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Thursday 30th May 1pm to 6pm
Friday 31st May 8pm to 10pm
Saturday 1st May 9am to 12:00
Monday 3rd June 4pm to 7pm

I specialise in helping you with all questions on Love, Relationships, Career, Family & Home.
I offer clear, compassionate guidance to help with any situation life may throw at you.

My readings are honest, deeply insightful and designed to leave you feeling uplifted, optimistic and better able to see yourself and the situations in your life with clarity. I combine Tarot, Astrology, and guidance from Spirit to help you get unstuck, answer the questions you’re struggling with and make lasting, positive change in your life.

The gifts I use to help you include: Clairvoyance, Spiritual Mediumship, Tarot, Astrology, Angel and Crystals.
These abilities all help me connect with you and those you need insight into.

“It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters.” – Amit Ray

I love to create, I love spending time in my garden and walking in nature. My passion for helping others is what I live each day for.


I have over 25 years' experience of giving counselling in readings using all the gifts I am blessed with, and have great compassion with people going through difficult times. I have written for newspapers, magazines and internet sites.


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Client reviews : 524   -   Average rating : 4.8
« Cambiel is a ray of sunshine, she gives hope and makes you feel like you have purpose in the world xx »
    • Nicola
      On 29 April 2024

      Cambiel is a ray of sunshine, she gives hope and makes you feel like you have purpose in the world xx

      Response from Cambiel on 03 May 2024
      Thank you for your incredibly kind words, they mean the world to me! Wishing you abundant happiness and countless blessings as you journey along your chosen path. May it be filled with joy, success, and all the wonderful things life has to offer!
    • Shane
      On 20 April 2024

      Very good reading. Thankyou for you support Cambiel. I truly needed it x

      Response from Cambiel on 20 April 2024
      It is quite the journey you are on, and I am so glad to be able to offer you the support and guidance from Spirit that you, and the person in question, need.
    • Kim
      On 18 April 2024

      Thank you so much for the clarification, it very much helped me feel at ease!!

      Response from Cambiel on 20 April 2024
      I'm very happy to have provided the clarity and reassurance you need my dear, and wish you every blessing x
    • Circle11138068
      On 21 February 2024

      Thank you for your reassurance.

      Response from Cambiel on 21 February 2024
      I'm happy to have been of help in regards to your son's situation, and I see far better prospects for him going forward.
    • Circle12044928
      On 15 February 2024

      Very good and answered all my questions

      Response from Cambiel on 15 February 2024
      Thank you, my lovely. It is a complex situation, but with guidance from spirit, I am glad that you have more clarity now. Thank you, and please know that I wish you every blessing x
    • Danielle
      On 09 February 2024

      Thank you Cambiel I got all the answers I was seeking x

      Response from Cambiel on 15 February 2024
      I'm so very glad I was able to give you the answers you needed, my dear. The cards show a positive future for you and for your family. Spirit bless you and yours x
    • Dwatts
      On 08 February 2024

      Always lovely speaking with Cambiel, she always picks up on the energies around me. Praying my situation comes to pass! Thank you xx

      Response from Cambiel on 15 February 2024
      It's always such a pleasure to chat with you :-) The astrology does look positive for you regarding your hopes and wishes, and I hope to hear good news when next we chat x
    • Stream5424
      On 30 January 2024


      Response from Cambiel on 30 January 2024
      Many thanks dear. It has been quite a journey for you and I am so pleased to have been there for you. A new chapter is opening and that is exciting news. .
    • Circle12150438
      On 30 January 2024

      Great reader and great reading.. x

      Response from Cambiel on 30 January 2024
      Thank you so much, and I am sure the situation will improve. Spirit has guided you this far, and the cards do show a more positive future. Please know that I wish you every blessing x
    • Shane
      On 24 January 2024

      Thankyou Cambiel I left the reading smiling X

      Response from Cambiel on 30 January 2024
      I was so happy to put your mind at ease; and to have given you a sense of hope for the desired outcome.
    • Circle12150438
      On 06 January 2024

      Lovely reader, tunes in quickly and good chat/banter too

      Response from Cambiel on 06 January 2024
      Ahh thanks so much my lovely. I had a strong connection with you, and from all I gathered through connecting with spirit and consulting the cards and your chart, I feel certain things are set to improve in the very near future. Do let me know x
    • Circle11999928
      On 24 December 2023

      She was nice quick and troop highly recommend

      Response from Cambiel on 25 December 2023
      Thank you so much, dear. I know we did not have much time. but I have saved the information that Spirit imparted to me so we can look at it if you are able to come back to me.

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