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I am a naturally highly sensitive, intuitive empath that can interpret subtle energies of clients by using my intuition as a natural filter. I have a natural approach that is warm, engaging and friendly. I use a variety of tools but every communication is from the heart and I speak honestly to allow each individual to clarify their ideas and feelings. Where necessary I focus on the greatest way to achieve emotional contentment and navigate life changes in a Reading and I illuminate areas where self power may be hidden by self-imposed limitations and repeating the same patterns.
Love & Relationships, Family & Home
Professional Reader for over 10 years and qualified in various therapeutic and energy healing modalities
Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Empath
Tarot and Angel Cards
Om mani padme hum (transforms our emotions) and Ho'oponopono (forgiveness)
Family connections, Teaching, Travel, Meditation, Comedy


Sunday 17th September 2023 9 .00PM.9.15PM 10pm-10.30pm
Monday 18th September 2023 8.30-9pm
Friday 23th september 9.25pm-10pm

Friday 22nd September 10pm=10.45pm

Client reviews : 107   -   Average rating : 4.7
« An update; justto let you know that you were SO right re: the timing of contact. x »
    • Nicola
      On 18 August 2023

      An update; justto let you know that you were SO right re: the timing of contact. x

      Response from Aurelia on 18 August 2023
      That is amazing .Very happy for you. PS Thanks for Confirmation. x
    • Nicola
      On 17 August 2023

      Aurleia is the most absolyely amazing reader; so accurate and insightful (always). Aurelia, you were right all along re: the POI and the person in question; it took me a while to twig. Now everything falls inot place. Thank you for ensuring I sent the right message. You are utterly brilliant. x

      Response from Aurelia on 18 August 2023
      Fantastic news . Patience in the process that you have just started .x Thanks so much for taking the time to write this x
    • G1970
      On 08 August 2023

      Great reader. Very good reading

      Response from Aurelia on 08 August 2023
      Thank you for taking the time to write this lovely feedback ,much appreciated x
    • A1970
      On 07 August 2023

      Dear Aurelia is one of a kind that knows her gifts and shares with us her light. Thank you for your permanent support throughout these times.

      Response from Aurelia on 07 August 2023
      Thank you so much for the lovely feedback .I know its a corner that you are turning right now, but rest assured it initiates lots of great change x
    • Amanda
      On 18 July 2023

      Fabulous reading

      Response from Aurelia on 19 July 2023
      Great that you received so much benefit .Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review X
    • Amy
      On 06 July 2023

      Thank you :D I knew you’d be able to tell me what was going on. What you said made absolute sense. On the full moon I did some affirmations too putting myself on the pedestal, asking for changes… it fit so well with what you were saying along with the astrological changes. Just didn’t realise I’d feel so lost!! Thank you millions, as always you’re my guiding light. And thank you so much for the 10 minutes too. Aurelia gives great readings, she will tell you exactly where you’re at and guide you with love and compassion. Always hits the nail on the head and she has great energy. I can’t praise this lady enough xx

      Response from Aurelia on 08 July 2023
      keep with the changes and cycle . It is amazing that your So pro-active with your rituals and self development .The void is a small holding bay in time ,but big upgrades and shifts are at the other end.Thank you for the feedback and always happy to assist in any way .PS you are uncoiling a lot of outdated beliefs so a little extra kindness for your own wellbeing at this time will work wonders x
    • S1966
      On 09 June 2023

      Sorry didn’t feel any more the wiser after the reading Nice lady but I am more confused now than before

      Response from Aurelia on 09 June 2023
      I know the response was not in the flow of where you wanted it to go unfortunately.I am detailed with my explanations normally ,I show the energy of both parties and how open and receptive the person and connection is .I felt I was crystal clear concerning your energy field in the reading to level of how open the connection could be this this time .I always want the best scenerio for everyone but sometimes we all have factors such as Blindspots Healing resolutions, Alignment of timing & self accountability ect to make the connection cohestive enough to keep it going , or indeed kickstart a reconciliation or indulge in a new inspiring romantic potential.. Wishing you well for the future with the connection .
    • Dai
      On 29 May 2023

      A lot of confirmation on what’s been going on unfortunately credit ran out before we could complete the reading but I think I got the main points thank you

      Response from Aurelia on 30 May 2023
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this .Much appreciated x
    • Rosesarered
      On 29 May 2023

      Thank you .. reading given with kindness and compassion.. speak again soon xx

      Response from Aurelia on 30 May 2023
      So kind .Always lovely to catch up for a reading .wishing you the best at this delicate time as i know its a tough time for you x
    • Circle11782858
      On 24 May 2023

      Fabulous and insightful as always. Thank you Aurelia, just beyond words - your talent is profound. Xx

      Response from Aurelia on 24 May 2023
      Thank you very much for the wonderfully kind feedback .Pleasure as always x
    • Circle12049118
      On 18 May 2023

      Thanks Aurelia, another fantastic reading as usual. Can’t fault Aurelia’s readings they are always correct! Definitely recommend for a true and constructive read :)

      Response from Aurelia on 19 May 2023
      THANK YOU as always your so very kind .Always a pleasure to read for you X
    • Stream13123
      On 08 May 2023

      Hearfelt thanks. Laser sharp, insightful , perceptive and honest; I very much needed to have a reading with Aurelia last night. It was the "wake up call" I needed re: life and career. The reading stimulated thought as well as being receptive to the information received.It all made complete sense to me. Immensely valued. Thank you.

      Response from Aurelia on 09 May 2023
      Thank you .You are so kind .Always a pleasure to assist with focus and have a peep around the corner of the potential of the situation .x You have this !!

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