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Whether you need an all round general reading or help with a specific area of your life, I work with both my Psychic gifts and with Spirit to bring you the best of both worlds; giving clarity, guidance and comfort. I work honestly, I will not tell you what you want to hear but exactly what I am shown and what I feel, but always with compassion, and with humour!

I’m equally at ease assisting you in all areas of Physical and Spiritual life. If anything, I seem to specialise in giving General Readings (all areas) for 6 or 12 months; as well as Love, Career, Spiritual Development and Spiritual Counselling. I have had many experiences in life which has given me a good understanding about life's issues and find I can fall back on these to further help in my readings and Spiritual counselling.

Mediumship, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Mentoring, Counselling

Oracle and Tarot Cards, Crystals, and Pendulum.

We're all connected. To be human is to help each other.

I love nature In all its forms! I am studying Herbal Medicine , still enjoy working as an Aromatherapist and really keen to learn about ways to help our environment., I love animals - especially dogs and cetaceans and love being by the Ocean. Music, singing and dancing are favourite pastimes when I can. I love reading - especially about hidden civilisations and mysteries of our Earth and the Universe!.


Working for over 23 years: as a Platform Medium, in Churches, Clairvoyant evenings; Events; privately with 1-to-1 readings and parties; I also mentor and hold workshops for others on the path. Consulting on The Circle since May 2022 and love it!



Client reviews : 94   -   Average rating : 5
« Denny gave me a great reading covering several areas of my life over the next few months. »
    • B1972
      On 01 September 2023

      Denny gave me a great reading covering several areas of my life over the next few months.

      Response from Denny on 01 September 2023
      Thank you for your review! Have a wonderful time with everything coming up for you. Time for life to change beautifully!! Bright Blessings.x
    • James
      On 01 September 2023

      Thank you

      Response from Denny on 01 September 2023
      You're welcome!! Lovely to hear from you again. HOpe all going well for you. Bright blessings.x
    • Circle11215078
      On 28 August 2023

      Lovley reading gave me the reassurance I was looking for ❤️ Thank you so much xx

      Response from Denny on 28 August 2023
      You are so very welcome. My pleasure to help. We all need reassurance sometimes so I'm glad you felt better about it all. Do please let me know how everything is going for you in the future. Bright Blessings.xx
    • Circle11189248
      On 28 August 2023

      Sorry, didn't get chance to say thanks before getting cut off. Thanks so much for my reading - excellent and more excellent (if there is such a thing). I got a good sense of direction and clarity and you are really lovely and easy to talk to, it was almost like I wanted to say "shall I put the kettle on" :) I could have stayed much longer than I did. You read in a very genuine, natural and authentic way and I really got a felt sense of you 'checking in' with 'those upstairs' as I call them, as you were talking. You've helped me get a good understanding of what is happening/what's round the corner. Thanks again, I'll be back to update you Xxx

      Response from Denny on 28 August 2023
      Ahhh thats perfectly ok and it is my pleasure truly! Thank you so very much for your lovely words!! It would have certainly been lovely to "put the kettle on" if you were in front of me I would have done so lol! So glad you feeling better and have more clarity and I am very much looking forward to hearing all about how things are unfolding for you!! Brightest Blessings. xx
    • Stream7031
      On 27 August 2023

      Thanks for the chat. I will let you know when things unfold

      Response from Denny on 27 August 2023
      You're welcome. Please do let me know how it all unfolds for you; sending you all good wishes for a wonderful outcome! Bright Blessings.x
    • Circle11674708
      On 26 August 2023

      Very friendly and gave me a charming in-depth reading. xx

      Response from Denny on 26 August 2023
      Thank you so much for your lovely words. My pleasure entirely. I truly hope it has helped you today and look forward to hearing all about how things unfold for you. Do please keep in touch and let me know how I can help in the future. You deserve all the good that is coming. Bright Blessings.xx
    • Bergamot
      On 26 August 2023

      I found Denny to be so easy to talk with and she had so many insights into my situation, past, present, and future. The information received from Denny will help me to move on from a difficult phase in my life by providing an understanding of what I've been going through on a practical and spiritual level. It also involved looking into what the future may hold so I don't feel stuck or trapped in this never ending cycle of suffering. I will look forward to talking with Denny again in the future. Thankyou Denny!

      Response from Denny on 26 August 2023
      Oh my goodness I am so very happy to hear this has helped you. You WILL get through this my lovely. You are strong, resilient and deserving of all the lovely things coming to you in the not so distant future so get ready for them!! Truly my pleasure to assist you, and I look forward very much to hearing all about how things unfold for you!! Bright Blessings. xx
    • Circle11621158
      On 22 August 2023

      Denny was so lovely & on point. It was a pleasure to chat to her & I look forward to her predicitions transpiring

      Response from Denny on 23 August 2023
      Thank you so much for your kind review! My pleasure. Please do let me know how things are unfolding for you. Bright Blessings.x
    • Circle12174198
      On 20 August 2023

      Thanks Denny will let you know how it unfolds

      Response from Denny on 21 August 2023
      Please do! Always my pleasure. Bright Blessings.x
    • C1979
      On 19 August 2023

      Thank you Denny! You’ve really helped me tonight I really appreciate it. So insightful and accurate about people involved xx

      Response from Denny on 19 August 2023
      Thank you for your kind words! You are more than welcome. So glad to be of help. Please take care, stay strong and let me know how it all unfolds for you. Brightest Blessings.x
    • Meesh
      On 18 August 2023

      Thank you for a great chat. Really useful information and helpful to guide me a bit during these rough times. Brighter times ahead I hope. Xx

      Response from Denny on 18 August 2023
      Most definitely! You are very welcome - it's my pleasure to help. Keep strong - all will be well. Take care, and do please let me know how thing unfold for you. Bright Blessings.x
    • Circle12301638
      On 17 August 2023

      This is the second time I have spoken with Denny... everything, literally everything she told me came true last time. She is reassuring, comforting and massively accurate. Thank you!

      Response from Denny on 18 August 2023
      Thank you so much for your lovely review! I am really happy to hear you found the reading comforting. Its truly my pleasure. Please do let me know how things are going for you! Don't worry! You're going to be fabulous!! Bright Blessings. xx

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