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Whenn your partner leaves you, does your life goes with him/her? Are you living the life you wanted?

Do you have questions? I have the answers.

Would you like to know if it is worthy to fight for him/her?
Does your life end when your partner leaves you?

When you realize how your aura is vibrating, then you will attract what you desire most.

*I do not make predictions*
I receive messages from your Spirit Guides and communicate to you exactly what they tell me through the cards or the quartz stones.

I make specific questions to connect with your guides. The emotional barriers that do not allow you feel happy most of the time had been built during your prenatal life or at the moment of birth.
Please do not be surprised that I could ask you about your birth. Your guides are guiding me to do so.

Amelia lived in fear in a toxic relationship, after a reading she realized that she was replicating the life of one of her ancestors out of loyalty.

How much do you know about your ancestors? Do you live with uncertainty?

Laura did not understand why men abandoned her until she found the answers in her prenatal life experience, in which we find ourselves vulnerable and subject to the sensory and emotional experiences of our parents.

I invite you to connect with your intuition and inner wisdom through a psychic reading, understanding your past from another perspective and in this way enrich your present and visualize a future according to your own beliefs, breaking dysfunctional patterns and building a life. fuller.

More than 30 yrs of experience as a psychic.


tools: cards, shells and stones


More than 35 years
Prenatal Therapist
Master Certified in NLP
Cognitive Imaging Profiler

Client reviews : 64   -   Average rating : 4.4
« Was very insightful thank you  »
    • Beswick24
      On 19 February 2024

      Was very insightful thank you

      Response from Bliss on 19 February 2024
      Thank you very much for your comment. I wish you have peace in your heart and that you remember that every person did what they could with the level of conscousness they had. Blessings
    • Circle12505788
      On 11 February 2024

      To be fair it was a waste of my free 10 minutes. I never got anything from the reading

      Response from Bliss on 11 February 2024
      Thanks for the review, I am so sorry you didn't see the value of the reading, anyway for a deep reading it is advisable to have much more time. We cannot sort important life issues in just 10 minutes. and they were free! It will always be very important to invest in our lives the same amount of time considering how many years had taken us to the situation we are in. Blesisngs. Looking forward to have a deep reading in the future..Bliss
    • Circle11138068
      On 21 January 2024

      Thank you for the reading.

      Response from Bliss on 23 January 2024
      you are very welcome, It was a pleasure for me to read you. Blessings
    • Smithy
      On 14 January 2024

      Kept saying he when it's a she

      Response from Bliss on 14 January 2024
      Thanks for that note, I am not familiar with the names you mentioned and in a 3 min reading you didn't specifiy the gender. anyway I read energies and he or she is just the gender. What matters is the energy of the spirit. Looking forward to have a complete reading with you. Blessings
    • Anita
      On 10 January 2024

      No help

      Response from Bliss on 11 January 2024
      Dear Anita. You are so right! we needed more time, so please if you would like a very good reading in order to go deep into your issue I recommend for you to top your credit. Blessings
    • Indie
      On 05 January 2024

      Bliss is a lovely lady, so well spoken and very comforting to talk to, she explains so much in detail and she is a very intelligent woman. She made so much sense and gave me so many answers to my relationship status. Totally recommend her she is amazing! Xxx

      Response from Bliss on 05 January 2024
      My dear Indie, it was a pleasure to talk to you, and the best of this reading was your openess and honesty in answering certain questions that were important for you to understand why you felt like you felt. I wish for you the best and remember, you are talented and gifted and you deserve to grow all that so you can share with society your skills. Think of progressing in all the areas of your life. Blessed youth!
    • Vonnie
      On 29 December 2023

      Very good reading

      Response from Bliss on 31 December 2023
      Good evening darling. Thanks for that review I wish for you the best in jyour life. Remember you are your priority. blessings
    • Samson Okwuosa
      On 10 December 2023


      Response from Bliss on 10 December 2023
      thanks for your review. Looking forward to see you soon, and eventually with more time so I can resolve for you more of the issues that you are interested in. Blessings
    • S1950
      On 06 December 2023

      Good honest reading

      Response from Bliss on 06 December 2023
      thanks for that review my dear. It was a pleasure to read you. Looking forward to see you again. Blessings
    • Rebecca
      On 21 November 2023

      Evrytime i see a clarevoyamt i get notning.wķ

      Response from Bliss on 26 November 2023
      Dear Rebecca that must be awful!! There are many people here that you could contact. Please do, not everybody is for you, and you are not for everybody, you will find the match with your clairvoyant
    • A1991
      On 24 October 2023

      Has actually really annoyed me with this reading, it takes 2 people to make a child, a planed child id like to add, so there for said child is the reasonability of both parents not just the mother!

      Response from Bliss on 25 October 2023
      Thanks for your comment. I respect your very personal belief. Blessings
    • Circle12461928
      On 16 October 2023

      Thank you bliss for the clarification I needed in my life right now I will certainly becoming back to you again you have given me the advice I need to hear but not wanted ti hear back thank you

      Response from Bliss on 16 October 2023
      You are very welcome dear, sometimes an adversity is not nice but behind it comes a blessing. Maybe you ca't understand it in this moment to the full, but time will tell. Just remember that you deserve better. Blessings

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