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I am a caring psychic reader. I will use my knowledge of the Tarot and Runes, connecting with your guides to give you clairvoyant and clairsentient guidance regarding the choices you have. I use my psychic readings to give you direction in life and to give the answers you are seeking to understand your pathway.
I specialise in Love & Relationships, Family & Home and Career consultations

I have been delivering messages from Spirit with clarity, discernment and immense reverence to them for turning up consistently since I was 14 years old. I have a deep faith which assists me in my work daily.


I have the gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognisance, Mediumship, Psychic, Angels, Spirit Guides, past life Akashic records, tarot and energy clearing


Change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


I love keeping fit, gym, weight training, running and dancing. I enjoy reading Spiritual books, cooking, gardening, walking in nature, volunteering, sewing, textiles, interior decorating, art history and historic architecture.


Forty years tuning into spirit

Client reviews : 250   -   Average rating : 4.9
« You always show me the bigger picture Autumn, no matter what the situation. This one is a difficult one and I felt stuck in a rut. I needed to hear the voice of reason to snap me out of it. Thank you for showing me the way forward. Xxx »
    • Dill
      On 28 September 2023

      You always show me the bigger picture Autumn, no matter what the situation. This one is a difficult one and I felt stuck in a rut. I needed to hear the voice of reason to snap me out of it. Thank you for showing me the way forward. Xxx

    • Dill
      On 25 September 2023

      You’re so knowledgeable and always put me at ease. Thank you Autumn

      Response from Autumn on 25 September 2023
      God bless you darling always a pleasure. It has been very tough check out those solar flares. Keep abreast of the astrology and trust the journey easier said than done I know sweetie great to connect with you today so pleased for you that you’ve come so far on this journey, you doing really really well take care bye for now, autumn.❤️
    • Circle11843328
      On 25 September 2023

      Great reading! Thank you!

      Response from Autumn on 25 September 2023
      Thank you so much for your kind with you. Always such a pleasure reading with you you take care stay in touch. Let us know how you get on. Bye for now autumn❤️
    • Kaz
      On 13 September 2023

      Thank you gorgeous Autumn , truly a very beautiful soul, I love chatting with you , I really do , and amazing reading again, you make me feel so uplifted and the work I’m doing is worth it , I will keep connected to you and have more calls most definitely , take care gorgeous, and Love and Light always ????

      Response from Autumn on 13 September 2023
      Goodness, an absolute pleasure and a treat to reconnect with you beautiful soul. What a wonderful way to spend the day reading with you. Many thanks for the call. Wonderful to reconnect all the very best stay strong keep being you and keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you so much again for the wonderful kind review all my love autumn.❤️
    • Kaz
      On 10 September 2023

      Thank you very much Autumn for giving me some clarity on my situation, amazing reading and a lovely person to chat with , definitely recommend

      Response from Autumn on 10 September 2023
      Was absolutely lovely reading for you today. So interesting that you are already doing everything that spirit wanted to guide you to do you literally could have done your own reading. !! Bless you stay strong believe in yourself you are completely on track and do find some more lovely, kind things to do for yourself whilst this chap is processing his overwhelm. All my contest regards and many thanks for your lovely review autumn ❤️
    • Kay
      On 26 August 2023

      I didn’t get to say goodbye or thank you , I will be back again I looked at your time table - things you said - are things he has said ???? scared me but feel a little clearer x thank you Autumn xx

      Response from Autumn on 26 August 2023
      Aw bless you that’s ok xxx e mail me if you’re needing a reading x of course my pleasure x you’re on the right track trust the journey if you can thanks for the kind review lovely to connect today x much love x Autumn ❤️
    • Huong
      On 26 August 2023

      Thank you Autumn for all of your clarities and insights.

      Response from Autumn on 26 August 2023
      Always a pleasure try to remember you can never lose what is for you thanks for the kind review much love x autumn ❤️
    • A1968
      On 10 August 2023

      I have had a couple of calls with Autumn over this year, and I just love her no-nonsense approach. What a knowledgeable lady she is! Highly empathic and compassionate in her delivery, fairminded and totally grounded. She effortlessly links in immediately with so many initial validations which then expand and open out. If you want a truthful connection with accurate details surrounding what messages come through for you then Autumn is your lady! This is why I come back :) xxx

      Response from Autumn on 13 August 2023
      Bless you always a complete pleasure reconnecting with you definitely growth in self development areas for you onwards and upwards xxxx thanks for the lovely review I hope you have the best holiday x looking forward to catching up — on the other side— much love bye for now x autumn ❤️
    • Hotpants
      On 06 August 2023

      Excellent very good advice and chill us out

      Response from Autumn on 09 August 2023
      Bless you always a pleasure stay strong and keep going many thanks for the kind review xxxx autumn ❤️
    • Tina
      On 06 August 2023

      Great she was spot on. Thank you Autumn

      Response from Autumn on 09 August 2023
      Just lovely to connect with you so glad it made so much sense x all my love autumn xx
    • Circle11383028
      On 15 July 2023

      Autumn is a truly masterful, clear and neutral chanel of Spirit. I always come away with clairity and a renewed faith in the goodness of the universe.

      Response from Autumn on 17 July 2023
      Just lovely to reconnect with you fantastic to see so many good things on your horizon. Your children definitely seem to be a chip off the old block so to speak definitely pursuing humanitarian goats as well you romance seems very well starred as does your professional development Everything looks completely on track x Please do let us know how you get on. What a pleasure reading for you. Many thanks for the kind review and five star rating. I look forward to our next reading much love autumn.❤️
    • Riri
      On 02 July 2023

      Lovely reading as always. Thanks Autumn

      Response from Autumn on 11 July 2023
      Always an absolute pleasure xx many thanks for your kind review x you take care of you until the next time all my love x Autumn x❤️

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