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With guidance from my Tarot cards, I give honest, helpful, caring and non judgemental readings.  My cards are there to offer a different perspective in the situations that are troubling you. After a consultation with me, you should feel empowered, encouraged and positive about the way ahead.

Love and Relationships


I’ve been consulting on TheCircle since October 2012.




Tarot cards help me to connect with you.


It's nice to be nice.

Bodybalance, Motorbike travel, Choir singing and family keep me happy.


Over 12 years of experience of delivering tarot readings.

Client reviews : 202   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Epic reading … brilliant at what she does… Coralie is amazing … 5 stars every time »
    • Circle11693858
      On 17 March 2023

      Epic reading … brilliant at what she does… Coralie is amazing … 5 stars every time

      Response from Coralie on 21 March 2023
      Thank you so much. Always a pleasure xx
    • Circle11882638
      On 08 March 2023

      Thanks for reading. This advisor has been accurate in the past for me.

      Response from Coralie on 17 March 2023
      Always a pleasure xx
    • Circle_12151788
      On 17 January 2023

      Thanks for sharing the love x

    • Circle_12151788
      On 12 January 2023

      on point and clear advice, much apreciated x

    • Circle_12179178
      On 06 December 2022

      Was very open and helpful and spot on with what's going on in my life at the moment

    • Circle_12151788
      On 26 October 2022

      Bless you xx

    • Circle_12151788
      On 10 October 2022


    • lynn07
      On 27 September 2022

      Brilliant as always. Consistent, accurate and funny - a complete star ⭐️ xx

    • Circle_11150728
      On 26 September 2022

      Are call was informative and always a pleasure it ended 11.11am Val xxx

    • Circle_12151788
      On 02 September 2022

      Love her so much x

    • Circle_11118038
      On 24 August 2022

      ... and Coralie was able to get to the heart of it immediately. I only had less than 5 minutes, but she connected quickly and gave minute detail. It wasn't necessarily what I wanted to hear, but that was what I called for, and that is why I called Coralie - because having spoken with her many times before she will always give a truthful answer, as she sees it, delivered with love and compassion. She is funny, knows her stuff, connects quickly - and is just lovely xx

    • Circle_11312428
      On 18 August 2022

      as above; clear, concise, to the point and very relevant in her readings

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