How do I choose a medium?

How do I choose a medium?

A clairvoyance consultation is a special moment when you discover your future. The medium reveals the mysteries of the invisible through flashes, colours, sounds, etc. The brilliance of their work reveals valuable information to the consultant. However, not all mediums share the same values or approach to clairvoyance. So, how do you choose a medium?

Choosing a trusted medium for your clairvoyance consultation

Beyond a reliable prediction, the medium can provide support and comfort. The accuracy of a clairvoyance consultation can be enhanced with a real follow-up. If you want, certain mediums can become true confidants.

Whatever your choice, it is essential to build a relationship of trust. A consultation with a medium is a conversation based on mutual respect. Choose a medium with whom you are not afraid to ask questions. Remember that a clairvoyance professional is there to guide you but never judges your questions.

Consulting a medium according to their approach to clairvoyance

During a clairvoyance consultation, channellers practice their art without tools. They pick up colours, flashes, sounds, etc. and deliver their message. However, mediums have different approaches to clairvoyance. The choice of a divination technique may simply confirm or refine a prediction or show a real affinity for a divinatory art.

Are you receptive to astrological signs or Tarot cards? Everything is possible with the language of the stars and the cards. A horoscope enthusiast will turn to mediums who practice clairvoyance coupled with astrology, while a person intrigued by card reading will turn to a medium and Tarot Advisor. Take the time to look into the specialisations of Advisors before making your choice. Whatever your affinity in the field of clairvoyance, you will find a match that fits your preferences.

Finding an uncompromising medium

Find a medium who will tell you what they feel, not one who tells you what you need to hear. Consult a medium to shed light on your future. As a clairvoyance professional, a medium must not hide the truth under a veneer of lies. Predictions are sometimes difficult to hear and often difficult to live with. Choose a medium who will offer you this revelation and give you advice on how to deal with it. Remember the saying: "Better to be slapped with the truth than to be kissed with a lie".

Consult a medium over the phone or in person?

Tarot Advisor, astrologer, numerologist... the approach to clairvoyance is important. However, so is the way you consult the medium. Perhaps you prefer eye contact. If so, you should visit the medium's office to meet in person. Otherwise, the comfort of your home is valuable.

Consulting a medium remotely

A consultation can lead to surprising revelations. The familiar surroundings of your home is therefore a good choice for your consultation. You can reach a medium by phone, by chat, or online. Being in a familiar place to take stock and to reflect should be considered.

Consulting a medium by chat

Some mediums do not provide consultations by chat. Use of their gift to predict the future positions them as a mere messenger of the invisible world. They reveal the future, but they don't necessarily remember those precious moments. A professional medium is completely transparent about this possibility in their work.

The discussion with a medium should be approached by thinking about what you expect from the consultation. Confidence, approach to clairvoyance, sincerity, not to mention where the meeting takes place: phone, office, etc. Choose a pleasant person who suits you fully.

How do you prepare for a session with a medium? Find out how to consult this clairvoyance professional with complete peace of mind:

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