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I am a normal woman that has had experiences like you and I know what happiness and sadness is. I always knew I was an empath, intuitive and spiritual individual. I have accepted that I feel what others are feeling. For a while, I was helping only friends and relatives until I understood what my mission was.

My guardian angels and spirit guides support me daily on this journey to fulfil my mission. Through using these empathic gifts and with the help of cards, pendulum, runes or just by listening your voice, I want to help you find solutions, clarity, and fulfilment, Ask me the questions and I will give you my guides' answers for you. “My goal is to guide your empowerment”. My sessions are sincere and with love for you to get clarity about any topic of your life.

When I feel your anxiety or pain that you are going through, I send you reiki to help you feel better.

During my sessions, I use oracle and tarot cards:
Rider Waite Tarot Cards
Angel Tarot Cards
Goddesses, Gods & Guardians Oracle Cards
Angel Therapy Oracle Cards
Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards
Love Oracle Cards


I participate in Holistic Fairs as presenter, instructor and also offering my sessions.
Experience: Reiki Master, Meditation Master, Board Certified Hypnotist, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Card Reading, Psychic, Medium, Pendulum and Sound Vibrational

Client reviews : 17   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Very good reading  »
    • Louisedrury
      On 17 June 2024

      Very good reading

      Response from Clarity on 17 June 2024
      Thank you so much. It was a pleasure. By connecting with your higher self and listening, you will always have the clarity for your next decisions.
    • User111141581
      On 16 April 2024

      So helpful and accurate lovely to speak with !

      Response from Clarity on 16 April 2024
      You are amazing. You are empowered and protected. Keep connecting with your higher self, get clarity for your next decisions, always with love and light. You are creating your destiny. Hugs
    • Ruth M
      On 02 March 2024

      A very helpful reading to clarify my relating dynamics and advice on how to heal thankyou

      Response from Clarity on 02 March 2024
      My dear Ruth. It was a pleasure. This is a message from Archangel Oracle Cards: You are being blessed. Accept Archangel Raphael"s emerald green light while your strength is being enhanced. Hugs for you
    • Diane
      On 24 February 2024

      Wow absolutely amazing picked up on poi down to tee everything she said described him perfect sad situation I really hope her predictions come true . 100% new he was my soul mate just needed clarification I really hope he heals and happiness enters in our future. Thank you

      Response from Clarity on 01 March 2024
      Dear Diane, Thank you so much. This is my mission and it makes so happy to receive confirmation. A have a message for you from Archangel Michael Oracle Cards: You are a child of the Divine and you deserve to have your dreams come true. Don't give up! Hugs, Clarity
    • Balde6
      On 18 February 2024

      Clarity , she is an Excellent clairvoyant , very accurate and straight to the point , highly recommended ! ! ! !

      Response from Clarity on 17 February 2024
      Thank you my dear. The message for you is : Be the real you. Your greatest power comes from being who you truly are. Don't let anyone sway you from expressing your authentic self. love and hugs
    • Del
      On 17 February 2024

      Lovely clear reading picked up on poi and was very clear on her predictions look forward to them coming in thanks x

      Response from Clarity on 17 February 2024
      Thank you my dear. The message for you is : Embrace the magical moment. You are in the perfect energetic space for manifesting miracles. Allow your wishes to be fulfilled. Hugs
    • Susie
      On 09 January 2024

      So lovely. Thank you xxxx

      Response from Clarity on 09 January 2024
      Thank you my dear. It was. pleasure. There is a message from Archangel Michael for you: " Pray from the heart. Prayer really can move mountains. Reach out to the Divine with your heart's concerns and watch miracles around". Hugs for you,
    • Sandi
      On 09 December 2023

      Omg!!! The most considerate and beautiful reader here. I absolutely adore this woman!!!!

      Response from Clarity on 10 December 2023
      Thank you my dear. You are powerful. The message of Archangel Michael for you is : Trust the divine purpose. Every experience has a meaning. And you are on a path of growth. Sending you hugs.
    • James
      On 27 October 2023

      Very good thanks. Will be calling back soon

      Response from Clarity on 27 October 2023
      it was a pleasure. i appreciate your review. This is the message from Archangel Michael to you: Allow me to use my sword of light to free you from things that hold you back. You are powerful to create your destiny. Many hugs
    • Bwarren
      On 25 October 2023

      Thank you for your time

      Response from Clarity on 27 October 2023
      it was a pleasure. Always happy to hear your voice and give you clarity. The message for you is : You have the resources or ability to manifest what you want. Life is magical.
    • Sandi
      On 24 October 2023

      Clarity is so beautiful and so accurate. She gets straight to the question and can connect very well with me. Thank you and I love YOU

      Response from Clarity on 24 October 2023
      Thank you so much for your words. Your soul is beautiful. Just listen always your higher self. You are empowered. Love and hugs.
    • Bwarren
      On 23 October 2023

      Thanks so much!

      Response from Clarity on 24 October 2023
      It was a pleasure. A message from Archangel Michael for you: Trust your angels. Your dreams will com true. Trust that heaven has a perfect plan.

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