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I am always kind and compassionate. I will skillfully guide you to make choices and decisions with ease.


I specialise in the Love and Relationship areas of life.


With a great many years of giving readings, I have consulted on TheCircle since 2003


I work as a Medium and Clairvoyant.


I connect with the Spirit Guides.


Always look forward but learn from the past.


I love to spend my free time reading and travelling.





Client reviews : 163   -   Average rating : 4.6
« So very much appreciated the chat regarding the current situation and feel much for settled in knowing the path forward. Great insights and comments.  »
    • Circle_11186918
      On 28 February 2023

      So very much appreciated the chat regarding the current situation and feel much for settled in knowing the path forward. Great insights and comments.

    • Circle_11782858
      On 05 September 2022

      Super impressed and Eileen is clearly a very able and talented psychic.

    • MarieLo
      On 01 September 2022

      LOVED my reading with Eileen . Why on earth does she only have 4.6 rating? Seriously people if you recognise how gifted a reader is, give her 5 starts and don’t wait for the predictions to pass but base it on your reading ? + you can’t change the rating later. Anyhow. Eileen went straight to the heart of the problem without any prompting . Wow. She saw it ALL. Honest and kind , predictions made with timing in line with other readings . Feeling so much better as her energy is so uplifting .MERCI

    • SandyB
      On 31 August 2022

      I had a great reading with Eileen ,she knew exactly what was going on with me I really hope the prediction comes true.Thanks Eileen ????

    • Circle_11138368
      On 09 August 2022

      Oops, she did it again! Great guidance! Thank you, Eileen xxx

    • Circle_11138368
      On 01 March 2022

      I have chosen Eileen as my favourite reader throughout 10 years of being a Circle customer. Eileen was accurate with my present uncertainties in my recent reading. She gave the amazing insight that gave the clarity I needed to make several decisions with confident! Her predictions came true for me many times in the past and I'm sure this recently reading will do too! Highly recommened! Love and light xxx

    • dwatts
      On 02 February 2022

      What a brilliant reading with Elieen! She picked up on so much going on around me. Looking forward to the predictions manifesting. Thank you! x

    • Circle_12139738
      On 25 January 2022

      WOW! Absolutely fantastic, amazing and brilliant reading. Such a lovely lady to talk to, and she knew all the ins and outs of the POI and situation. Eileen confirmed what so many other readers have told me, and gave definite timeframes, which is what I really wanted to know. Everything fits in with what is already happening, so I have no doubt as to her accuracy. I am stunned, and joyfully look forward to everything unfolding. Will certainly let you know Eileen. A million thanks.xxxxxxx

    • Circle_12049118
      On 23 December 2021

      I really enjoy chatting to Eileen, she really helps you to make sense of a situation. Eileen has been right for me previously so I do trust her insights. She is realistic, funny and down to earth. I would really recommend Eileen to hash out a situation with.

    • Circle_11612018
      On 16 July 2021

      Thanks Eileen, will be in touch as things progress. Appreciate your guidance.

    • Circle_11771888
      On 13 May 2021

      Picked up on situation very well and great predictions to come

    • Circle_11378148
      On 23 July 2020

      Lovely reading, comforting, picked up on details accurately x

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