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I use my gifts to reach out to others and help in all aspects of life. With just one consultation, I can show you opportunities and possibilities in your life to help you move forward.


I specialise in Love & Relationships, Family & Home, Career, Spirituality, Life Coaching and Twin Flames.


I am a natural born Psychic Clairvoyant. I was taught by my Grandmother and have been reading and helping people for many years. I’ve been consulting on TheCircle since August 2022.


Spirituality, Clairvoyant, Psychic and Dream interpretation.


Tarot Cards, Astrology, Crystals.


I believe anything is possible.


I love spending time surrounded by my loved ones.

Client reviews : 11   -   Average rating : 4.7
« Jasmine tunes in straight away. Provides so much information and has a very kind approach. Highly recommended :) x »
    • Circle_12412268
      On 20 February 2023

      Told me totally different today than what she said last week. Nothing resonated sorry. When I told her she read for me last week she said she's never read for me before. But last week she'd remembered talking to an Amy with my specific person's name... Weird.

    • Circle_11860148
      On 29 January 2023

      Jasmine tunes in straight away. Provides so much information and has a very kind approach. Highly recommended :) x

    • risingrhapsody1
      On 30 December 2022

      Had to go back to try and finish the reading. In the end went on to chat. Good reading. Thank you.

    • Circle_12532268
      On 01 November 2022

      Very slow and very generalised.

    • Circle_12529738
      On 31 October 2022

      She tuned in so quick and was able to instantly put my mind at rest thank you!

    • Circle_11529818
      On 18 October 2022

      Was quick and easy to chat to

    • Circle_11860148
      On 18 October 2022

      Jasmine tuned in straight away and was so quick to type. Very detailed and overall a lovely person. Happy with my reading. Thank you :)

    • Circle_12502188
      On 02 September 2022

      Jasmine was so great with her energy on my POI spot on! and the advice she gave me “be patient “ She has told me some predictions on my POI Which I hope will happen. A very gentle and nice reader. Will definitely call her again.

    • Circle_12406858
      On 20 August 2022

      I had a reading today with Jasmine, and I found her to be FANTASTIC!!! I also thought she was easy to talk to and just a nice person. I will definitely be calling her back.

    • Circle_11152168
      On 06 August 2022

      Jasmine was lovely to talk to and gave me a great general reading which covered many areas of my life.

    • stream_1259
      On 06 August 2022

      Jasmine is very gifted and was able to tune into my situation without any prompts from me. The reading flowed nicely and Jasmine used her tools to give me her insights. She's kind, emphaphetic and a good psychic. I can't wait for her predictions to pan out! Get in touch with her. You won't be disappointed and you'll feel empowered about the future. Best wishes. Jas xx

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