless. Otherwise. Advised

Client reviews : 393   -   Average rating : 4.7
« Very positive and lovely... Will talk to you soon after moving.. ???????? »
    • Hema
      On 25 February 2024

      Very positive and lovely... Will talk to you soon after moving.. ????????

    • S1981
      On 21 February 2024

      Wonderful as always. Mutidimensionally aware, so in tune, kind, loving, super conscious and experienced, Such a beautiful light, a source of healing/understanding and a balm for so many. A gift to us all. Xxxx

    • Circle11277648
      On 16 February 2024

      Always has been such a good and kind friend, reassuring, honest, supportive, gives great advice, and a sheer delight to chat to/with. Will always be/keep in touch.

      Response from Joyce on 17 February 2024
      Thank you. Always good to catch up with great friends speak again soon. Love and light
    • User56
      On 31 January 2024

      What a lovely soul honestly, thank you Joyce

      Response from Joyce on 12 February 2024
      Thank you. Always pleased to be here and always love to connect
    • Stream26670
      On 13 January 2024

      Excellent as always

      Response from Joyce on 12 February 2024
      Thank you I am always happy to be hear
    • User11288041
      On 30 December 2023

      Thank u Joyce for such an uplifting and utterly positive reading. I prays all materialises as u said.

      Response from Joyce on 12 February 2024
      Thank you and lots of positive energy to help you through the waiting time
    • Stream26670
      On 26 December 2023

      Excellent reading again. Thank you Joyce x

      Response from Joyce on 12 February 2024
      Always a pleasure
    • R1950
      On 15 December 2023

      Joyce was fabulous this evening,many thanks and best wishes

      Response from Joyce on 12 February 2024
      Always. Hope for things to turn out well for you. Thank you
    • Circle11668448
      On 21 November 2023

      I was truly disappointed. Joyce spent much time talking about herself and I felt she was either tired or was simply unable to connect with me. I felt let down. Disheartening…

      Response from Joyce on 23 November 2023
      my apologies for your disappointment I hope that any future call for you will be better and certainly with someone who can give you all the attention that you deserve
    • S1981
      On 20 November 2023

      Dear Joyce, Thank you so much for the beautiful call that we had tonight. As always you share with such kindness, care, awareness, warmth and more. You are a great gift to us all. I appreciate you and that which you bring through a lot. Thank you for being you. Uniquely special and you. With great gratitude and lots of love Serena xoxoxo

      Response from Joyce on 23 November 2023
      always great to connect with you and your bright energy lovely to talk with you as always. lots of love and light Joyce xxx
    • rose
      On 18 October 2023

      the real deal! so true! brought me to tears as she connected me in a deep and profound way! with every minute and can't wait to speak to you again!

      Response from Joyce on 23 November 2023
      Thank you. always a pleasure to connect with you.
    • Stream26670
      On 17 October 2023

      Lovely lady and very talented. Fingers crossed that all will come to fruition soon. Thank you Joyce x

      Response from Joyce on 23 November 2023
      many thanks. always a pleasure to connect with you

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