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I will guide you to the best of my abilities in ways that work for you. If you're stuck in any relationship area I look around both of you, working out where both of you are in life and how this is affecting the connection you share together. I read energy so I can read on this plane and on a Spiritual plane. I look at work and career progression, the people you work with, and guidance to help you move forward. Coming from a FTSE 100 business background, its an honour to help you in your time of need. If you are on your Spiritual journey and need guidance, let me help you. I am well versed in esoteric topics and being a projector in the human design, let me guide you, lets work together to find potential blockages so you can learn to release them, moving into higher vibrations. I consider family, friendship and animal connections too.
Love & Relationships, Career, Spirituality, Family & Home
I have worked with Spirit since birth
Psychic, Medium
Tarot, Angel Cards, Numerology, Astrology
The great mystery is present in all of us, waiting patiently for you to remember and reconnect.
Reading, Travelling, Studying Meditation, Yoga


I have worked for over 20 years in this field as a psychic, medium, astrologer, healer and homeopath .


Weekday Mornings.

Client reviews : 164   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Elona Accurately sees the situation. And gives Excellent advice. Her predictions are consistent. Brilliant Reader. I will definitely be back. »
    • Circle11416838
      On 03 March 2023

      Elona Accurately sees the situation. And gives Excellent advice. Her predictions are consistent. Brilliant Reader. I will definitely be back.

    • nav1984
      On 08 December 2022

      Got a reading after many years. Previous predictions came true . Thank you for the reassurance today

    • Circle_11162458
      On 06 December 2022

      Slow but ok

    • Circle_12512358
      On 14 October 2022


    • Circle_11735968
      On 06 October 2022

      Very insightful

    • Circle_12303378
      On 08 September 2022

      Really helped me think of things from a different angle. Very thoughtful and good listener xx

    • email_pippaengl
      On 31 August 2022


    • Circle_12218058
      On 05 August 2022

      Very honest amazing reading, picks up quickly anc respond quickly. Had few reading with her and all been brilliant

    • kaveri56
      On 02 August 2022

      She genuinely tuned in. Described someone's character down to a t. Thank u.

    • Circle_12218058
      On 02 August 2022

      Amazing detailed reading, quick responses and what the POI really well. Will definitely return for more

    • Circle_11356698
      On 06 January 2021

      I like the way Elona reads, straight to the point and very accurate, thank you L x

    • Circle_12167018
      On 07 December 2020


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