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I am a caring psychic reader. I will use my knowledge of the Tarot and Runes, connecting with your guides to give you clairvoyant and clairsentient guidance regarding the choices you have. I use my psychic readings to give you direction in life and to give the answers you are seeking to understand your pathway.
I specialise in Love & Relationships, Family & Home and Career consultations

I have been delivering messages from Spirit with clarity, discernment and immense reverence to them for turning up consistently since I was 14 years old. I have a deep faith which assists me in my work daily.


I have the gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognisance, Mediumship, Psychic, Angels, Spirit Guides, past life Akashic records, tarot and energy clearing


Change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


I love keeping fit, gym, weight training, running and dancing. I enjoy reading Spiritual books, cooking, gardening, walking in nature, volunteering, sewing, textiles, interior decorating, art history and historic architecture.


Forty years tuning into spirit


Saturday 1st April 09;00hrs-10;30hrs
Sunday 2nd April 12;45hrs-13;30hrs
Monday 3rd April 09;00hrs-10;30hrs
Tuesday 4th April 12;45hrs-13;30hrs
Wednesday 5th April 09;00hrs-10;30hrs
Thursday 6th April 09;30hrs-10;30hrs

Client reviews : 203   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Autum is amazing!!!! WOW she was spot on on everything , magic reading , Bless you x »
    • Circle11843328
      On 28 March 2023

      Autum is amazing!!!! WOW she was spot on on everything , magic reading , Bless you x

      Response from Autumn on 01 April 2023
      Bless you so much love and so many thanks for a lovely review it definitely seems the best is yet to come for you I’m thrilled to see such positive movement forward x stay in touch as it would be great to hear how this is opening out for you x bye for now x autumn ❤️
    • Bron
      On 27 March 2023

      Absolutely amazing! Gave me so much clarity on everything! I will definitely give you an update on your predictions. I am so happy I connected with you.

      Response from Autumn on 27 March 2023
      So lovely to be able to shed so much light on what’s going on for you well done on being so strong and setting healthy boundaries x I’m excited for you much love and many thanks for the lovely review bye for now autumn ❤️
    • Circle12523078
      On 30 March 2023

      Thank you Autumn just what I needed to hear xx

      Response from Autumn on 01 April 2023
      You are so very welcome thanks for taking the time to leave the review very much appreciated xx keep going as things look set to improve greatly for you x much love bye for now x autumn ❤️
    • Circle12398888
      On 21 March 2023

      Kind and caring. Spot on with the current situation

      Response from Autumn on 21 March 2023
      Bless you darling so sorry you’re having such a tough time but needless to say you’ve got this you’re definitely on the up x stay strong sweetheart many thanks for the call and kind review xxx much love bye for now autumn x❤️
    • Circle12414978
      On 20 March 2023

      Thank you Autumn for your honesty and kindness your a lovely soul..I will start to focus on my self xx

      Response from Autumn on 20 March 2023
      You are so very welcome x stay strong you’re on the right track and to remember to be extra kind to yourself through this time x many thanks for the kind review x much love autumn ❤️
    • Circle11792988
      On 17 March 2023

      Hi Autumn- I’m so sorry my battery went!! Thank you so much for the reading, I’ve been quite confused and emotional lately but you helped to provide direction and clarity, I’m feeling more optimistic. Thank you for today, will call again ❤️❤️❤️

      Response from Autumn on 20 March 2023
      Bless you many thanks for the kind review an absolute pleasure reading with you xxx much love x Autumn ❤️
    • Blue
      On 16 March 2023

      Brilliant as always

      Response from Autumn on 17 March 2023
      Hey sweetie so great to catch up with you xxx stay strong you’re getting it all right things are most certainly shifting in your favour in a miriad of ways now xxx hugs for now xxx autumn❤️
    • Circle11882638
      On 16 March 2023

      Thanks a lot. I appreciate the follow up message.

      Response from Autumn on 16 March 2023
      Absolutely my pleasure xxx great to get your call xxx looking forward to reconnecting for catch up sometime if you feel so drawn xx kindest regards xxx autumn ????❤️
    • Aminamusaji
      On 09 March 2023

      It was a difficult reading but in reality i knew in my heart there is no winning and if its loosing the kids connection so be it. Have to be strong x

      Response from Autumn on 10 March 2023
      Bless you sweetheart x stay strong you know in your heart what’s right for you xxx this can only end well one way or another for you try not to worry xxx thanks for the nice review you’re really very thoughtful xx much love and kindest regards xx autumn ❤️
    • Career123
      On 06 March 2023

      Thank you Autumn for your to the point reading. Shall keep you updated. Many thanks

      Response from Autumn on 06 March 2023
      Darling thanks so very much for your kind words I’m thrilled it all made so much sense hold your nerve you’re on the right track xxxx kindest regards from me to you xxx autumn ????❤️
    • Circle11118038
      On 07 March 2023

      Loved this reading with Autumn, not because she said great things but because she was so insightful, and gave absolute clarification around my question. She had a very clear connection with many validations from Spirit, and her style of delivery is so deliberate and honest, but with great empathy and compassion, that you're left feeling empowered and satisfied with whatever the message and outcomes may be. It's a healing journey during the conversation and it feels amazing. I feel you speak to the right reader at the right time. I will be back for sure. Thanks, Autumn xx

      Response from Autumn on 07 March 2023
      Bless you so glad it made sense spirit delivered to the point insight in quite a succinct way for your personal reading x many blessings that it actually made so much sense and offered you the clarity you were looking for x super excited to see how this opens out for you xxx all the very best and much love from me xxx autumn ❤️
    • Circle12238938
      On 06 March 2023

      Always such a lovely reading with Autumn!

      Response from Autumn on 06 March 2023
      Hey sweetie all the very best moving ahead although you don’t need luck you’ve got this x lovely to connect with you xxx kindest regards and hugs from me x autumn x ????❤️

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