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On opening your consultation I will link into Spirit for you so that they can give you a guidance on your current path, I will also shuffle the cards so that I can see in to the windows of your life foundations,
This will help us to see your life on a whole, past, present and future, giving you options with your own free will and choice as to where you want to go from here and what you want to do about it.

You and Your Life, Love & Relationships, Career, Family & Home, Life Coaching

I was born with the 'gift' and have been reading for over 40 years now, and I am also a qualified Psychic Counsellor, Therapist and Reiki practitioner. I became an International psychic in 1994

Medium & Clairvoyant, . I was born as a Psychic and work with my Guides and Spirit,
I see, Hear, and Sense the spirit world.

I ask my Spirit guide to link with your spirit guide and work with my cards as the windows to the foundation of your life.

Always remember our spirits are there to guide us.

I have very little free time but when I do I enjoy performing Reiki and work closely with animals too.


I was born with the gift to see hear and feel spirit, I was then given guidance over the years by my mentor and quickly developed as a clairvoyant and medium, my father also taught me how to work with water to give readings, I also work with pure energy.


If I'm available I'll be here most days afternoon and or evenings

Client reviews : 667   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Thank you De, for the really positive reading. Can’t wait for things to unfold.  »
    • User11288041
      On 22 February 2024

      Thank you De, for the really positive reading. Can’t wait for things to unfold.

    • B1972
      On 19 February 2024

      It was a great reading! Deanne was accurate in what she said about my past so I trust her predictions about my future.

    • Circle11186918
      On 19 February 2024

      Love chatting with Deanne. Very helpful and wise advice comes through. I shall certainly follow your guidance and watch from afar. Many thanks

    • Circle11283758
      On 15 February 2024

      Dear Deanne. You once again gave me hope and reassurance that the POI is coming back into my life! Just when I want to give up.. you tell me not to and that he will be back. I really really hope the Predictions come true! I trust you’s just the waiting! Thank you. Xxx

    • CC
      On 15 February 2024

      Loved speaking to Deanne - everything she said made absolute sense

    • M1968
      On 15 February 2024

      Simply wonderful, what a reading ! Thanks Deanne ,speak very soon x

    • Circle11808718
      On 13 February 2024

      Thanks Deanne, lots to think about

    • Dreya
      On 13 February 2024

      Thank you Deanne. Much love to you. I heard the messages, even though it was a shaky line! Felt a shift by the end of our call, worth every penny x

    • Circle11150728
      On 13 February 2024

      Thank you Deanne for your reading. It was good to catch up and to get your predictions. Sorry this review is late but I had to say how important your readings are to me. Lots of love xxx

    • Circle11879028
      On 07 February 2024

      Absolutely marvelous reading! Although we do not speak often, it’s always wonderful and precisely what is needed.

    • Circle11665408
      On 05 February 2024

      Thank you for reaching out to me when I was giving up. It was incredible how you knew I was doing that from a previous consultation. Thank you for making me smile. I hope it comes true.

    • Circle12419368
      On 05 February 2024


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