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In my work as a psychic, clairvoyant and clairsentient reader, I use Tarot cards and at times a crystal ball to open up a connection with you. My purpose is to support you to find your own answers and your own true path forwards and to inspire you for your future. I feel that relationship readings are my particular strength, but other areas also interest me, every one I speak to is special to me!
Love and Relationships, Career and Spirituality
I have been reading with TheCircle for around 13 years
Clairvoyant, Psychic
Tarot, Crystals and Runes all help me to connect with you.
Om mani padme hum
Reading, Meditation and Art keep me happy.

Client reviews : 611   -   Average rating : 4.7
« Thanks Estella, good chat as always xx »
    • Zo
      On 11 September 2023

      Thanks Estella, good chat as always xx

      Response from Estella on 14 September 2023
      Thank you, hope to speak again soon Xx
    • Circle11621158
      On 03 September 2023

      Always wonderful, such a considerate reader. Thanks so much Estella

      Response from Estella on 05 September 2023
      Thank you, it's always a pleasure to read for you :)
    • Circle11621158
      On 13 August 2023

      A really special reader, so spot on & considerate, & goes into great depth, highly recommended

      Response from Estella on 13 August 2023
      Thank you, I look forwards to next time, love and light :)
    • Zo
      On 11 August 2023

      Fabulous lady - once again Thank you! xx

      Response from Estella on 11 August 2023
      Thank you, especially for your parting wish Xx
    • R6171
      On 22 July 2023

      Always a fantastic reading with Estella. No one tunes in better than her.

      Response from Estella on 22 July 2023
      Thank you so much for you kind comments :)
    • Circle11621158
      On 21 July 2023

      Always great, goes into depth & is honest & compassionate. Highly recommended.

    • Zo
      On 21 July 2023

      Fabulous - kind lady - very calm Thank you Estella x

      Response from Estella on 22 July 2023
      Thank you so much x
    • Zo
      On 20 July 2023

      Very calm lady - interesting result. Hope to speak again

      Response from Estella on 21 July 2023
      Thank you for your feedback, love and light
    • Circle12547648
      On 15 July 2023

      Good reading with clear answers to my questions. Fingers crossed the predictions unfold!

    • M1968
      On 11 July 2023

      as magically consistent with spirit as every, just a brilliant woman and reader , always delivers !! x

      Response from Estella on 11 July 2023
      Thank you so much for your generous review, love and light x
    • Circle11621158
      On 05 July 2023

      Clear, consistent & genuine, a real pleasure as always

      Response from Estella on 06 July 2023
      Thank you, my pleasure, love and light :)
    • Stream26524
      On 23 May 2023

      Always great, like a dependable friend

      Response from Estella on 25 May 2023
      Thank you, hope to speak soon :)

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