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I am a caring psychic reader. I will use my knowledge of the Tarot and Runes, connecting with your guides to give you clairvoyant and clairsentient guidance regarding the choices you have. I use my psychic readings to give you direction in life and to give the answers you are seeking to understand your pathway.
I specialise in Love & Relationships, Family & Home and Career consultations

I have been delivering messages from Spirit with clarity, discernment and immense reverence to them for turning up consistently since I was 14 years old. I have a deep faith which assists me in my work daily.


I have the gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognisance, Mediumship, Psychic, Angels, Spirit Guides, past life Akashic records, tarot and energy clearing


Change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


I love keeping fit, gym, weight training, running and dancing. I enjoy reading Spiritual books, cooking, gardening, walking in nature, volunteering, sewing, textiles, interior decorating, art history and historic architecture.


Forty years tuning into spirit

Client reviews : 280   -   Average rating : 4.9
« Great reading as always! Thank you! »
    • May
      On 25 February 2024

      Great reading as always! Thank you!

      Response from Autumn on 25 February 2024
      Bless you just a delight to reconnect do enjoy learning more about our soul pathways over many lifetimes and trust the journey it seems it’s all about to make a lot more sense x bless you thanks for the call lovely to hear back from you x thanks for kind review and five star rating very kind x bye for now x autumn ❤️
    • Sj
      On 24 February 2024

      Amazing reading and spot on. Will be back

      Response from Autumn on 24 February 2024
      What a pleasure great we got so much insight so quickly in the love life issue x although no issue you’re getting it completely right x excited to see the new one come in and all the best with this career move it looks very promising x thanks for the kind review and five star rating x much love x Autumn ❤️
    • Jill1251
      On 18 February 2024

      A lovely conversation with Autumn! She seemed already to know so much about me, it was amazing... Looks like March and August are going to bring fun times! Thank you :)

      Response from Autumn on 18 February 2024
      Oh my goodness dearest Jill I’m thrilled to be able to give you such amazing news and well deserved at that you’ve been through so very much enjoy the stepping stone and let me know when the second one comes in how wonderful x thrilled for you thanks for lovely review and star rating so grateful x stay in touch x bye for now x autumn ❤️
    • Stream4833
      On 18 February 2024

      Autumn is amazing, very connected and spot on in terms of who I am and my energy. Lots of information, all of which resonated, a truly wonderful reader xx

      Response from Autumn on 18 February 2024
      Oh bless you literally was a blessing to connect today such a lot of fun giving the messages from spirit albeit trying to say ten things at once your guides are super excited for you to seems x many thanks for the review and five star rating much obliged x stay in touch let us know how you’re getting on all the best much love bye for now x autumn ❤️
    • Rosh
      On 15 February 2024

      Very quickly connected and gave excellent advice . Thoroughly recommend . Thank you

      Response from Autumn on 16 February 2024
      Super nice to connect with you dear rosh was a lovely reading I thoroughly enjoyed it too x thankyou so much for the kind review and five star rating so very appreciated x hope to reconnect with you sometime go into more detail x bye for now x autumn ❤️
    • Dreya
      On 04 February 2024

      Always love talking to Autumn about energies and the collective. Thanks lovely ????

      Response from Autumn on 09 February 2024
      You are so aware of these intense energy shifts dear one x keep going you are picking it all up correctly as always lovely to reconnect much love x Autumn ❤️
    • Circle11569128
      On 04 February 2024

      Thank you so much Autum Amazing reader

      Response from Autumn on 09 February 2024
      Great to catch up after so long stay strong your intuition is on track sweetie thanks for lovely review and five star rating bye for now x autumn ❤️
    • Maeve
      On 03 February 2024

      Again, simply amazing!!! Thank you so much Autumn you are truly gifted and such a blessing x

      Response from Autumn on 09 February 2024
      Bless you dear Maeve always a pleasure x great to get your call and so many thanks for your lovely sweet review and star rating x bye for now x autumn ❤️
    • Louisedrury
      On 29 January 2024

      Brilliant reading… always accurate

      Response from Autumn on 09 February 2024
      Ah Thankyou so very much for the lovely review I’m thrilled it made so much sense your guides come through very clearly every time which is awesome x a complete pleasure hope to catch up again sometime bye for now x autumn ❤️
    • Purplek
      On 28 January 2024

      Very good, very uplifting and has a lovely calm but informative approach to our reading; it felt like there was so much to say in such a short space. Whether I can remember it all is another matter, good thing I took notes! Thank you Autumn, your time is much appreciated!

      Response from Autumn on 09 February 2024
      Ah blessings to you yes I fully recommend having an I pad nearby with voice recorder app to record our readings as you know I do tend to speak very quickly x hope you remember most of it x all the very best lovely to read with you please stay in touch let us know how it’s all going and so many thanks for taking time out of your day to leave lovely review and five star rating bye for now x autumn ❤️
    • Butterfly72
      On 26 January 2024

      Thank you Autumn, for the positive reading. You was so spot on. Once again Thank you

      Response from Autumn on 26 January 2024
      Ah so grateful for lovely testimonial from you such a lot of soul searching you’ve done and now just about to reap the rewards well done you thanks again x autumn ❤️
    • Amik
      On 29 December 2023

      Thank you so so much Autumn! I love our readings and it always resonates with me and I get off the phone feeling very empowered! You’re absolutely right and thank you for the perspective you’ve given me. Have a great new year!

      Response from Autumn on 29 December 2023
      Do you know what how much of a complete pleasure to be able to pass on such an empowering message x you so deserve it x you’ve come such a long way x and you really are now realizing your true potential what a fantastic blessing for you x so great that spirit came through for you to offer such wonderful reassurance x not that you don’t deserve it x stay strong and move forwards boldly without fear x your integrity is BEYOND question lovely girl x much love keep me updated would love to hear what happens next x Thanks for lovely review so much appreciated x until the next time x bye for now autumn ❤️

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