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Did you know your ancestors spirits live within yourself? Are you living the life you wanted?

Do you have questions? I have the answers.
When you realize how your aura is vibrating, then you will attract what you desire most.

*I do not make predictions*
I receive messages from your Spirit Guides and communicate to you exactly what they tell me through the cards or the quartz stones.

I make specific questions to connect with your guides. The emotional barriers that do not allow you feel happy most of the time had been built during your prenatal life or at the moment of birth.
Please do not be surprised that I could ask you about your birth. Your guides are guiding me to do so.

Amelia lived in fear in a toxic relationship, after a reading she realized that she was replicating the life of one of her ancestors out of loyalty.

How much do you know about your ancestors? Do you live with uncertainty?

Laura did not understand why men abandoned her until she found the answers in her prenatal life experience, in which we find ourselves vulnerable and subject to the sensory and emotional experiences of our parents.

I invite you to connect with your intuition and inner wisdom through a psychic reading, understanding your past from another perspective and in this way enrich your present and visualize a future according to your own beliefs, breaking dysfunctional patterns and building a life. fuller.

More than 30 yrs of experience as a psychic.


tools: cards, shells and stones


More than 35 years
Prenatal Therapist
Master Certified in NLP
Cognitive Imaging Profiler

Client reviews : 50   -   Average rating : 4.4
« Hello Bliss It’s the second time I have experienced your gift. My first call resulted in me being offered a job a couple of days after speaking with you. Today, you set my mind at rest regarding my family. Thank you. I will speak with you again to hear more about me. Continued blessings, Helen  »
    • S1966
      On 17 September 2023

      Sorry but did not connect as nothing she said was correct, i am moving home in the next couple of weeks and she said i am not moving until mid next year, i am moving as it is all in place. If i dont move (in which i do not have a choice!) i will update this review. I feel she did pick up that the connection was not there as she went offline straight away after my reading! Its ok not to have a connection but the reader needs to let you know, i have had this with other readers and they have said please try some other time, which is the best thing to do.

      Response from Bliss on 18 September 2023
      Thanks for your review,, you are a reader yourself as you told me, so in the way I read I didn't see the moving, and yes I toled you I understood your position as for the no connection and I left because I didn't want you to waste your money and time with me if I was not fulfilling your expectations. Ithink that is the ethical thing to do. blessings
    • Circle11176828
      On 07 September 2023

      Hello Bliss It’s the second time I have experienced your gift. My first call resulted in me being offered a job a couple of days after speaking with you. Today, you set my mind at rest regarding my family. Thank you. I will speak with you again to hear more about me. Continued blessings, Helen

      Response from Bliss on 08 September 2023
      My dear Helen, it has been a pleasure, looking forward to speaking to you and again congratulations for the new job. In regards to your family it is good you feel at peace. Thanks for your trust. Until next
    • Lilpop
      On 25 August 2023

      A very wonderful person gave me some thoughtful advice to think about and changed my perspective on things I have going on in my life thank you so much for you help ????????

      Response from Bliss on 25 August 2023
      My dear girl. Remember that life is great because you make it great! so I am not the one that helps you, you are the one that realises your value and how much you deserve. So keep on going and I remind you , you are your priority.
    • Maddy
      On 06 August 2023

      wanted a lot of information from me , repetitive , didnt answer question, waste of money and expensive.

      Response from Bliss on 06 August 2023
      Many thanks for your review. Unfortunately you were asking the same question several times and I was not receiving the information I needed to check the vibes in your situation. So you are so right! I needed to repeat and repeat my question for you. Wishing you the best. Blessings
    • Alessio
      On 25 July 2023

      amazing reading thank you so much!!!

      Response from Bliss on 26 July 2023
      thanks for the review Alessio. remember that you are in the perfect moment to find love in the person of your dreams. You are a lovely man with a very big heart, I wish for you the best and trust in the Universe wisdom. cheers.
    • Circle12526508
      On 19 July 2023

      First reading with this lady. I felt it was a counselling session than reading. No predictions made. Some things resonated some didn't. £3 a minute is absolutely ridiculous. She's lovely to talk to but for that price you expect to be blown away with accuracy not asked question after question. Sorry x

      Response from Bliss on 19 July 2023
      Thanks for your review, I appreciate that you realised I am not a fortune teller, so my job has been done, I do not make predictions, if you read my profile I am very clear in what I offer. And you are very right, my fees tend to be the double of that, but I love my work here. Blessings.
    • G1970
      On 18 July 2023

      Very good reader

      Response from Bliss on 18 July 2023
      Thanks for your review. Blessings
    • Silvia69
      On 15 July 2023

      Lovely lady, learnt a lot, thank you!

      Response from Bliss on 16 July 2023
      You are very welcome Silvia, you were very open to these new ideas for improving your life. So now make it happen! You will be doing fine. Blessings
    • Circle11720548
      On 14 July 2023

      Awesome reading, really went above and beyond, thank you so much xxxx

      Response from Bliss on 14 July 2023
      You are very welcome my darling, have a wonderful new beginning cycle. Sent you a message in your inbox...Blessings
    • G1970
      On 10 July 2023

      Excellent reader

      Response from Bliss on 11 July 2023
      Thanks for your review, wishing you the best. Blessings
    • Circle12515978
      On 09 July 2023

      A lovely reader, wise and very intuitive.

      Response from Bliss on 09 July 2023
      Thanks a lot for your review! Blessings
    • Circle11858158
      On 08 July 2023

      it was a real privilege to get a reading from Bliss, she was able to pick up so much in a short time. I have come away feeling very reassure and clear on my next steps. I would definitely recommend her and will contact her again.

      Response from Bliss on 08 July 2023
      thanks for your review, it will be my pleasure to read you again. Keep the good work! Blessings

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