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Welcome to my psychic hotline profile.
Are you seeking insights into your love life or relationships? Do you crave guidance on matters of the heart? Look no further. I specialise in Love Astrology, tarot readings, messages from Angels, Dream interpretation, and psychic insights.

Curious about your compatibility with your partner? Wondering what is your new boyfriend/ girlfriend really like? Are you falling out with your husband/ wife.? What's going on? Constantly in conflict with family members? I'm here to help unravel the mysteries and provide guidance.

For astrology I need; DATE of birth, PLACE of birth (approx), TIME (optional) of the person you're interested in.

Life can be hard when things don't go well in your relationships. Take a different look, and let's move forward.

Have a look at your own star chart and play life to your advantage.

Astrology is a great way to understand people, to see what energies are coming up, moon cycles, transits, how long difficult times are here for, also times to speculate, times when there's nothing that you can do but wait. My cards are Crowley's astro cards, rich in esoteric energy.


A decade as an astrologer, reading for people all over the world, 35 years reading the cards, mainly for nurses, and my guides have been with me all my life, of which I know of 3. My cards are directly in tune.

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« Excellent reader. Uses astrology and tarot to provide great answers and guidance »
    • G1970
      On 22 February 2024

      Excellent reader. Uses astrology and tarot to provide great answers and guidance

      Response from Elen on 22 February 2024
      Thanks you so much, you gave me my first stars. I'm over the moon.

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