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Style: My guides are kind, caring and on your side. To get the best out of your reading today, take time to think about your subject beforehand, and keep an open mind how the information may come in for you. Spirit do know what is at the heart of your life. Trust yourself.

⭐Specialties: Love & Relationships, Career, Family & Home.

⭐Experience: I have been working here at TheCircle since 2013

⭐Gifts: Medium, Clairvoyant, Spirit Guides

⭐Tools: Tarot Cards, Runes, Auric Field,

⭐Mantra: Listen to your feelings they really are the window to guide you.

⭐Hobbies: Reading, Pilates, time with my pets.


30 years as a reader. Psychic fairs, Psychic demonstrations. Psychometry ( the reading of items and photos) Runes. Crystal vibration, aura readings, and spiritual vibration


I am usually available 10am -12pm UK time most weekdays. You can drop me a message if I am not here to ask for my next availability :)

Client reviews : 204   -   Average rating : 4.8
« She’s an excellent psychic. I feel what she’s saying is true. »
    • E1981
      On 07 June 2024

      She’s an excellent psychic. I feel what she’s saying is true.

      Response from Daisy on 07 June 2024
      Hi there, thanks for the review. I am really pleased the reading resonated with you. Love Daisy xx
    • Missval
      On 05 June 2024

      There aren’t enough stars for Daisy, 5 stars just don’t do justice to her talent! A truly authentic, compassionate and amazing reader. Always a pleasure to talk to and always accurate in her insights!

      Response from Daisy on 05 June 2024
      My dear Missval, thank you for the kind review. Keep faith in yourself that life can work out in all its glory. Its the 'keep trying' that will lead you to the success you wish. Much love to you. Daisy xx
    • Circle11621158
      On 03 June 2024

      Always wonderful to speak with. Predictions pass and others yet to come remain consistent. Thanks so much Daisy

      Response from Daisy on 05 June 2024
      Such a pleasure to talk to you, and a lovely connection with spirit in your reading today. Keep going with the creative avenues. Lots of love, Daisy xx
    • K1965
      On 14 March 2024

      Daisy is just so lovely to speak to. What she sees does happen and it’s always a joy each time you call. Thanks Daisy will be in touch next week to let you know about the next 5 days!!! Lots of love

      Response from Daisy on 15 March 2024
      Our chats are always a pleasure. You have a lot of love around you from spirit, and lots of encouragement to see through the next chapter. Lots of love to you, Daisy xx
    • Ktpink
      On 22 February 2024

      I was so sorry my credit ran out as I could have talked for hours. But in the time I had so much information just flowed from Daisy and her guides. Truly amazing and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to consult them. Everything relatable and so empowering. I trust all will unfold as accurately as before. Thank you Daisy for sharing your remarkable gift. Karen xx

      Response from Daisy on 24 February 2024
      Hi there Karen, thank you so much for the kind words. You always have a great connection with spirit. Talk soon, love Daisy xx
    • Fionabbb12
      On 31 January 2024

      Excellent reading thank you

      Response from Daisy on 31 January 2024
      Great to chat with you today. Wishing you all the best with the situation. Love Daisy xx
    • Circle11138068
      On 18 January 2024

      Thank you Daisy - lovely reading.

      Response from Daisy on 26 January 2024
      Thank you for the kind review. Wishing you all the best, love Daisy xx
    • Circle11602818
      On 17 January 2024

      Lovely and uplifting, thanks Daisy xx

      Response from Daisy on 17 January 2024
      Great to connect with you again today. There is more to come forward for you this year. Love Daisy xx
    • A1967
      On 17 January 2024

      Thank you so much Daisy for your clear, confident and compassionate reading. You really are one of the best readers on this site.

      Response from Daisy on 17 January 2024
      Always a pleasure to chat with you, love Daisy xx
    • Circle11621158
      On 01 December 2023

      Such a treasure, so wonderful to speak with, always consistent, the same information always comes through, so clear, accurate & lovely. Thank you so much Daisy

      Response from Daisy on 01 December 2023
      So good to catch up with you today. Keep faith in where you wish to progress towards. You have a solid foundation of talent. Love Daisy xx
    • A1967
      On 24 November 2023

      Thank you Daisy for your kind reassurance and deep insights. You really quelled my anxieties.

      Response from Daisy on 01 December 2023
      I am so pleased to hear you had such a positive experience with your reading. Wishing you all the best with everything, love Daisy xx
    • K1965
      On 03 November 2023

      Daisy is amazing yesterday told me that she could see me getting the job and today I have the job ! She’s also said another one in the pipeline and love life with dates. She’s just fabulous xx

      Response from Daisy on 06 November 2023
      Thank you my lovely, the feedback is appreciated, its always great to know that our spirit friends are getting the info to us in the right way. Lots of love Daisy xx

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