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*General Availability:
(Away Mon 2nd & Wed 4th October - see Availability box below for new times/days)

- Monday evenings: 4 - 8pm
- Wednesdays: 10 - 2pm
- Fridays: 1 - 5pm
- Alternate weekends: Sat or Sun @ 10am - 2pm

* Please note these times are approximate and may vary occasionally by 30min either way.
* Please note the days may vary occasionally

* To arrange chat & phone readings outside of these times, please contact me via Chatbox.

I have an ability to counsel you via the Tarot cards, Angel cards and with help from my guides. After I shuffle and lay the cards I explore the information that is shown to me. This shows deeper, underlying patterns and cycles that are operating in your life in order to shed light on your issues. Then we connect the dots. If you are pressed for time or want specific answers, please provide a clear outline of the questions or issues. I also take a few additional cards to concentrate on specific situations that may arise or questions that you have. Additionally, I offer Life Path and Dream interpretation..

At times I am able to offer messages from loved ones who have passed over, if or when they come through, if you request a message from a specific person.

Love & Relationships, Career, Family, Home, Dream Interpretation. Life path, Destiny.

27 Years Psychic Counselling and teaching on individual and relationship issues, life patterns and cycles

Intuitive, Claircognizant, Empath, Spirituality

Psychic energy, Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Intuitive Astrology & basic Numerology

Finding an answer requires the understanding of the bigger picture

Reading, Movies, Walking on the beach & spending time with friends and loved ones.


I have been giving Psychic and Tarot readings, Psychic Counselling and Teaching, for the past 28 years, both locally in South Africa and internationally.
I have been with The Circle since 2016.
BA (Psychology & Anthropology)


(Away Mon 2nd, Wed 4th & Thurs 5th October)
Tues 3rd: 4 - 8pm
Fri 6th: 4 - 8pm
Sat 7th: 2 - 6pm
Sun 8th: 10am - 2pm

Client reviews : 323   -   Average rating : 4.7
« Thank you very much Joanne , amazing reading, lots of information flowing, I didn’t say much wasn’t needed, Joanne comes across as kind and empathic, brilliant, definitely recommend  »
    • Kaz
      On 27 September 2023

      Thank you very much Joanne , amazing reading, lots of information flowing, I didn’t say much wasn’t needed, Joanne comes across as kind and empathic, brilliant, definitely recommend

      Response from Joanne J on 29 September 2023
      We had a lovely connection which makes it great for the energy to flow. And thank you for your kind words, much appreciated!
    • Vicky
      On 08 September 2023

      Fab as always. Always turn to Joanne for clarification on thorny issues. Xx

      Response from Joanne J on 29 September 2023
      It was a great reading, always love our chats and thanks for the lovely review xx
    • Circle12174198
      On 05 August 2023

      Joanne gave me such great advice and talked about alot of unforeseeables that seemed to make sense which have done in the past. She reminded me that free will is the ultimate which made me feel really in control of my destiny. Thanks Joanne

      Response from Joanne J on 18 August 2023
      Its such a pleasure, love our readings and so glad that you're feeling more in control. Thank you for the lovely feedback! xx
    • Cbear13
      On 25 June 2023

      Thank you for your reading, but very depressing. Thanks anyway.

      Response from Joanne J on 27 June 2023
      I'm so sorry I couldnt give you better news. Hang in there, things always work out for the best in end, even if we cant quite see it at the time. Love and light.
    • Circle11609008
      On 23 June 2023

      Excellent and everything resonated plus predictions x

      Response from Joanne J on 27 June 2023
      Glad you enjoyed the reading and that it resonated, I enjoyed our reading. Thanks for the lovely feeback x
    • Corinna
      On 17 June 2023

      Absolutely fantastic reader! Joanne was able to tune into the energy around my circumstances with precision and without any prompts, which gave me the confidence to have faith in her predictions.

      Response from Joanne J on 20 June 2023
      Thank you for such lovely feedback, it is very much appreciated, bless you xx
    • Vjk
      On 11 June 2023

      Always a fabulous reading. Lots of information. Always relatable. Today’s reading has put a spring in my step. Such a lovely lady to speak with. Xx

      Response from Joanne J on 20 June 2023
      Its always such a pleasure reading for you and I'm so happy that you've got a spring in your step, awesome lady!
    • Circle11674708
      On 05 May 2023

      Very helpful and give me confident for the future. xx

      Response from Joanne J on 13 May 2023
      Thank you, I"m glad you found value in the reading and you've got a great future ahead of you xx
    • Aletia
      On 01 May 2023

      Such a lovely conversation, with a truly well meaning person. I really enjoyed the reading. In a difficult period of my life it has given me a lot of hope and belief in the decisions I am making based on my intuition. I will definitely be speaking to Joanne J again!

      Response from Joanne J on 03 May 2023
      Thank you for taking the time to leave such lovely feedback. It was a pleasure, I enjoyed it too and am so glad it helped. Look forward to chatting again soon!
    • Circle11654968
      On 27 April 2023

      Joanne was very precise and some lovely comforting messages as well as a great insight love and light

      Response from Joanne J on 29 April 2023
      It was a great reading, thank you for your positive and very kind feedback. Love and light
    • Harry
      On 23 April 2023

      It was great thanks for clearing up everything i had some worries but am confident now

      Response from Joanne J on 25 April 2023
      I'm happy to have been of help and that the reading was able to give you some reassurance. Thank you for your positive feedback.
    • L1984
      On 06 April 2023

      Thank uou

      Response from Joanne J on 11 April 2023
      Thank you for your lovely rating, I enjoyed reading for you and looking forward to your future happiness, dont give up!

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