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I am a natural born Psychic clairvoyant Medium specialising in Relationships, soul mates,& Twin flame readings. I love linking with your loved ones in the Spirit World to bring messages from our loved one.


I specialise in Relationships, Career and Twin Flames and contacting the spirit world


I have been consulting on TheCircle since October 2002 and I have been reading professionally for most of life from Romany decent.


Medium, Psychic, Clairvoyant Clairaudient and Clairsentient.


Crystal Ball. Spirit guides.


God is love and love is God.


Reading, meditation and Astrology. Cliff walking.


I have been a reading all of my life. from Romany decent. Laughable 60years. I specialise in all aspects of psychic and mediumship from talking to the spirit world. Angels. Soulmate relationships. Career predictions. To past life’s. And relationships


12pm to 9pm 7 days yippee

Client reviews : 1398   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Met up today :) Had a lovely time. Call soon x »
    • Vi
      On 23 July 2024

      Met up today :) Had a lovely time. Call soon x

      Response from Dawn on 23 July 2024
      Good morning. I am delighted. Thank you for the review update it’s always appreciated. Using my sixth sense I can see Clairvoyantly in my third eye that’s the relationship is beginning to strengthen. The spirit world tell me that the man in question is a soul mate, and he is developing feelings for you. We need to talk about this very soon lots of love and Angel blessings love and light Dawnxxxx
    • Johnofenton
      On 22 July 2024

      Hi dawn , superb as ever .. sorry not got hold of you this weekend , I will definitely ring you tomorrow , Can’t wait to hear what spirit have to say and update you myself Love xxx

      Response from Dawn on 23 July 2024
      Good evening, I did miss you over the weekend. It seemed quiet without you. Thank you for your review and update.always appreciated. looking forward to talking to you tomorrow yippee. my spirit guide has prophesied that the goddess of pretty faces is beginning to relax in your company and wishes, she could turn the clock back. Intuitively, I believe you are beginning to sense this too. talk very soon. Sleep well. Lots of love Dawn XXxx
    • Circle11434008
      On 22 July 2024

      I love talking with you Dawn, lovely manner, no sugar coating, lovely connection always feel we’re on the same page, love you’re guidance and reassurance always spot on with everything, does not disappoint. Thank you Dawn ****** Kim xxx

    • Stuart
      On 22 July 2024

      Thanks again for the reading Dawn. Well we creep ever closer to the end of July. I've had a real wobble this evening. Going to bed in a real panic. Loosing sense of what to believe now and its hurting on many levels. It may have been easier to forget and keep walking than suffer this continual torment.

      Response from Dawn on 23 July 2024
      Good morning, hope you’re still in bed ? I’m sorry you had such a rough night last night. The ancient, Greeks gods had an analogy, they felt a love affair was The most pain you could put on someone.. I totally agree with this. using my sixth sense I can see clairvoyantly ahead of you.The Vision shows me The Goddess of many dog walks is missing you and your humour. And will reach out towards you.. The spirit world keep telling me this is a soulmate twin flame relationship, and you are not wasting your time. I hope this helps? I know we need to talk very soon until then. Angel blessing.love and light Dawnxxx
    • Stream823
      On 22 July 2024

      What a brilliant reading tonight.Really pinponted the issues with timelines to resolve them.Thank you Dawn.I will sleep well tonight,

    • Stacey
      On 22 July 2024

      Just an update. I spoke to him & he’s confirmed where he’s living (it’s with her) & has no plans to ever return. Thanks for all the time we’ve spoke x

      Response from Dawn on 23 July 2024
      Good evening. thank you for the review update. I am really glad we talked tonight I know this is very hard on you. As we were discussing earlier my Spirit guide is showing me clairvoyantly in the Crystal ball, that the man in question is in a rebound relationship that simply will not last. . Psychically, I see him coming back to you. Having said that, I know this is, hell for you. Let’s talk very soon lots of love and angel, blessings love and light Dawnxxx
    • S
      On 22 July 2024

      Excellent reader. Been speaking to Dawn for a while and she's always on point and honest with everything. Thank you

      Response from Dawn on 23 July 2024
      Good morning. Thank you for the review update, I love talking to you. Your loyalty is appreciated. I want you to know that the spirit world has shown me psychically in a vision That’s the lady in question, will start to have second thoughts over the next few weeks, don’t be surprised if she starts to act friendlier. My spirit guide has also shown me there will be a breakthrough with your project in autumn. Yippee I know we will talk very soon until then Angel blessings love and light Dawnxxxx
    • Stacey
      On 21 July 2024

      Hi Dawn, I really hope you’re right about poi & there being a shift. I think he heard what I said when he left tonight. I’m keeping positive & hopeful for a reunion like your guides predict x

    • Circle11218018
      On 21 July 2024

      Very good confirmations. thank you

      Response from Dawn on 21 July 2024
      Good afternoon, thank you for the review update. I’ve sent you a message with the reason why they come back toward you. happy birthday for tomorrow. The spirit world are showing me clairvoyantly in the crystal ball that you will get your relationship back with your sons. psychically, I know they still both love you very much, and that it’s the older one that needs you the most, even though he hides it. Talk very soon. Have a great day tomorrow and Angel blessings. Love and light Dawn XXX
    • Circle11277648
      On 21 July 2024

      Direct and great insight. Down to earth, honest, kind, supportive, encouraging, and a good friend. Thank you so much. xx

      Response from Dawn on 22 July 2024
      Good morning friend. I really appreciate your review And updates. The spirit world is tell me through clair audience that you’re life will get easier now they are showing me through Clairvoyance in the crystal ball there are a lot of really good things ahead of you to include a soulmate, twin flame relationship knowing you so well, I know you totally deserve this you are a very spiritual, kind, hard working lady. I hope we talk very very soon. Angel blessings love and light Dawnxxxx
    • Stream1841
      On 21 July 2024

      Thank you Dawn as ever for your wisdom I hope this does move forward aand i hear later as you suggestef it would be odd ..as hoped i look forward to progression and the trip with son hapoens thats key..will let you know of course thank you again xx

      Response from Dawn on 23 July 2024
      Good morning. Amazing review and update. Were all going on a summer holiday, please can I come to? Intuitively, I know you will have a fantastic time. even though you won’t be alone together psychically, I know this will be a good time for the both of you. my spirit guide, showing me this will strengthen the relationship. I know we will talk very very soon. I am excited for you lots of love and angel bless blessing love and light Dawn XXX
    • Zhivka
      On 19 July 2024

      Thank you for the insightful reading. It was a pleasure talking to you.

      Response from Dawn on 20 July 2024
      Good evening. I wanted to say it was a real joy to meet you. And your parents in the spirit world, they both love you very much: Thank you for the review update.it’s totally appreciated. My spirit guide is showing me clairvoyantly, there is a happier job ahead of you away from negative influences. I am really hoping we talk again soon. Sleep well, knowing that you’ve done the right thing angel blessings love and light Dawnxxx

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