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I am very compassionate, empowering and empathic. Let's look into your life and shine a light where it's needed.


My areas of expertise include Love & Relationship, Family and Home, Career.


I have had a connection with Spirit since childhood and have given consultations since my 20's. My journey with TheCircle began in 2021.


I am a Psychic, I connect with the Angels.


Tarot, Pendulum, Angel Cards.


The universe is abundant and I can achieve anything.


I love running, Pilates, films and reading.


I have been gifted since childhood, i have read for family and friends for many years, and have read professionally for over 10 years


most weekdays 7.30 to 9pm
saturdays/sundays 11am- 12.30pm and 8pm to 9pm

Client reviews : 229   -   Average rating : 4.9
« She is amazing and to the point »
    • N1985
      On 22 September 2023

      She is amazing and to the point

      Response from Emma M on 22 September 2023
      Thank you so much for your kind words! It was an honour to read for you, blessings to you xxxxxx
    • Sara
      On 13 September 2023


      Response from Emma M on 13 September 2023
      thank you very much for your kind review, i do hope that it was helpful and i look forward to connecting with you again xxxxx
    • Circle11186918
      On 11 September 2023

      Thanks for your honesty re the raffle. I appreciate you taking a look for me.

      Response from Emma M on 12 September 2023
      No problem, I do hope you win something! Xxxxx
    • Vicky
      On 27 August 2023

      Fabulous. Such great insight. Emma gets straight to the heart of the issue, she is honest, in depth and a fast typer! I've spoken to her many times and she is always spot on with everything! Very grateful to you! xx

      Response from Emma M on 28 August 2023
      Ah thank you lovely, its always so wonderful and a real pleasure to read for you, and I am so happy to be able to help you on this journey xxxxx
    • Circle12454028
      On 11 August 2023

      Rather confused, had a few readings over different timeframes (May, June, Aug). It was said POI was confused but that there was potential for long term and contact to be soon initially. I feel that was picking up his path with ex potentially rather than me. Recent reading basically said for me to move on and things would be very difficult with them. Other than that like the way readings delivered but just a bit confusing with different messages at times makes me doubt things. I know things can change but having imminent contact and feelings for someone Vs being used is quite different.

      Response from Emma M on 11 August 2023
      Hello, and thank you for your review. I know that it can be hard to hear when the people we are interested in decide on another path. I hope at least you now have the clarity to move forward and away from this person, and to move on with your life. Xxx
    • Vicky
      On 30 July 2023

      Fabulous - so much information flowed through all of it spot on to what i know. Very reassuring and also cathartic to speak to Emma. Excellent in every way (sorry it cut off my time ran out but i didn't get notified as it was about to happen so couldn't say thank you - so thank you!) x

      Response from Emma M on 30 July 2023
      no problem at all! it is always such a pleasure to read for you, and i hope we chat again soon! xxxxx
    • Circle11328668
      On 24 July 2023

      Great reading linked with my emotions straight away

      Response from Emma M on 25 July 2023
      so glad to have been able to help, and i hope that we connect again xx
    • Ishtar
      On 17 July 2023

      Great reading, super happy!! On point and great detail too

      Response from Emma M on 23 July 2023
      You are very welcome and I hope that I was able.to help you xx
    • Dreya
      On 07 July 2023

      Emma M was there for me during a moment of crisis for which I'm grateful as I was upset about the lack of communication from someone, although I found her style quite black and white, and not hugely compassionate. Telling me to block someone and remove them from social media, feels passive aggressive to me. Sorry, but not my style! Appreciate the hard line though Emma.

      Response from Emma M on 23 July 2023
      I am glad to have been able to help during a difficult time! Xx
    • Sara
      On 04 July 2023

      Great reading

      Response from Emma M on 23 July 2023
      Thank you and I am glad to have given a positive experience!
    • Abby
      On 22 June 2023

      Emma was very kind and concise. I felt a lot of love from her and reassurance. Thank you so much!

      Response from Emma M on 25 June 2023
      it was such a pleasure to read for you, take care, love and light xxxx
    • Circle12454028
      On 17 June 2023

      There is an ease with Emma, quick doesn't fluff around and delivers messages very well. Really pleasant x

      Response from Emma M on 19 June 2023
      Thank you my dear for your kind words, i hope to read for you again soon xxx

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