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MONDAY - FRIDAY 8am - 1pm I will be unavailable from Thursday 23rd; I will be available again from Saturday 1st June....
Wednesday 22nd...I will be available from 9.30am...

SATURDAY 9.30 - 1pm


My guidance is specific, helpful and always loving. My warm personality can help assist you in making important changes in your life using my versatile Medium and Psychic skills with the help of Tarot. 


All areas of life are my speciality.
Dream interpretations.

I’ve been consulting on TheCircle since December 1999 but I have been Clairvoyant from a very young age. 


Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychic, Dream Interpretation.


Tarot Cards, I can work with or without Cards, please tell me what you prefer. 


Breathe in the future, breathe out the past. 


My hobbies include reading, travelling and spending time with family and friends.


I’ve been consulting on TheCircle since December 1999 but I have been Clairvoyant from a very young age. 


8am-1pm....monday - friday.
9.30 - 1pm....saturday.

Client reviews : 825   -   Average rating : 4.7
« Always spot on! Thanks! »
    • EJ1
      On 22 May 2024

      Always spot on! Thanks!

    • Rose
      On 21 May 2024

      This was my first reading, I asked about my career and in a very short time Donna explained each point to me very clearly. I am very glad to choose you,. Donna is very calm, worldly and kind. I would recommend Donna to anyone who has asked me about a reading. The reading was honest and direct. Thank you for being you!!! See you again soon

      Response from Donna on 21 May 2024
      Thank you so much for the review..... I am here to guide you with the insight + guidance given by my guides, + the tarot. Please check the website for my availability... sending you love + light....Donna
    • Circle11239348
      On 20 May 2024

      Thankyou for reassuring me on today's reading that woman will move on and be gone for good when she meets the new man this is the breakthrough i am waiting for, as you said she is constantly looking and she will find the right man she is wanting to be with and you saw the guy i am seeing won't want to stop seeing me and when that woman is gone for good then hopefully we will be in a relationship, speak soon x

      Response from Donna on 20 May 2024
      Thank you for the review... My guides will give us the insight of how things stand at this moment in time... Exercise your own free will + choice, allow yourself to get on with your life. He is still wanting to see you; but has so much he needs to sort out in his head + his heart. It will take some time....enjoy your life.... Love + light...Donna x
    • Fionabbb12
      On 20 May 2024

      She is always spot on, kind and honest. X

      Response from Donna on 20 May 2024
      Thank you so much for the review... I know this is such a difficult challenging time for you at the moment. You are being guided in the right direction, follow your gut feeling; this is your guide guiding you... Always here for you with my guides + the tarot.... love + light...Donna
    • Circle11150728
      On 19 May 2024

      I had the pleasure of talking to Donna about several things that came up in the reading and Donna articulates it all so well. Thank you so much for all the information you gave me to go away with. Lots of love xxx

      Response from Donna on 19 May 2024
      Thank you so much for the review..... It was lovely to talk with you too.... I will give you the insight + guidance from my guides, helping you to find direction, reassurance + understanding..... love + light... Donna x
    • Leah
      On 17 May 2024

      Very good Tiredless

      Response from Donna on 17 May 2024
      Thank you so much for the review...It was lovely to talk with you. I hope your consultation was helpful with the insight + guidance given....You have a lot to look forward to...a new chapter awaits...enjoy.... Donna
    • Circle11137958
      On 15 May 2024

      Donna is always spot on, you have a wonderful gift, thank you always xx

      Response from Donna on 17 May 2024
      Thank you so much for the review.... My tarot cards give me a base map to see how things genuinely are. My spirit guides give me the insight + guidance into thoughts + feelings..... love + light...Donna
    • Circle11150728
      On 14 May 2024

      Thank you so much for an informative reading with all questions answered clearly. Your guidance is a great gift to anyone who calls you. Lots of love xxx

      Response from Donna on 17 May 2024
      Thank you so much for the review..... My guides come through with clear guidance + insight, giving reflection on the choices + decisions that you can make...... love + light...Donna
    • Circle11621158
      On 14 May 2024

      Such a thoughtful & considerate reader, genuine, & a pleasure to chat with. Thanks so much Donna

      Response from Donna on 14 May 2024
      Thank you so much for the review....It was lovely to talk with you again. I'm pleased that you are happy with your consultation. I'm always here to give you guidance + insight from my guides, the tarot + dream interpretation.... Donna
    • Circle11621158
      On 10 May 2024

      Really wonderful, a genuine pleasure to chat with, & prediction came to pass! Thanks so much, Donna

      Response from Donna on 10 May 2024
      Thank you for the review... it was lovely to chat with you too. It's lovely to hear when something comes to pass. The guidance + insight from my guides + the tarot will help you to prepare + be ready for what comes in next. You are welcome lovely... love + light.... Donna
    • Stuart
      On 09 May 2024

      Donna helped give me belief in what is a horrible personal situation with someone i still love deeply despite all the hardship. and even after the reading Donna has continued to provide insight. Donna, is a kind and caring with a genuine skill to see what can be done. I am very grateful for her time and will be back post my up and coming weekend to feedback on greater matters. Thank you Donna. Stuart

      Response from Donna on 10 May 2024
      Thank you so much for the review, + your very kind words. My guides give us the insight into the best way forward, regardless of what direction that may be... I can work with empathy + understanding as my guides make me 'feel' the situation being discussed.... please do keep me updated, I know this is a difficult time for you. ....I'm here for you if/when you need more guidance + insight....sending love + positive energy.... Donna
    • Fionabbb12
      On 09 May 2024

      Fantastic medium, spot on. The best on here.

      Response from Donna on 09 May 2024
      Thank you for the review.... using the tarot as a base map, + the insight + mediumship from my guides shows us a way forward with choices + opportunities. Always ready to help you my lovely.... Donna

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