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Style: Direct and non judgemental, a reading with me should leave you feeling informed and uplifted. I am Spirit's "telephone". I link in and translate - no matter how odd - anything they want to tell us. I am most definitely their tool and not the other way around - I wish! - and they do like to set the agenda.

Specialities: Love and Relationships, the Work Environment, Spirituality, Past Life resonances.

I am a Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant, Spiritual and Shamanic Healer. Having studied with longstanding, accredited training organisations in the various ways of working with Spirit, my knowledge has a wide scope. Like my main Shamanic ally - the Crow - I am investigative and curious, and like to "pick things up" as I go along.

Encouraged by Spirit to develop and grow my abilities into the training area, the need to understand and practice Reiki became obvious as my students who came to me from that form of healing were drawn to the other various other Spiritual forms, I tutor. I am a Reiki Master, and from that field I moved into Past Life Therapy (PLT).

Never a still moment in my education from Spirit; as one skill developed another one was brought to my attention. My final lesson - so far - came from an Australian Shaman - that I literally "bumped into" whilst walking out of a room holding my newly aquired certificate to practice PLT.

Tools: Many and various, as said above, I normally "just(!) link into" Spirit and become their mouthpiece, when information is sought. My best loved "tool" is a shamanic gift of Native American Tarot Cards. Please ask if you prefer me to work with cards, although it isn't my initial medium of choice.

Life Mantra: You only live once! Well, this time around anyway :-)

Hobbies: I enjoy travel and all forms of research and knowledge gathering - it's the Crow in me :-)


40 years' experience of listening to & working with Spirit as a Psychic, Medium and Clairvoyant. Reiki Master (20 years) and Past Life Therapist (15 years). 20+ years @ The Circle. An Australian Shaman taught me much including soul retrieval.


On duty Sunday 4th to Thursday 8th June - all 07.00-11.00 UK time

Client reviews : 516   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Work situation resolved!  »
    • Roosters2win
      On 05 June 2023

      Work situation resolved!

    • Roosters2win
      On 04 June 2023

      Chrissie helped me with a six month work saga that finally has ended. Thank you very much.

    • Roosters2win
      On 01 June 2023

      Great comfort for a work matter

    • Circle11222948
      On 28 May 2023

      Thank you so much for the reading. A lovely lady who doesn't sugar coat but still delivers in a very good way. I hope the predictions come to pass

    • Circle12346818
      On 28 May 2023

      Very connected and so much information thank you

    • Circle11674708
      On 27 May 2023

      Very nice lady and turned in straight away. Made me fee better, and I feel hopeful and happy now. xx

    • Circle12150438
      On 27 May 2023

      Amazing so in tune straight away x

    • Roosters2win
      On 14 May 2023

      Chrissie has been an enormous help with a work situation. Thank you very much as always.

    • Clare
      On 11 May 2023

      Great reading. Very helpful re "friends" and past life stuff. Lots of info and great visuals from the guides. Thank you.

    • Circle11693858
      On 05 May 2023

      Chrissie is simply the best.

      Response from Chrissie on 10 May 2023
      Building a connection and and just being able to "be there" to help in times of need is a pleasure x
    • Roosters2win
      On 02 May 2023

      Welcome back Chrissie and thank you for the work advice!

      Response from Chrissie on 10 May 2023
      It's a pleasure to be able to return and help x
    • Circle11396398
      On 11 April 2023

      Thank you Chrissie for confirming with spirit that I have made the right decision. From now on it is onwards and upwards! I look forward to reporting back to you with an update!

      Response from Chrissie on 11 April 2023
      With your natural optimism and positive mind-set, you will make those intentions work for you x

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