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22 March. 8 am ~ 12 am
23 March. 8 am ~ 12 am
24 March. 8 am ~ 12 am

I work most mornings (Monday ~ Friday) 8am ~ 12 am


I can offer you evidence of life after death as well as channelling positive energies in your direction. My experience as a published author and Spiritual teacher can guide you to make positive decisions in your life. I have amazing talents in all areas as a Psychic consultant. Gentle and honest.


I specialise in Love & Relationships, Spirituality and Life Pathways.


I have been consulting on TheCircle since September 2001. I am a qualified Medium, Healer and Counsellor and I have been undertaking consultations for 30 years and professionally for over 21 years.


Medium, Clairvoyant, Aura Reading, psychic artist and writer




The deeds of today create the Spiritual joys and sorrows of tomorrow.


Psychic investigations into the paranormal, writing, Psychic art, animals and nature.


I have worked on the Spiritualist Church Circuit as a speaker and demonstrator in the UK for 20 years. I am a published author and speaker at national and international conferences on various spiritual subjects ie energy lines, orbs dimensions etc



I work most mornings Monday ~ Friday 8am ~ 12 noon

Client reviews : 395   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Sorry, we cut off. Thank you for the advice over the phone, and hopefully, things will pick up for me. A lovely lady on the phone. xx  »
    • Circle11674708
      On 21 March 2023

      Sorry, we cut off. Thank you for the advice over the phone, and hopefully, things will pick up for me. A lovely lady on the phone. xx

    • Miamoon
      On 18 March 2023

      Thank u Jane for another lovely reading. Glad I got a longer reading this time round. Wished the poi would make contact soon then I could get him out of my head a little and settle my mind… thank u for all the insights and confirming the connection is still there for a reason x. Lnl Sophie x

      Response from Jane on 20 March 2023
      Connections like soulmate relationships can be like that as you are part of the same soul group. I have said more prayers for you, keep strong. Thank you for the kind comments.
    • Circle11297798
      On 16 March 2023

      Nice chat with Jane this morning. She said that things will be shaky this year, zeroing in on love life saying I had 3 people, an ex, a problematic person and someone new coming in. She didnt want to read the ex, and I didnt know who that was except the person I'm thinking about who is an old flame and friend but not quite an official ex, but she talked in length re a problematic person, who I'm currently with (I'm single but she said I'm in a metaphysical one with him!). She was very good at picking up his energetic aura, the various complications and stubborn personality! She predicted that he is chasing money over love, which contradicts alot of other readings but makes sense too. What I did take away as a blessing is that I've learned my karmic lesson! She saw media in my aura & said my next person will be a life partner who will support me to access a wider platform but not til next year. Didnt feel lifted but expectations perhaps managed.

      Response from Jane on 16 March 2023
      Thank you for your kind comments. I will say prayers for you tonight for help, guidance and healing. You have more to look forward to than you can see today. There are unusual but good opportunities bringing changes for your future if you want them. We have free will and it is our decision to make. The right partner will help promote you and be by your side when you need him. I wish the best of luck and hope my prayers will help you. Jane x
    • D1969
      On 13 March 2023

      Sorry we got cut off Jane. Thank you for such a lovely, warm reading that cheered me up no end. You were absolutely spot on about the man in my life and also some of the things you mentioned were so accurate. Hoping for a happy outcome - "somewhere over the rainbow!"

      Response from Jane on 13 March 2023
      Ah bless, thank you for your kind words. Prayers will be said for you tonight for help, guidance and healing. Keep strong darling, love janexx
    • Miamoon
      On 11 March 2023

      Thank u for a lovely reading. So lucky to have called u today x. Sorry got cut off, u picked up on 2 POI, one hurt me I walked away already but he still pops in my head now and again, the other is in my head constantly, a soul mate, yes I understand… I know in my gut he will return when he’s ready, just hope when he does it’s not too late. The 3rd I haven’t met yet… I don’t really want anyone else lol. Will call u again soon for more insight. I am learning but life is hard… love n light, Sophie xx

      Response from Jane on 12 March 2023
      Thank you Sophie for your kind remarks. Prayers were said for you last night for help, guidance and healing. Sometimes life is hard for all of us but when we look back at that time in the future we realise the beauty of the learning curve but never at the time we go through it. You are truly loved Sophie so keep strong. Lots of love janexx
    • Stream7410
      On 10 March 2023

      Ahh the lovely Jane. I have spoken with Jane years ago, but this time it was pretty much life and death and she came up straight away. I lost my little dog this week and my heart was broken into a million pieces. Jane picked up on my dogs name and told me what was going on. She said had we delayed our action the dog would have died in agony - that's what the dog was saying to her. She said that our dog died peacefully, gracefully, with dignity and most of all there was not any suffering. Jane let spirit take over the conversation (that's what I liked, no cards or crystals) just spirit giving me the heads up for several of my life challenges and picked up each situation spot on. I would give Jane a hundred stars for this reading it was so worth the money I paid and my life is now back on track. Thank you Jane xxxx:)

      Response from Jane on 10 March 2023
      Ah darling, here we go again tears to my eyes. Our fur babies are so precious to us. Thank you for your kind words, love janexx
    • Circle11580008
      On 07 March 2023

      The best ever reader guiding me for nearly 25 years and all she said was spot on , if you want to know what is next believe me with Jane no mistakes she can see it ...ever when my mother died she manage to reach the name how she called as a child what ever i find so hard to remember at the moment of reading ... she always manage to reach the most hidden bit of person and feelings .... thank you Jane for everything <3

      Response from Jane on 09 March 2023
      Thank you for your kind words but I am just the channel of the beautiful spirit around you who love you and want to see you smile and be happy.. love janexx
    • Circle12238938
      On 06 March 2023

      One of the best readings I’ve had! So many questions answered and Jane has provided me with so much insight.

      Response from Jane on 07 March 2023
      Thank you for your kind words. Love jane x
    • Circle_11118038
      On 09 January 2023

      I'll often call Jane if I want to link in quickly and get a very specific question answered. She is so empathic and offers her and spirit's insight with great compassion. She's soft-spoken and will only tell you it as she sees it, and has always been so accurate with what she passes on - hence why I will always go back to her. Beautiful soul. Thank you, Jane. xx

    • MarieLo
      On 11 December 2022

      Loved my reading with Jane. Totally different to ALL the readings I ever had ! no prompting, Jane gets straight into the matter of interest but does so in a rather poetic and unusual way: describing your aura, what it means, other people around you ...very accurately. I can't describe her reading method as it as unique as it is deep and detailed. Thank you :)

    • Circle_11118038
      On 14 November 2022

      I have been having readings with Jane now for the past 16 years and she still remains one of the most beautiful souls. She reads aura's so accurately and offers compassion when she gives a reading. She can really get right down to the soul of someone, with no judgement just clear and honest information. Free will always plays the biggest part in anyone's decisions and readings will reflect this. Jane sees where we are on any given path and offers an inspirational way forward. Thank you, Jane x

    • louise321
      On 12 October 2022

      Very perceptive reading. Thanks Jane

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