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Availability: 10am until 13.30pm Monday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Back working Saturday 15th June 2024 from 10am until 1.30pm.
My style of Working,
I am direct, caring and honest about what I see.Ask me anything you like! I will do my best to help you. I do psychic Tarot readings and use a Crystal Pendulum to answer your questions.
I specialise in Love & Relationship consultations.


I have more than 14 years experience in giving phone consultations.

I am Clairvoyant and Clairaudient


Tarot Cards and a Crystal Pendulum help me connect.


Don't dwell on the past, focus on the future


Going to the Gym keeps me happy.


I’ve worked for the circle since 2009, spoke to many people along the way, helped and guided people through stressful situations and also made many people happy through my spiritual guidance.


I work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10am until 13.30pm

Client reviews : 318   -   Average rating : 4.7
« Denise you are so nice. I really hope your predictions happen the way you say they will. Eagerly looking forward to July now. Thankyou very much x »
    • Shane
      On 25 May 2024

      Denise you are so nice. I really hope your predictions happen the way you say they will. Eagerly looking forward to July now. Thankyou very much x

      Response from Denise L on 26 May 2024
      It was lovely ???? to hear from, trust in the process and stay positive.
    • Vi
      On 15 May 2024

      Love my readings with Denise. She is very fast and very good with timelines. Predictions have all happened:)

      Response from Denise L on 23 May 2024
      Always a pleasure to read for you, focus on the predictions that I made and trust in the process.
    • Circle11591888
      On 12 May 2024

      Usually very spot on with timings. Denise can see things clearly and always accurate with upcoming events

    • Vi
      On 29 April 2024

      Very happy to say predictions happened and within the time frame given :) Thank you so much Denise. Will call again soon x

      Response from Denise L on 09 May 2024
      I’m happy to hear the predictions come right in the time frame given, look forward to hearing from you soon. X
    • Circle11377198
      On 27 April 2024

      First reading with Denise, she was direct, to the point but caring and doesnt waste time, really hope her predictions come true for me. I will confirm here if they do xx

    • S1990
      On 26 April 2024

      A few days ago, I had a reading with Denise regarding the person we were discussing. Denise assured me that it was not over and that the person would contact me by Friday. This gave me reassurance because Denise is known for her accurate predictions. However, since Denise was unavailable yesterday, I decided to consult other readers in the circle. Some of them mentioned that I would reconnect with the person in a couple of months, while others said it would happen within a couple of weeks. Despite the challenging situation, I remained doubtful that it would be resolved by Friday. However, it turns out that today is Friday and I have indeed reconnected with the person. This confirms the accuracy of Denise's prediction. I am incredibly grateful for Denise's guidance and insight.

    • S1990
      On 21 April 2024

      Denis, you are truly remarkable! Your ability to consistently provide accurate predictions is impressive. I have full confidence in your current predictions, and I eagerly await the outcome. Your past predictions have proven to be true, which further strengthens my belief in you. Thank you, Denis, for your exceptional insights and guidance. Xx

      Response from Denise L on 21 April 2024
      It’s always a great pleasure to read for you and I’m positive what we have discussed and the predictions I have made will come to fruition very soon. Look after yourself and look forward to hearing from you soon.
    • Sam
      On 15 April 2024

      Good reading, good energy. Very pleasant!

    • Posy
      On 27 March 2024

      Fabulous is all I can say don’t hesitate worth every penny and minute. Thankyou

    • S1990
      On 17 March 2024

      Wow, I'm at a loss for words. I've been receiving readings from Denise for the past year and she is truly one of the best Psychics I've encountered. Her predictions always come to light, and I've never experienced such accuracy with any other Psychic. I've been hesitant to leave a review for her out of selfishness, as I don't want her to become too busy for me to reach her. But I have to say, she has consistently amazed me. Today, I called her and asked about a specific person, and she confidently told me that I would meet this person in April. I was shocked because no one else knows about my plans to visit this person in April. The fact that she specified the second week of April made me jump with excitement.

    • M
      On 15 March 2024

      Amazing lady. Can’t wait for seeing predictions

    • Vi
      On 13 March 2024

      Love my readings with Denise. I've had many readings with her and her predictions come true. Denise is also so very very fast that I often can't leave a review because our readings don't last long enough. Thank you for today Denise, and I am sure I will be back very soon :) x

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