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With guidance from my Tarot cards, I give honest, helpful, caring and non judgemental readings.  My cards are there to offer a different perspective in the situations that are troubling you. After a consultation with me, you should feel empowered, encouraged and positive about the way ahead.

Love and Relationships


I’ve been consulting on TheCircle since October 2012.




Tarot cards help me to connect with you.


It's nice to be nice.

Family, motorbike travel, bodybalance, singing and knitting keep me happy.


Over 12 years of experience of delivering tarot readings.

Client reviews : 240   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Another lovely chat with things given that bring in the positive thought process. Thank you lovely xxx »
    • Circle11150728
      On 20 September 2023

      Another lovely chat with things given that bring in the positive thought process. Thank you lovely xxx

    • Circle11150728
      On 20 September 2023

      Hi lovely, thank you for your readings, lots of information to push me forward into a more relaxed and happy time. xxx

    • Marielo
      On 11 September 2023

      My Scottish Fairy ?‍♀️ A 10000 thanks and even on Chat you made me laugh !!! Super fast, accurate and predictions made : they do come true with Coralie ! Merciiiii xxx

    • Circle11150728
      On 11 September 2023

      Thanks lovely. Great to chat but really love to hear your voice. Thank you for the update xxx

    • Stream13123
      On 11 September 2023

      Coralie. Is an amazing reader - honest and straight to the point ( in a kind way ????) Will be back in touch around October ( holidays , etc. ????)❤️

    • Circle11416838
      On 10 September 2023

      Excellent Reading with brilliant and accurate insight into the situation with my POI.

    • Monica
      On 24 August 2023

      As ever amazing, honest and direct (in a good Scottish way :-). Enjoy our meetings but yesterday especially so; I actually now "get it" after all my questions ; understand and it the best approach. I have always been concerned we would end up where we were before. I feel very comfortable re: the approach being taken (just not patient). Wonderful. x

    • Circle11150728
      On 18 August 2023

      Thank you lovely, your readings are always honest and helpful. I am waiting for H to get that job xxx

    • Maddy
      On 06 August 2023

      Friendly and caring reader, positive and uplifting. Got cut off b4 could read your last message. Thank you xx Maddy xxx

    • S1981
      On 28 July 2023

      Hello dear Coralie, sorry we got cut off! It was my battery! I tried to call back but you were busy! Thank you for all you shared and the kindness and warmth with which you did it! Sending you loads of love and thanks! Serena xxx✨

    • Stream13123
      On 26 July 2023

      Thank you and thank you for the message. Very comforting. Yes , no fool like an old fool. Busy time at work!

      Response from Coralie on 26 July 2023
      Thank you. Now back to work xx
    • Stream13123
      On 26 July 2023

      Sorry, had to go to meeting x

      Response from Coralie on 26 July 2023
      Thank you, I have messaged you with a bit more info xx

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