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I am a naturally gifted psychic and I channel between you, my spirit guides to look at a complete picture of the your life. I use the Tarot to clarify time scales/star signs and purely provide confirmation. As such the meanings of the cards do not mean anything to me, as I am a psychic rather than a Tarot reader. I do not ask any questions whatsoever. I can use my abilities both for relationships and business readings, enabling you to have a competitive advantage in handling all future situations.

Love & Relationships ,Work & Financial , Family & Home any topic etc ..
except : Health , Pregnacy, Legal

I have a unique way which comes from decades of practice with my Guides as a Child of tuning into your person of interests five levels of their souls,

I have been reading professionally for 36years.  Having known I was different from the age of 6 when I saw my First Apiration ,After I was adopted after the age of 6 I awoke to find a Amazingly detail man standing there slick black hair , black tie, he told me his name was Eric and never to Fear ...I ran to my newly adoptive father and described what had just happened ,immediately confirmed that it was his brother Eric that had passed in 1967
Ive always been connectecd to spirit even as a child i was tuning in to the 4th level of consciousness manifesting purely with energy ...the rest is History ..

I'm fast , On point straightforward in a compassionate way and I always deliver consultations with honesty and integrity!!

I have a unique approach; and a Unbreakable bond with my Spirit Guides since childhood....
It’s takes me seconds to tune in, gain a connection and then we just flow with my Psychic ability this allows me a complete picture of your past, present and future.
I'm non judgemental and I always leave my Clients empowered by providing you with insight, validations and guidance to be fearless in any situation life throws in you’re path
?Predictions & Manifestations that’s what I known for

….My Accuracy .....Validations ……consistently throughout reading …is what I known for !!!!!
Post support …Anytime day or Night just press alert Psychic ..I’ll be there….

Born Psychic, Clairvoyant , Clarsientent , and Remote Viewing,Lost Objects , friends etc . ,Parapsychology… Tarot on request ..these Tools all help me to connect and gain deeper Perspective of your Soul Path / Contract and align so you can the life

I don't use tools but I can use Tarot on request and the Pendulum, and Crystals, Remote Viewing in finding .lost objects/ people etc,
I just need to engage with your soul energy then ..its like opening a movie script ...... the information just immediately unfolds in my mind as to the reason your calling past, situations, more importantly future events that will unfold
I see, hear everything not only Your feelings but Most importantly other souls,POI s , Love/ work /Family , in my mind in along with the solution!....

Mantra: If you are brave enough to say will reward you with a new fearless!

I've lived& worked in India 12 years, Sri Lanka 3 years and Egypt and many other countries so have Cultural Understanding ... Ive walked the Walk ...

My biggest loves are . Photography as I live in a Forest , reading ..Consistanly developing my Metapysical skills & Vibration , and when possible but nothing compares to curling up with my two sausage dogs, Star and Fibricous and a good book from Robert A Monroe


Award winning International Psychic
over33 years as a proffessional Psychic
On TV present....
Ordained Minister Universal Spritual Church of Life since 2016 USA
Monroe Association Member Astral travel


I’m Available all day just reach out …All February 2024

Monday - Saturday 7.15 am until 12 .15 pm. ( then on and off all day & Night )
Sunday . 7.15 am until 2 pm

Client reviews : 741   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Sorry have to go to work. Will call u tomorrow thank you for always giving me hope luv u jenni xxx »
    • Diane
      On 28 February 2024

      Sorry have to go to work. Will call u tomorrow thank you for always giving me hope luv u jenni xxx

    • Yasmin
      On 28 February 2024

      Amazing as always and always on point

    • G1975
      On 25 February 2024

      Jen is the best at manifesting stuff for her clients, if she says it's going to happen it will. 100% believe in her x

      Response from Jenni B on 28 February 2024
      Hi G … Thankyou for the Fabulous review .. have a look in your inbox 10 free mins love you loads Jenni xxx
    • Yasmin
      On 25 February 2024

      Amazing and empathetic

      Response from Jenni B on 28 February 2024
      Thankyou for the awesome review Beautiful all I can say is You’re a Phenomenal Woman, this year is you’re year of abundance Tons of Love Jenni xxxx
    • Diane
      On 22 February 2024

      Sorry for being so negative the other day thank u for always being there please let's get him moving I no you are the person who can help. Luv you jenni xx

      Response from Jenni B on 22 February 2024
      Hey Beautiful , love you hun , it’s ok , just reach out if you need me , but you know I’m walking the walk with you Gorgeous xxx
    • Jayne
      On 17 February 2024

      Very personable, insightful and I’d 100% recommend. I have readings once a year and Jenni B got onto my needs straight away and has given me the clarity and peace of mind I was seeking. Thanks Jenni B. I’ll be back x

      Response from Jenni B on 22 February 2024
      Aww the pleasure was all mine, I’ve forwarded you some free minutes across my lovely , love Jenni xxx
    • Yasmin
      On 17 February 2024

      I had the most amazing reading with Jenni B where she just got the essence of my soul and saw into things with such clarity and picked up on things immediately- I would highly recommend Jenni for her insight and accuracy as she was spot on and also very reassuring, empathic and relatable and she recognised my frequency and spiritual ascension journey! Thank you Jenni for your guidance and I look forward to connecting with you and speaking to you again! Love Yasmin x

    • L1968
      On 15 February 2024

      Jenni B was an absolute delight to chat to this evening. What a lovely, warm lady who I felt a real connection with. I will trust in what she and Sprit have told me regarding my ex and our soul connection. Hopefully everything will start to unfold in the right way. I look forward to catching up with the amazing Jenni again very soon x

    • Misty264
      On 15 February 2024

      Always a pleasure to connect with Jenni. A straight talker. Tunes in straight away. Great insight. Thanks again. Until my next call!

      Response from Jenni B on 22 February 2024
      Aww my Beauty .. thank you for the lovely review but reading for you is entirely my pleasure beautiful soul , love Jenni xx
    • B1978
      On 15 February 2024

      Very good at her job know need to tell her anything ????

    • Circle11347398
      On 15 February 2024

      Lovely speaking to you Jenny be in touch soon xx

    • R2w
      On 15 February 2024

      Jenni has helped me deal with a very traumatic situation which has now completely turned around. Someone I never thought could have come back with kindness and respect has actually done so. Jenni helped me keep the faith for a long time and to trust in her abilities. I read a lot of the other reviews on here and I feel the pain and frustration of other clients as I’m an Empath myself. I do know what it’s like to wait for contact from someone and I’m writing this review so that others will know you are not alone. I am proof that if Jenni sees and feels that someone is right for you she will help manifest only what is good for you. I hung in there and was rewarded. It’s been a privilege to have you read for me. Thank you for all of your support and all of the laughs and tears. I’m off to start the next chapter of my life. Please take care too Jenni and have a lovely rest of your week.

      Response from Jenni B on 22 February 2024
      What can I say ! I love you Angel stay strong .. it’s an incredible journey just at the finishing mark … love you so much hun You Always take care xxc

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