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Whether you need an all round general reading or help with a specific area of your life, I can bring you the clarity and comfort we all need from time to time.


My speciality is that I have none! If anything I specialise in general consultations but equally at ease to guide Spiritually in all areas of your life.


I have been consulting on TheCircle since May 2022 and I have been a natural Psychic since childhood. Raised with the belief in the "unseen world" and Spiritual activity in the home being the norm. I have been working as a Medium for over 22 years.


Clairvoyant, Medium, Psychic.


Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Crystals, Colour and Pendulum.


We are all connected.


I love nature, ecology, animals, music, singing and dancing

Client reviews : 26   -   Average rating : 5
« Ive just had a reading from Denny, She is the best , I hope the predictions come true. Shes a lovely lady to . XX »
    • andrina
      On 15 February 2023

      Ive just had a reading from Denny, She is the best , I hope the predictions come true. Shes a lovely lady to . XX

    • Circle_11126038
      On 10 February 2023

      Denny read for me recently and was very systematic going through what would be happening over the next 12 months. I liked that she was happy to take the initiative to offer to select card piles from which she read. She also spontaneously made statements about people and situations without any lead from me which were accurate. She is a very genuine and kind person who is sincere and supportive.

    • htown42
      On 09 February 2023

      It's really refreshing when a reader gets straight to the point, values your time and respects that you have taken the time to enlist their talents. I would definitely use Denny again, she is easy to talk to and tunes in fantastically. Truly blessed.

    • Circle_11200398
      On 09 February 2023

      You were absolutely spot on with the things you picked up. I’m so happy I got to talk to you. I will definitely read again with you. Thank you Denny. Lots of love Nadia. ❤️

    • Circle_11152168
      On 05 February 2023

      Denny gave me a comprehensive 12 month reading which covered many areas of my life. She is such a lovely person too.

    • Circle_11373548
      On 22 December 2022

      My first reading with Denny and I love her style of ready. She gave me predictions for the next 12 months and 2 of her predictions have already come through! 1) She said my boyfriend will be back within 2 weeks after we had an argument. He came back within a week! 2) She said I will be getting a step up at work so Jan/Feb next year will be very busy starting a new role while tying up things in my current role. She was right! I was given a promotion last week, which I start in January!!!!

    • Circle_11152168
      On 06 December 2022

      I've just had a wonderful reading with Denny. She gave me lots of amazing predictions for the year ahead concerning my work, love life and home. She is also such a lovely person to talk to.

    • Circle_11961898
      On 20 September 2022

      Good reading, thank you - not what I wanted to hear but delivered kindly!

    • Circle_11152168
      On 19 September 2022

      Denny's general reading for the next year was really good and contained lots of great predictions.

    • stream_8902
      On 31 July 2022

      Lovely Reading with Denny, tuned in brilliantly as to my situation, and provided lots of clarity to questions I had. Thanks Denny.

    • KARENH
      On 29 July 2022

      I really enjoyed my reading with Denny she was spot on when she said I would get the job. I look forward to her predictions. Lovely lady Many thanks

    • Circle_11844558
      On 23 July 2022

      Wow what can I say, it’s my first reading with Denny and she knew a lot of what is going on in my life, past and present and made predictions which I am looking forward to, I have a great belief in this lady, one of the best on the Circle. Love and light K

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